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Matilda Tao and husband’s hanky panky car antics

By on October 14th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Happily married for five years now, Matilda Tao and Li Li-Ren were recently present at the launch of the new Mitsubishi car, which is endorsed by the couple.

The couple went all mushy when they talked about holding hands in the car till they their palms turned sweaty, and even revealed that they tend to get lovey-dovey in their ride, with the occasional French kisses, backrubs and massages.

Li further explained that they only do such acts when the car is stationary at the red traffic light.

After working together in a supplement ad campaign, both husband and wife clinched the NTD 5mil (SGD 250,000) car endorsement deal plus a brand new ride from the Japanese automobile company.

Though the power couple appears ever-loving on and off the cameras, they would never carry out any ‘funny business’ in the car as Li is a “car and neat freak”, said Tao.

So is his wife or car more precious?

He replied, “I use my beloved [car] to take car of my beloved [wife].”

The 36-year-old has always been fond of fast cars, but has never been good at directions, missing his own home at times. The father of two daughters revealed that his wife is the navigator when it comes to travelling around town, often making sure he drives safely.


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