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Inception 2010

Inception is an exceptionally outstanding movie with an original storyline. The theme, Dream/Fantasy vs. Reality is portrayed well throughout the movie.This film also have a lots of realistically filmed visual effects.

I love this film because of the theme. Sometimes, dreams are better then reality but you have to wake up soon. Sometimes when you dream it feel so real, you don't want to go back to reality. I like how the ending is ambiguous as well. The acting, atmosphere, directing, visual effects are all delivered well. I definitely recommend people to watch it.

The Brink of Law
The Brink of Law 2007

To Bridget: Your review is abit biased. You just write about who you like and you put down the people that you don't like even if they were good. Everyone said that Shirley is good but you still put her down.

Maiden's Vow
Maiden's Vow 2006

This series wasted my time. I thought it there was nothing special about it plus the acting is really bad here! I don't get how Charmaine got the best actress award when hera acting wasn't very good in the 3rd generation.
It had bad rating as well. I would only watch it if you are a fan of Charmaine.

Life Art
Life Art 2007

This series has a very simple storyline. I thought it was okay but there was nothing special about it.

To Grow With Love
To Grow With Love 2006

This series is rubbish. The review is true. I don't really see the point in writing another review that is similar to the one above. Basically, this series is not funny, has a rubbish storyline and unlikable characters.
The were trying to copy the korean series "My Lovely Samsoon". I rather they copied it so that it would be funny and I would enjoy (even though I would criticize tvb for copying korean) but this is nothing like it and it's basically duffed up.

The Drive of Life
The Drive of Life 2007

I thought this series was average and I could see why it never had any good rating. First of all there was too many storylines. People do not have time to follow so many storylines. It gets confusing. Also the acting and characters are not particularly outstanding. I would only recommend this series to people who has their favourite artist.

To Catch the Uncatchable
To Catch the Uncatchable 2004

i thought that marco is so funny and ada is not over reactin.she is funny as well.everone is funny in this series

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