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Is Kate Tsui the Reason For Leon Lai’s Divorce?

By on October 31st, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Rumors have surfaced among tabloids that Leon Lai and Hong Kong TVB actress Kate Tsui are possibly reconciling after they appeared in Shanghai together last week.

The two initially met in 2005 and were romantically involved after working together on a commercial.

It is said that once Gaile Lok knew about the relationship, she was adamant about a divorce and that’s when the Leon decided to distribute some of his assets to her to keep the relationship secret.

Coincidentally, Kate, a former Miss Hong Kong, also ended her six-month-long relationship with ophthalmologist boyfriend, Marvin Tse. However Kate has dismissed all these rumors and said, “[The reports] are untrue and over-exaggerated. We [Leon and Kate] have not met after the commercial seven years ago. I can only clarify this matter once I return to Hong Kong.”

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