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Kim Hee Sun denies plastic surgery rumors

By on December 20th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

Kim Hee Sun explained about her plastic surgery rumor.

On 17th, Kim Hee Sun appeared on SBS ‘Healing Camp’, and she explained about her plastic surgery rumor.

Kim Hee Sun was asked, “Did you really not touch your face at all? I think you’ve got a nose job,” and she replied, “I didn’t take a single plastic surgery.”

She continued, “It actually feels great to hear words like that. I means I got that much prettier. Should I push my nose up for you?”

Kim Hee Sun also said to Han Hye Jin, “I’m sure you didn’t get any surgery. People who did not take it recognize each other.”

She also said, “My jaws are a bit angled, and that’s why I always have my bang. I’m too afraid to take a surgery, and back in 1990s, I thought plastic surgery was something that nobody should do.”

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