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Kevin Cheng Gets 10 Stiches To His Eye

By on October 28th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Kevin Cheng stitches

The other day, Kevin Cheng injured his right eye, bursting the blood vessels, while shooting for Mainland drama Ip Man. He immediately stopped working and flew back to HK for surgery and treatment.

Virgina Lok appeared at the Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital to handle the paperwork for admitting Kevin into the hospital. She said: “I got a call and learned of Kevin’s injury. He’s a little frustrated, perhaps because he’s in a lot of pain and has to come back to HK alone.” Because of the accident, Kevin loses over a million HKD worth of canceled jobs.

Yesterday at 1pm, Kevin was wearing an eye patch and sunglasses as a white car pulled up to the hospital to pick him up. When reporters asked about the accident and what exactly happened? He did not respond. Kevin later accepted an interview over the phone, “I got 10 stitches, the doctor said he used a very thin thread for the stitches and the scar should be very small. That’s why I had to get more stitches. I think by next week, when my eye stops swelling, I can start working again. There will bound to be accidents in filming, luckily filming for the series is almost complete. I’m in a hurry, I want to go back and finish it up. (Worried you might be disfigured?) Can’t worry or think too much. It has already happened, just got to deal with the circumstances!” Virgina expressed Kevin did not have to do a resurfacing surgery, but will have to go in for a followup visit next week to remove the stitches. Good friend Ben Wong accompanied Kevin to the hospital, he expressed Kevin is doing fine and is still handsome despite the 10 stitches.


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