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Men in Pain
Men in Pain 2006

This series should be called "Audience in Pain", "Audience in Extreme Pain". This will happen to you if you subject yourself to this mindless series.

The Brink of Law
The Brink of Law 2007

LOL "ron's dead pan expression sucks": Ron acts like a walking zombie and is so overrated.Why can't people see that Kate Tsui is the worst actress to EVER fill our TVB screens?Shirley isn't bad (she is at least better than the other 2 women). Bernice JUST loses out to Kate as the worst actress to ever land a lead role, her love scenes with Steven Ma are so stiff and painful to watch. Steven Ma needs to go back to acting school, it's amazing that after so many years in the business, he STILL cannot act (take a look at his love scenes with bernice:they are awkward and amateurish).

The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1986

My opinion is that Mo Kei is the least inspiring of heroes because of his lack of wit and his indecisiveness over who he loves which is so annoying to watch, he is good to every woman he sees which shows lack of character. On this point of course Yeung Gwo and even Kwok Cheng surpass him. But overall, his realisation of who he truly loves in the end is satisfying after watching him flirting with every woman who loves him which was so irritating...
Also it was well written how Mo Kei left his leadership position and went to live peacefully with Chiu Man because his character is not suited to last long in such a complicated world: sooner or later he would be outwitted and killed...

Point of No Return
Point of No Return 2003

i agree with serial buster: this series is very tedious. I wouldn't call the love stories 'romance', rather they are ATTEMPTED romances which fail miserably. Charmaine and Chilam are annoying and the ending is terrible: Chilam gets on his knees to BEG Charmaine to come back to him, after she has been so unfaithful by marrying Sammul. He seems to have no dignity and is extremely desperate. Terrible, terrible.

Twin of Brothers
Twin of Brothers 2004

From the outset, this series failed to engage me for a second as i soon realised what a poor cast and ridiculous plot it had. Raymond seriously underacts this role and Ron is as uncharismatic as in Triumph in the Skies. They are both extremely dislikeable and Ron is at best unimpressionable. Tavia ahs potential for bigger and better roles. I found it torturous to bear more than 30mins of it at a time and ended up giving up on it altogether once the plot started to become lame and ridiculous. Another below average half effort by TVB.

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