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You're Hired 2009
08-27-2009 01:59 AM
Naomi Cheng says:
Charmaine Sheh has always not been my preferable actress, however I find her vivacious in this series. Charmiane really suits the role of Miu Miu. great job charmaine!

A Great Way to Care 2009
08-27-2009 01:54 AM
Naomi Cheng says:
"A great way to care" is an interesting drama that I found to be very emotionally powerful. The drama has decided not to use a big cast to portray the whole story. Alex Fong did a great job in this drama, as well as Kate Tsui. I was quite disappointed when I heard that TVB warehoused this series. I would rate 3.5/5 for the overall series. I do not find chemistry between Alex and Kate, and that's where it's lacking. Overall, it's worth watching.

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