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Caucasian “Inbound Troubles” Actress Corinna Chamberlain Can Act & Sing

By on January 21st, 2013 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Though TVB series Inbound Troubles premiered not long ago, it has already become a hot topic for discussion at the dinner table and online, such as the HK-China controversial issues seen in the series. Actually isn’t it great that the series is a light-hearted comedy and not too heavy? Isn’t it great the series has refreshing cast and pairings?

Aside from the leads Wong Cho Lam, Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Ivana Wong and Louis Cheung creating exceptional amount of sparks, a lot of people are talking about the Inbound Troubles supporting characters. Wong Cho Lam’s best buddy, “Sai Sai Lap”, played by Siu Bo suddenly rose to popularity. She might just be another fat girl, but she stands out because she’s cute and funny.

In the series, Ivana Wong has a Caucasian best friend “Nip Siu Yin” played by Corinna Chamberlain. She was born to a New Zealand father and an Australian mother, but she was born and grew up in Hong Kong. Her character caught a lot of attention because she frequently starts crying out of the blue.

Corinna may be a Caucasian girl, but she is very fluent in Cantonese, even better than a lot of local HK artists. She can compare to former TVB Caucasian actor Gregory Rivers. Actually Corinna graduated from the HK Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2006 and this isn’t her first TVB series. She has appeared in several series before, namely You’re Hired!, Every Move You Make, and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. She can consider to have rich acting experiences.

Aside from acting, Corinna can sing too! When she was studying in HKAPA, she majored in musical theater. She has a good music foundation and singing skills. Corinna sang Jacky Cheung’s Love Is Eternity (愛是永恆) before and in 2007 she participated in the chorus at pop queen Sandy Lam’s concert. In addition, she sang a duet with William So 來夜方長. She clearly has the singing skills and has listened to many HK singers’ music before.

Here are some videos of her singing


Is Raymond Lam Retiring?

By on December 31st, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Yesterday Raymond Lam, girl group Girls Kingdom and Super Girls attended a New Year Eve countdown event. It was rumored Raymond is planning to retire from the industry? Raymond frankly expressed he did mention in an exclusive interview that one day he will have to go back to help his father with the family business because he’s the eldest son in the family and have to take up this responsibility. However, he said: “I still have a lot of jobs on hand, so this won’t happen in the near future.”

He believes the media is trying to tie the two matters together because he lost the TV King award, he said: “Of course it would be great to get the award, but I won’t feel discouraged because of that. (It was rumored you wanted to take JSG’s male singer award?) The reports are quite original, I have never really had aspirations for awards.” Earlier he was spotted at a nightclub and had a girl with her hair dyed blond approach him? He expressed that night he was just having a meeting about his concert with his colleagues and music team. As for the blond-hair girl? Raymond said: “Perhaps she’s a friend of a friend, I don’t know her at all. I didn’t even greet her. Often writing stories like this, makes me unhappy because it makes everyone worry about me.”

Also, it was said Raymond turned down new costume series Food for Slave? Raymond clarified: “TVB hasn’t completely confirmed the series yet, nor have they made arrangements for me to be part of it. I haven’t received any notice yet, but won’t know until the final moment. (Unwilling to shave your head?) I have do to promotions and must have an explanation for the clients.” When asked if he’s worried TVB might switch over and start promoting Kenneth Ma more? He said: “TVB promotes everyone, there are so many series in a year, there is no reason to use the same few people for every series.”

Moses Chan attended another event and when asked about Raymond’s rumored retirement? He laughed: “Huh! Retiring? He said it before, but then what about his fans? (Take on his fans?) I cannot handle it. (Rumored he turned down a series?) Actually he is very active in this industry, hope he doesn’t have the intention to retire so quickly. He still has many opportunities, must cherish them. (Because he lost TV King?) Actually, its not that big of a deal. Didn’t get it this year, then try again next year, got to be more open.” Nancy Sit told Raymond not to retire, she praised he’s handsome, can sing and dance. He’ll get TV King later too.


Linda Chung’s good girl image a problem for sponsors

By on December 21st, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment

Linda Chung‘s refusal to stay late and mingle with businessmen have caused her a little problem in Macau.

