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Kenneth Ma Thinks About Sex Daily

By on October 19th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Kenneth Ma

Kenneth Ma has been recently quoted as saying “I think about it(sex) everyday. Don’t all men think about it?”

This was a spontaneous remark during an event for his new drama series “Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon”. Kenneth Ma will portray an assassin named Ximen who is a womanizer. When teased by reporters about his long-hair that made him look perverted, Kenneth responded, “I will not have any problems playing this role because I am just playing myself!”, to which actor Kenny Wong stated, “Kenneth becomes very serious once the camera starts rolling.”


South Korea to crack down on sexy performance by minors

By on October 19th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

South Korea authorities said Wednesday they were taking steps to curb over-sexualised performances by teenaged stars of the country’s thriving K-pop scene.

Proposed revisions to the existing Youth Protection Law would slap an R-rating on films, music videos and TV shows that placed an exaggerated sexual emphasis on young singers and bands they feature.

An official at the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Lee Ill-Hyun, said the move would encourage self-regulation, as producers would have to tone down performances or suffer a rating that cuts out the teenage audience they target.
The revised law would apply to videos and shows that “excessively highlight certain body parts of minors and depict them as sexual subjects”, the ministry said in a statement.

Lee specifically cited images that zoom in on the breasts or hips of performers aged 18 or under.
The R-rating would mean that such material can only be sold to people aged over 18 or, in the case of TV shows, could only be broadcast late at night.

Internet viewers would be required to type in social security numbers to prove their age.
“It is aimed at curbing the exploitation of underage entertainers as some are known to be forced to perform overly sexual dance moves,” Lee said.

“Most fans of these young stars are teenagers. If the artists are practically banned from showing their performances to them, there will be less incentive for agents to produce such sexual choreography,” he said.

South Korea’s K-pop scene, which has been exported with enormous success across Asia and beyond, is dominated by young girl and boy bands whose members are sometimes as young as 13 or 14 years old.

Lee said the various state committees that already monitor the entertainment industry would eventually come up with rules detailing what sort of footage constituted “excessive” highlighting of body parts.

The watchdog Korea Communications Standards Commission last month proposed a new rule barring minors from appearing on TV wearing “overly skimpy outfits” or “demonstrating overly sexual scenes”.

In April, a state ratings board limited attendance at a concert in Seoul by US pop diva Lady Gaga to those over 18 years of age.



Linda Chung avoids sex scenes

By on October 18th, 2012 | Uncategorized

Linda Chung Big Wheel

Recently at the ceremony for Big Wheel, Linda Chung has expressed that she will avoid sex scenes as much as possible. Those scenes are off limits. When asked if it’s because rumored boyfriend Philip Ng doesn’t allow her to do so? She stressed it’s solely her personal choice and has nothing to do with her image. Interestingly enough, it is said that Kate Tsui’s rape and bed scenes in High and Lows have put her in the running for the winning the TV queen battle. In response to that, Linda expressed that good actresses don’t necessarily have to do sex scenes and that it’s all personal choice. What do you think?


HyunA’s “Very Hot” banned from KBS and MBC

By on October 18th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

Hyun A

4minute‘s HyunA has run into a slight issue even before the release of her solo album, ‘Melting‘.

One of the tracks from ‘Melting’, “Very Hot“, has been deemed unfit for broadcast by MBC and KBS.

HyunA’s agency Cube Entertainment stated on the 17th, “The reference to a specific brand (KaKaoTalk) in the lyrics became a problem. The problematic lyrics were put into the song as they’re related to normal life behind the stage. It hasn’t been decided whether we’ll be fixing the issue and resubmitting the song for review yet.”

“Very Hot” is the first track HyunA has participated in composing and writing since her debut. ‘Melting’ releases on October 22 KST.


Daniel Henney cast in Hawaii Five O’

By on October 16th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney is casting in an American drama.

On 15th, his agency said, “Daniel Henney will be casting in blockbuster action drama ‘Hawaii Five O’, which is a drama about fight against gangsters in Hawaii.”

Daniel will be casting as ‘Michael’, who is the younger brother of the main character ‘Adam’, and just finished 15 years of sentence in jail.

‘Michael’ is a mysterious figure who holds the key in the plot, and it will be a new kind of character that Daniel Henney never casted as in his previous works.

Even though he made only a short appearance, he left a strong impression to the viewers.

Furthermore, Daniel Henney will be showing even more developed acting as well.

On the other hand, Daniel Henney’s first Hollywood film, ‘Shanghai Calling’, was recently invited to The 32nd Hawaii International Film Festival.



