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Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Sword Stained With Royal Blood 2007

What I've liked about BXJ from the very beginning was its focus on themes of duty, revenge, justice, moral dilemmas and friendship. While some romance element is fine, too much of it is seriously annoying.
The contrasting images of two emperors, both in their own way enemies of the country, yet both endowed with human dimension that makes them so much more than simple 2D villains; Chongzhen's struggle with his own incompetence; the changing outlook on An Jianqing's loyalty to the Ming; Liu Fangliang and Li Yan in the last episode... All these things are so much more interesting than the dull romance element...;-)

Return of the Undercover Agents 1985

I watched the series without subtitles (and I highly doubt that there are any), so I can't comment on the plot (not even after reading the synopsis - but I'm now tempted to watch again with this synopsis in mind). But I liked the show quite a lot, actually. (And I quite *adore* Law Lok Lam's eye bags, by the way...;-)) I think I'm going to have a difficult time getting used to the cast of the 1984 series when I watch it (which I definitely plan to do), because I rather liked the cast here - paradoxical, ain't it...:-)
Watched it for Wai Pak (wasn't disappointed - Tit Sau was IMHO great) - and it got me hooked on four constables and Law Lok Lam. By no means a classic, but I guess I'm going to remain really fond of this show - for sentimental (and other) reasons...:-)

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