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Edison Chen rumored to be engaged

By on November 27th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Edison Chen began dating his new love interest, 22-year-old Taiwanese-Korean Angela Meng, in July this year. Angela has just completed her studies abroad and is working in Edison’s apparel store, JUICE, in Taipei.

The pair allegedly went on a holiday to the US and were spotted acting intimately on the streets of Hong Kong in September. Edison had previously expressed that Angela was “his true love” and he “was serious this time”.

Recently, rumour has it that the singer has already proposed to his girlfriend of five months. Edison reportedly divulged the secret while drunk during a friend’s gathering.

Edison’s friend revealed that the 32-year-old would “prepare for his wedding soon after he has cleared his current workload”.

An insider also revealed that Edison has not confirmed on any wedding details yet, but that the wedding will be held in Hong Kong.
Edison’s manager dismissed the wedding rumours and commented that it was “fabricated news”. He also refused to comment further on the matter.

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