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Wang Lee Hom criticized for slamming Stephen Chow

By on October 15th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Wang Lee Hom’s self-directed movie debut Love In Disguse failed to perform up to expectations despite the initial hype during its release and scored only one nomination for Best Original Film Song in the upcoming Golden Horse Awards.

In response to that, Lee Hom commented on famed Hong Kong director Stephen Chow’s failure to bag a Golden Horse award. He angered many netizens who in turn mocked him for comparing himself with the King of comedy.

The 34-year-old’s agent spoke on his behalf yesterday and explained, “Leehom merely said that it’s not easy for a comedy to win an award and he meant that Chow has never won an award for Best Actor.”

Chow had won himself Best Supporting Actor for Final Justice in 1987, as well as Best Director and Best Film award for his recent flick Kung Fu Hustle.

Before Love in Disguise was released in theatres, Wang commented that movie critics were in favour of writing negative feedback to attract viewership, in fear of bad ratings.


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