Ha Jung Woo’s Agency Deny Kim Tae Hee Dating Rumors

By on October 16th, 2012 | Korean Dramas, Korean Entertainment

After rumors began escalating in recent weeks of a romantic relationship between Ha Jung Woo and Kim Tae Hee, Han Jung Woo’s agency has stepped forward to address the talks.

Ha Jung Woo’s Fantagio CEO, Na Byung Joon issued a statement on October 16 denying the dating rumors saying, “We have heard the rumors as well and verified the truth behind it. However, the rumors are completely untrue.”

The CEO added, “It hasn’t been long since [Ha Jung Woo] broke up with his previous girlfriend and he has no time [to date] because of his production schedule.”

Ha Jung Woo also explained through his agency that though he was close with Kim Tae Hee and frequently encounters her in events and other parties, he was close with other male and female actors as well and believed the rumors began from fans who hold a lot of interest in the two actors.

Na Byung Joon also denied the two actors had ever starred in a movie titled Clean Boyfriend together, as had been incorrectly stated multiple times online, and the purported movie poster of the two together floating around online was a fake.


Lee Da Hae Wins Best Actress Award at China’s ‘3rd LETV Movie and Drama Awards’

By on October 16th, 2012 | Korean Dramas, Korean Entertainment, Korean Movies

Lee Da Hae wins best actress award

Lee Da Hae has won the best actress award for her acting in China at the “LETV Movie and Drama Awards” held on October 9th in Shanghai.

Lee Da Hae has gained enormous popularity and recognition for her work in the chinese drama Love Actually.

Lee Da Hae was nominated in the category of best actress in a television drama and was announced as the winner during the evening’s ceremony.

Coming on stage to receive her award, Lee Da Hae thanked all her fans in fluent Mandarin and received a passionate response from the crowd.

Hae’s Forestar Entertainment reflected on the honor saying, “We are extremely thankful when thinking of the enormous popularity [Lee Da Hae] is receiving in not only in Korea but China and the rest of Asia. This award was validation of Lee Da Hae’s position in Asia and she will continue to engage in a variety of activities to return your love and support.”


Zhang Zi Yi denies wedding rumors

By on October 16th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment

Zhang Zi Yi

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has denied recent media reports which claimed that she will soon marry rumoured boyfriend, Chinese television host Sa Beining, over her micro blog on Monday.

“I heard that the venue has been prepared, but has the timing been fixed?

“Please don’t forget to send me an invitation,” quipped Zhang, alluding to how some media reports had even claimed that the venue for her upcoming nuptials had already been booked.

In her post, Zhang also criticised how gossip is increasingly being presented as trustworthy information, before going on to express her frustration at being the subject of countless false reports in recent years.

“I have been said to be pregnant, linked to 700 million yuan (some tabloids claim she was paid that sum to spend the night with powerful Chinese officials), and married … what will be said about me next?” said Zhang.

She concluded her post on an almost playful note, describing the journalists behind these reports as “scriptwriters”.



Cecilia Cheung nude again

By on October 15th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Cecilia Cheung is nude again but this time it’s for the movie Dangerous Liasons. In this latest movie, it is said that Cecilia shot a number of bed scenes with Korean co-star Jang Dong Gun.

Several nude stills were leaked from the movie onto the net. The nudes are much tamer than the nude pictures of her back in 2008 with Edison Chen. You will mainly see her completely naked from a back side view, but it remains to be seen what will be shown in the movie.


Lee Min Ho to visit Philippines in November

By on October 14th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

Lee Min Ho

Korean superstar Lee Min-ho is bound for the Philippines next month to meet fans as the new endorser of a local clothing brand.

The Benchsetter Fun Meet with Lee Min-ho, to be held on November 16 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, makes the Korean star the latest celebrity to visit the country as clothing brand endorser.

Last September, Maroon 5′s Adam Levine visited the Philippines for his own fan meet aside from his band’s concert.

“American Idol” runner-up Jessica Sanchez was also in the country last month for the “American Idol Live!” tour and Bench fan meet.

In August, K-pop stars Donghae and Siwon of Super Junior visited the Philippines for a Bench event.

Lee Min-ho’s Bench endorsement was announced last July.

He is currently starring in the Korean drama “Faith,” which started airing in August.

This is one of the many product endorsements for Lee Min-ho, who became a favorite endorser among several brands after he starred in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009.

The drama won him his first acting award and brought him fame. He followed this with dramas such as “Personal Taste” in 2010 and “City Hunter” in 2011.

Last year, he won as best actor at the Korean Drama Awards.



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