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Linda Chung’s New Album Hopes To Bring Positive Energy

By on November 15th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Linda Chung Album Love Love Love

Yesterday Linda Chung released her first album since joining record label Stars Shine. This time Linda is personally responsible for the costumes and album’s concept. She said: “The theme this time is happiness, so I especially painted my fingernails different colors and there is a large ‘heart’ drawn on my hand. I drew the heart myself!”

Linda frankly expressed she had gone through some changes in her mentality. She is much more active and laid back compared to the past. She said: “This change has increased my self-confidence, I’m now more proactive and positive. I hope this will be able to bring positive energy to everyone!” Her new album entitled Love Love Love continues to focus on love songs and the album title coincidentally came from the fact that Linda is used to writing the word “love” three times to end her letters.

“Love Love Love” Tracklist (Credit: YesAsia)

01. 你是我的一半
02. 預防針
03. Love Love Love
04. 最幸福的事 (TVB[護花危情]主題曲)
05. 原諒我是我
06. 落差
07. 就算沒有明天
08. 死症
09. 月亮代表我的心
10. 友愛是這麼簡單 (國)
11. 你是的我一半 (國)

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