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Lee Byung-heon wins ‘Star of the Year’ award

By on November 30th, 2012 | Korean Dramas, Korean Entertainment, Korean Movies

Lee Byung-heon will be given ‘Star of the Year’ award.

On December 13th, Lee Byung-heon will be awarded ‘Star of the Year’ award during CineAsia 2012 Award.

Lee Byung-heon will be visiting Hong Kong to attend the event himself. Lee Byung-heon has been keeping himself busy by casting in ‘Gwang Hae’, ‘G.I.Joe’, and ‘Red 2′, and he will be recognized as the hottest star of Asia.

Lee Byung-heon said, “Lee Byung-heon is treating this as a great honor.”

During last three years, ‘Star of the Year’ awards have been given to Chinese actors/actresses, including Lee Bingbing(2011), Zhang ZiYi(2010), and Zhou Xun(2009). Back in 2007, Rain became the first Korean star to win the award, but Tang Wei also won the award with him.

CineAsia Award is an annual movie exhibition which takes place in Hong Kong every December, and it is a prestigious event where movie distributors and theater officials from all over the world attend.

On the other hand, CineAsia 2012 Award will take place from December 11th until 13th at Hong Kong Convention&Exhibition Centre.


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