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Nicholas Tse reveals that he had melanoma

By on October 26th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse appeared in an episode of Tell Maria and shared a secret with the host, Maria Leitao. To everyone’s surprise, Nicholas’s secret was that he had skin cancer. Nicholas had a small mole on the left side of his scalp, and it started to get larger and larger. He went to get it checked out by a doctor and that’s when he discovered that he had melanoma.

Last month, Nicholas was admitted to the hospital to for surgery for removal and received 5 stitches. At the time, his mother Deborah Lai accompanied him to the hospital, but his father Patrick Tse did not know about it at all.

Nicholas frankly expressed the moment he found out about having skin cancer, his mind went black and he was most worried about his two sons, Lucas and Quintas. He immediately told his ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung about it: “She was very optimistic and told me not to worry! She said the Heaven won’t let bad people die so quickly!” He repeated several times again that he is fine and that he won’t be taking off from work. Instead, he told reporters not to make it such a big deal. When he was leaving, the media wished him good health, he responded: “Same to you!”

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