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Golden Faith
Golden Faith 2002

I've watched an immense amount of TVB series, and Golden Faith must probably be the best all time. The script was complex but profound. The series was at quick pace; therefore, you won't be bored. 30 episodes will go by fast. Try not to miss any parts of the series, or else you wil be missing out. You might have to watch the movie a second time so that you'll fully understand the nunace and intracacies of the series. There's a lot to digest. Apart from the storyline, Jessica, gallen & Deric displayed wonderful & amazing acting skills. Jessica & Gallen engaged in a poignant love relationship, and they had great & unprecedented chemistry. Jessica & Gallen were a perfect match. I've never seen that chemistry before. In addition, there is a lot of drama in this series. Furthermore, the Jessica & Gallen Love relationship was like a roller coster. Fasten your seatbelt & watch this must-see series. DON'T MISS OUT! 5/5

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