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06-06-2010 03:42 AM


This series is good ! Bobby and Michael acted very well. As for Jessica, this was a first time that I saw her acting so wildly which is so different from her usual characters. I feel Jessica was too bad in two-timing the two guys. She never knew whom she wanted. Everyone acted well. Bosco and Tavia looked good together. I wonder if Tavia really speaks like this in real life ! Anyway, Dicey Business was a very interesting serial.


03-24-2008 02:24 PM


FOR GOD SAKE IT'S NOT A MOVIE! IT'S A SERIES OR SHOW i dont think its livers i think it's kidney. i love this series it's perfect. I'm like totally in love with this show. and NOO! it's not for old people it's for every age. me and my sister watches it! and im 13 for heaven's sake. Jessica and Bobby looks better when they are just friends then DATING. i like tavia and bosco looks so cute together and they look cute together in heart of greed too. haha who think bosco look better with tavia then myolie? or myolie look better with bosco? i think myolie looks better with bosco. They seem to have the friendship. lol iuno.. and bobby is so fat and cute in that series. not like good looking cute but like chubby and fat cute. lol and bosco's ahir is so up there. I grew over the series. It was sad when tavia and bosco was about to marry but bosco left tavia. but they still end up togther yeah!


02-08-2008 12:21 AM


Another thing. The whole twist of Michael turning "evil" is stupid. He supposedly had to choose between losing his fame or cheating his own casino but he can defend himself using what circumstances he was under. With all the cameras that has been watching him during tournaments, wouldn't they notice if he did cheat in the past? He even thinks that when he's bluffing Bobby. I think it's just stupid of him to choose to go the corrupt way.


02-06-2008 11:55 PM


I'm up to around episode 22 and I must say that I'm pretty disappointed. This series just drags on and on and on. The series is called DICEY BUSINESS but there are hardly any intensive gambling scenes when there are a lot at stake. There was so much dialogue in this series to explore the characters' relationships but I didn't like the pairing so all the conversations just became background sound for me. I don't understand why they paired up Michael and Jessica. They are not even compatible. Michael has the charisma for his role but he just doesn't have chemistry with Jessica because he seems so much older. You can see the wrinkles around his eyes whenever the camera is on him. I don't think Jessica looks that pretty in this series either but it's nice to see her having a different role aside from being a professional doctor or lawyer and whatnot. I like the pairing between Tavia and Bosco though because they are cute together since they're around the same age and have worked together before. Overall, the series is not as exciting as it seems from its trailer.


12-27-2007 12:53 AM


This series was a little yeah. Maybe for an older audience. The acting was really good. Bosco was really cute & Michael's boss son or someone Ah Wai? he was cute too.

2.5/5 It was a little overboard with the gambing but ok. The relationship between the people was good.


11-07-2007 09:47 PM


This movie was pretty funny with bobby in it.


09-03-2007 12:24 PM


Since when does a normal human being has two livers? Overall, the series was okay, but me, being a biology student, I cringed my teeth all the way through to the ending when Michael Miu gave his liver to Bosco and remained alive... without a liver. Maybe it was just a mistranslation (I watched the serie in Cambodian), and if it is, please tell me someone. But on the bright side.. the best part was to the fly that flew around the glass of wine of Michael Miu's ex-girlfriend... I don't know if anyone noticed... It was brilliant...lol.


08-05-2007 04:16 AM


The acting is very good in this one, I really liked that they didn't focus everything on the gambling but more were focused on friendships. The plot is a little weak, but the acting makes up for the weak plot, the ending is unsatisfying as Kiu Ching Choh was in jail but nobody know what kind of sentence he got. I think the directors/writers gave the freedom to the audiences, you can come up with the ending yourself, 1) a new man 2) rotting and paying for his sins.


04-12-2007 06:17 AM


I must agree with lea for the perfect account of the characters. They were all so irritable in their own ways, even Bobby as he constantly left room for Bosco to continue to be such a fool. There are just a number of chances you could give to someone before you simply just cant trust them anymore and for that I applaud Bobby for his continuing effort. I havent watched a great deal of TVB productions lately but this one was thoroughly satisfying and brought out a different point of view for me. It's not an outstanding film despite, I'm guessing, quite a large investment in it but it was over all enjoyable.


03-23-2007 12:17 PM


Have to disagree... this series is above average in comparison with recent TVB productions, but is so disappointing in so many other ways. My biggest gripe is the focus on family and friendship rather than romantic relationships. Unfortunately "Dicey Business" is aimed at a mature audience, and consequently lacking in that which makes these soapies so good! ie. the gut-wrenching, pillow-soaked love triangles. Sure there is one, but poor Jessica being paired with men 10, 15 years her senior? Not to mention she and Michael have absolutely no chemistry. And most of the characters were annoying - what is with that? How can you enjoy a series when all the main characters irritate you? Jessica & her friend with the gambling problem, Michael turning evil, Bosco being such a dumb-ass, Tavia having a non-sensical role... I must say though that Bobby did a great job. His was the only character I liked. Actually, no, my favourite character was the boss's son - he's cute, and has a conscience! Anyway, final word is, series too long, plot uninteresting for a younger audience, generally just not satisfying, even for me who's a very big fan of Jessica. 2.5 stars.

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