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Jang Dong-gun and wife welcome first child

By on October 13th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

After 11 hours of labour pain that started from Sunday, Jang Dong-gun’s wife Ko So-young has safely given birth to a son through caesarean section (C-section) in the wee hours of Monday.

Earlier in May this year, Jang tied the knot with his then four months pregnant wife Ko, who stayed home most of the time after marriage.

Ko’s due date was originally on the 10th this month. But after 11 hours of labour the 37-year-old decided to opt for C-section and successfully gave birth to a son yesterday.

Her management revealed that Ko originally wanted a natural birth. However, due to the prolonged labour hours, the doctor felt that it was safer to do a C-section as Ko may not be able to withstand the long wait.

Jang reportedly spent NTD 380,000 (SGD 20,000) to admit his wife into a VIP ward in the hospital, where she will be staying for at least seven days. The actor has spent another NTD 100,000 (SGD 5000) to store his child’s umbilical cord.

The 38-year-old was with his wife throughout labour and made the official announcement that both mother and child are safe, thanking fans for their well-wishes.

According to a fortune teller, the baby’s arrival would definitely bring Jang some luck. The Hollywood premier of his new film, The Warrior’s Way, is scheduled for a Thursday release.


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