According to Popular Asians, the actress was recently filming in Macau for the new TVB drama, “Big Wheel”. Reportedly, several rich businessmen were attracted to the actress and invited her to have dinner, an offer that good girl Linda refused.

Her negative response however, allegedly upset the crew and other cast members, who complained, “She is so righteous, and her refusal of the dinner dates upset the sponsors. She made it very difficult for us to handle the situation.”

However, the situation was saved by Linda’s co-stars, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Louis Yuen, and Kristal Tin, who had no problems mingling with these businessmen in order to establish a good relationship with the sponsors.

It was reported that after the incident, the others started to treat Linda coldly, causing the actress to avoid spending the night at Macau and returned to her home to Hong Kong in-between filming.


Yao Xintong wears revealing dress

By on December 18th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

No stranger for dressing daringly, Chinese actress Yao Xintong pulls it off once again during her recent visit to Malaysia.

The 29-year-old starlet was in Pavilion Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur with co-stars Jackie Chan and Zhang Lanxin for a bunch of “CZ12″ promotional events, but managed to get the most attention with her low dipped sleeveless dress which ended up baring plenty of cleavage.

Recently the actress also took to the fashion limelight for her choice of grab during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Also there to promote “CZ12″ with Jackie Chan and Zhang Lanxin, the actress had dressed in a see-through white dress that resorted to being noticeably sheer thanks to the constant flashing camera lights on the red carpet.

Some Netizens claim that the actress is merely seizing up attention; however some defend her choices to be attributed to her bold sense of fashion.


Linda Chung doesn’t mind showing off her body

By on December 17th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Linda Chung, Lin Xiawei and Jason Chan appeared at a shopping mall to promote for TVB new series Missing You. Recently a behind-the-scenes photo of Linda while she was shooting a commercial circulated online. In the photo, she was seen in a short tank top, revealing her career line. Netizens were surprised to see the conservative goddess turn into someone with such excellent body figure. Linda laughed: “I don’t mind looking sexy. If there are clients that want me to dress sexily to shoot a commercial, I don’t mind. As my mother says, when there is something to show while you’re young, why not show it?” She said sexiness is about the feelings, as long as its healthy and no exposure. “Sexy happy price would be good, I don’t want to frighten the clients.” A recent report publicized TVB artists’ salaries? Linda said: “The report said my income dropped, that is wrong. This year I earned a lot more than previous years. Actually my income increased, it has never dropped. I don’t want clients to misunderstand.”

When speaking of the TV Queen battle, Linda is feeling normal about it, she said: “As Wayne Lai said, asking voters for support does not necessarily mean people will vote for you. I’m already happy to be nominated. I saw I had good results on other website polls and gained a lot of love from audience and that is already comforting to me.”

Lin Xiawei said she voted for her cousin Raymond Lam for TV King, “I watched his Highs and Lows. His role was very different from his previous roles. TV Queen, I voted for Kate Tsui because her drug queen role was a challenge.”


Christopher Sun: “Nude casting ads a scam”

By on December 13th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Recently, “3D Sex And Zen Extreme Ecstasy” director Christopher Sun has his name used illegally for a fake nude casting call.

According to Popular Asians, the media reported that recently, several online ads appeared on Renren, Rencai, QQ, and other social networking sites in China, claiming that Christopher Sun is planning to hire a number of actresses for a new movie called “Operation Nightlight”.

The ads stated that the applicants are required to be “pretty, sexy, and possess a nice figure”. It also asserted that complete nudity will be involved in the film, but genital areas will be hidden through camera angles.

Christopher Sun was only aware of the scam when the manager of mainland artist, Daniella Wang, contacted him and asked him whether he will be in Beijing soon for the casting interview of “Operation Nightlight”.

Christopher quickly realised that scam artistes have been using his name for the unlawful casting calls and that gullible movie stars and models have already stripped for the screening tests.

Due to the seriousness of the crime, Christopher has decided to stop the scam once and for all. On 10 December, the director clarified, “I have no plans to film “Operation Nightlight” and have never authorised anyone to represent me to interview potential actresses.”

