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Au Revoir Shanghai
Au Revoir Shanghai 2006

i have to say that this series is overall quite interesting but in early episodes, it is a bit boring in some parts because it mainly about nip tsun and his restaurant..
and, i don't like anne hung in this drama because her character is weak and look sad all the times..why she have to be sad all the times??.. her sad acting just spoil this drama

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

i should say that this drama is very good overall..
but,at first few episodes,it is quite boring because there are no development in the story yet, ..then, the story started to become more and more interesting and tragic..
i have watched moonlight resonance, i can say that the scenes in moonlight resonance is more tragic than those in heart of greed but..
in terms of development of characters, heart of greed is better ..
in terms of love story, the chemistry of raymond lam and linda chung is better in heart of greed eventhough they are often argue..
for the characters, ha yu acts very well in heart of greed,same also to moses chan, linda chung, bosco wong, susanna kwan and others..
but, in moonlight resonance, i can see that moses chan did not give a big impact in the drama..instead, raymond lam is better in moonlight resonance..
it is same cases with bosco wong, because he can play his role very well in heart of greed, but, surprisingly, his acting is disappointed in moonlight resonance because he just nobody in that drama..
for tavia yeung, i can see that her role is not big as in moonlight resonance, but she still acting well but the thing that i dislike her is her hairstyle in heart of greed.. it is an ugly hairstyle..
for michelle yim, i can say that she acts very well in both drama but more impact in moonlight resonance because of her role as evil ..

overall, i can say that heart of greed is one of the best family drama that i have ever seen..

Food of Love
Food of Love 1996

i watched this long time ago..i just can remember the scene where wong hei realize that the taste of food is different because someone (maybe kenix kwok) doing something on the cooking unconsciously...

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