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Kevin Cheng Sustains Eye Injury in Filming of Ip Man

By on October 26th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Kevin Cheng in Ip Man

Kevin Cheng sustained an injury to the corner of his right eye yesterday during the filming of Ip Man. The injury was severe enough to warrant a stoppage in filming and Kevin was rushed back to Hong Kong for treatment at the hospital. The accident occurred during a martial arts fighting scene.

Initially, it was suggested that Kevin go to Shanghai for treatment. However, Kevin wanted the doctors in HK to treat him instead, so the crew immediately bought an air ticket for his return. When Kevin landed in HK, he was rushed to the hospital immediately for surgery and may need to get stitches.

Ip Man’s producer explained the situation: “Earlier when Kevin Cheng was first invited to take part in this drama, he loved the script, but was hesitant to accept it because he had been working nonstop for 20 months. He was worried he won’t be able to physically handle it. Now, filming of Ip Man is wrapping up, there is only ten days left and the fighting scenes are the main focus within these ten days. I believe he truly is exhausted, that’s why this accident happened.” The producer expressed when Kevin got hurt, it was like a bolt from the blue and the crew stopped filming immediately. The health of each and every one of the actors are important. “Artists rely on their face to make a living and the injury this time is on his face, that is heartbreaking to me. We all feel heartbroken.” Although Kevin was injured, he still insisted to continue and finish the scene first.

TVB executive Virgina Lok was asked how serious Kevin’s injury was? She said: “I still haven’t gotten the details yet, I just know it’s not a minor injury. We have already made arrangements for him to be back in HK for treatment. (Worried Kevin might get a scar?) He’s a little unhappy, but he’s a man, it’s no problem. However, he has a lot of other things to worry about because he has to attend an event tomorrow, but now we will have to see how to resolve it.”


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