He continued to say that the perverted scam artistes were despicable, and should be punished by law.
“I hope that people will be careful and aware of such crimes. Please contact me directly if my name is involved in any such ads,” Christopher concluded.

The director also revealed that the interview process for movies that requires nudity is self-regulated and openly transparent and no online casting ads are needed. The potential candidates are usually recommended by friends and associates.

The only reason why an actress may need to appear nude in the auditions is to scan for any tattoo(s) or noticeable scar(s). The rest of the casting interview would usually involve the discussion of the movie, and whether or not the nude scenes will present any problems for the actress.



Cecilia Cheung ignores son’s asthma and buys dog

By on December 13th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Cecilia Cheung recently purchased a 6 month old french bulldog for HK$14,000. This is despite the fact that Cecilia has an asthmatic son who suffers when exposed to animal fur. What a great mother!

Cecilia is known to be an animal lover and has owned more than 20 dogs, 4 cats, 5 lizards, 8 turtle and a parrot. She has to give all those animals up as her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse and son Lucas suffered asthma and were allergic to animal dander. But I guess all of that doesn’t matter now and she’s purchased two other dogs since her divorce from Nicholas.


Michelle Yeoh disheartened by failed IVF attempt

By on December 7th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

She may have been rejecting frequent marriage proposals from boyfriend, Jean Todt, but Michelle Yeoh already has ideas about having children, as out-of-the-box as it may be.

As reported on Groove Asia, the international actress recently revealed that she had undergone in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) previously but the attempt was unsuccessful.

The 49-year-old expressed her sadness at the failed effort, stating, “I have always wanted my own children. Naturally, you will feel disheartened when things do not go your way. Maybe it’s just my fate.”

The actress, who has been dating FIA Chairman Jean Todt for eight years now, told the media that both of them love children and have always wanted to have their own. Michelle mentioned that she and the 66-year-old Jean, have reached a certain age, and would let nature take its course right now.

The actress also revealed that she is considering adopting as an alternative to realise her dreams as a mother.


Sean Lau nominated for Best Actor

By on December 3rd, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Sean Lau Ching Wan has been nominated for Best Leading Actor again, this time for the 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival.
As reported on the Asianpopnews website, the actor – who recently won Best Actor at the 45th Golden Horse Awards, will be competing against other big names, including Tony Leung (Ka Fai), who delivered a brilliant performance in “Cold War” and Korea’s Lee Byung-hun, for his dual portrayal in “Gwang-hae: The Man Who Became King”.

During a media conference for the said event held on 28 November, Executive Chairman of the committee, Eric Tsang and Judging Committee member, Carina Lau announced that three Hong Kong films are nominated for eight categories, “The Silent War”, “Cold War” and “Life Without Principle”.

Meanwhile, Golden Horse Award’s Best Actress, Kwei Lun-Mei is also nominated for a similar category, and will be going up against strong competitors such as Mainland actress Song Jia and Korean actress Im Soo-jung.

The 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival will be held from 13 to 16 December at the Venetian Macao-Resort Hotel, Macau.



Gillian Chung would not attend Edison Chen’s wedding

By on November 27th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Things may have gone well for Edison Chen since his infamous sex scandals, but not all his ex-girlfriends are ecstatic about his newfound happiness.

As reported on Groove Asia website, singer Gillian Chung attended Metro Radio’s Original Music Hot Singing 2012 and expressed her hope for Twins to win the major accolades at this year’s Metro Radio Hits Music Awards.

During an interview with the media, the singer was then asked regarding the rumour surrounding former boyfriend, Edison Chen’s proposal to his new girlfriend, Angela Meng. Gillian retorted, “His proposal has nothing to do with me but I wish them all the best.”

Asked if she would attend his wedding if invited, the Twins member replied, “No, I won’t go. Please don’t link me to him ever again.”

In early 2008, Gillian Chung was named one of the celebrities whose sexually explicit pictures with Edison Chen were leaked online. The pictures tarnished Chung’s “squeaky-clean image”, and despite her apology for her naivety, she was dropped from many projects due to the scandal.

It took Gillian over a year before she was able to revive her career.


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