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Kenneth Ma Maintains His Good Boy Image

By on October 23rd, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Kenneth Ma

Last week, Kenneth Ma was spotted at a bar in Kowloon Tong meeting some friends and hanging out with a bunch of girls.

Reporters spotted Kenneth sitting in the corner of the bar with four girls. With all eyes on him and the opportunity to flirt with the girls, Kenneth lived up to his good boy image and avoided any alcohol. He only had lemon tea the entire evening. All throughout the night, several girls of all ages approached him. Kenneth chatted with some of the women and took some pictures with them. Then at 1am (in good boy fashion) everyone paid for their own drinks and left the bar. Outside the bar, he politely gave the girls goodbye hugs and then picked up his car at the nearby parking lot.

Kenneth was later quoted as saying: “Actually, an old classmate from Vancouver came to HK. She hasn’t been back to HK in over 10 years, so we had a friends gathering. She already went back to Vancouver, but I was happy to see the report. It was the first time I got followed like that, and I’m happy because they (the media) reported the truth. I really did only drink lemon tea, since I had to drive that night.”

Kenneth Ma’s last girlfriend was Nancy Wu and they broke up two years ago. Kenneth has been single ever since and is considered one of the best catches within TVB.

Below are some pictures of Kenneth at the bar.

Kenneth Ma at the bar

Kenneth Ma at the bar

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