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Dicey Business
Dicey Business 2006

Another thing. The whole twist of Michael turning "evil" is stupid. He supposedly had to choose between losing his fame or cheating his own casino but he can defend himself using what circumstances he was under. With all the cameras that has been watching him during tournaments, wouldn't they notice if he did cheat in the past? He even thinks that when he's bluffing Bobby. I think it's just stupid of him to choose to go the corrupt way.

Dicey Business
Dicey Business 2006

I'm up to around episode 22 and I must say that I'm pretty disappointed. This series just drags on and on and on. The series is called DICEY BUSINESS but there are hardly any intensive gambling scenes when there are a lot at stake. There was so much dialogue in this series to explore the characters' relationships but I didn't like the pairing so all the conversations just became background sound for me. I don't understand why they paired up Michael and Jessica. They are not even compatible. Michael has the charisma for his role but he just doesn't have chemistry with Jessica because he seems so much older. You can see the wrinkles around his eyes whenever the camera is on him. I don't think Jessica looks that pretty in this series either but it's nice to see her having a different role aside from being a professional doctor or lawyer and whatnot. I like the pairing between Tavia and Bosco though because they are cute together since they're around the same age and have worked together before. Overall, the series is not as exciting as it seems from its trailer.

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