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Christine Kuo Opposes Sex Before Marriage

By on October 23rd, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Yesterday Christine Kuo attended Plaza Hollywood’s 5th Crab Festival and boasted that she is good at making soup, desserts and brewing coffee. Unfortunately she’s not dating yet and can’t share her skills with anyone. It was said she had zero interaction with Edwin Siu while they were shooting together? Christine explained: “He has heavier screen time, so he’s exhausted after shooting and every time there is a break, he would go rest. I am not afraid of rumors, and I’m prepared that there will be spread of gossips. I will no longer cry because of that.”

Christine joked she just wants rumors with Yoyo Mung, “Because I’m Christian, so nobody will believe lesbian rumors.” Asked if she’s a virgin? Christine avoided the question, “You all know, no need to ask and don’t ask, I’m shy.” She is committed to her religion, therefore she opposes sex before marriage. In regards to Grace Wong, who rejected her boyfriend’s sexual desires, and eventually broke up with him. Christine said: “I haven’t encountered such situation. If something like that happens, that proves he wasn’t her Mr. Right.”


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