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Yao Xintong wears revealing dress

By on December 18th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

No stranger for dressing daringly, Chinese actress Yao Xintong pulls it off once again during her recent visit to Malaysia.

The 29-year-old starlet was in Pavilion Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur with co-stars Jackie Chan and Zhang Lanxin for a bunch of “CZ12″ promotional events, but managed to get the most attention with her low dipped sleeveless dress which ended up baring plenty of cleavage.

Recently the actress also took to the fashion limelight for her choice of grab during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Also there to promote “CZ12″ with Jackie Chan and Zhang Lanxin, the actress had dressed in a see-through white dress that resorted to being noticeably sheer thanks to the constant flashing camera lights on the red carpet.

Some Netizens claim that the actress is merely seizing up attention; however some defend her choices to be attributed to her bold sense of fashion.

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