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The Twins Effect II
The Twins Effect II 2004

i thougth it was kinda weird that last one was about vampire and now it is about women and men.

To Love with No Regrets
To Love with No Regrets 2004

i thought this series was funny.espcially Bosco's hair style

Lady Fan
Lady Fan 2004

i likes this series
It was sooooooo touching
i didnt like when Joe was mean to jessica

To Catch the Uncatchable
To Catch the Uncatchable 2004

very funny but the ending....
also i didnt like the theme song

Point of No Return
Point of No Return 2003

a really sad story at first when Julian couldnt be with Charmaine. But a really really really really really reallly really touching ending

Not Just A Pretty Face
Not Just A Pretty Face 2003

i love this show but not the part when roger was loosing hair

War of the Genders
War of the Genders 2000

i think this series is funny

Gods of Honour
Gods of Honour 2001

i like this series but when Benny was mean to his mom

Take My Word For It
Take My Word For It 2002

this is one of my faovrite series. I didnt like when Winnie and Moses left Kenix and Bobby.

Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

i think that this series was good but i didnt like the part when Vincent didnt trust Belle.

Square Pegs
Square Pegs 2003

i loved this show but it hought it was sad that Roger coulnt be with any one at the end. I thought that Winnie was kinda mean tat she wanted Roger to remeber everything really quick like to use a needle on Roger

Virtues of Harmony II
Virtues of Harmony II 2003

I lke the way of funyness but sometimes kinda dumb

To Get Unstuck In Time
To Get Unstuck In Time 2004

I like this series
but i though the guy that cut girls(women)
was really scary especially when Roger found his house and found the leg and body in the room

Twin of Brothers
Twin of Brothers 2004

To all people who like this series
DO NOT READ ON!!!! if u like this series and u read on i think you will not like what i say one bit so stop where u are and go on another comment to read

ok u choose to read on so here goes....
i HATE this series
sry to the ppl who like it but it is true to me it is boring
everytime I go to sleep when I watch it
plz dont srew me or yell at me....

Angels of Mission
Angels of Mission 2004

I thought this show was bad. When the dude was wanting to date Charmaine and Sonija. Not right....
But i thought when Bowie cry it was funny

Burning Flame II
Burning Flame II 2002

I thought the ending was sad when Kei Tai Tin died. They should rewrite the sript.

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