200 Ways to Tell You are Addicted to TV Series

*Written by spcnet

Are you a true TV series erudite? How addicted are you? Our members at spcnet.tv tell you 200 ways to find out.

1. You buy plastic swords or buy real swords from the home shopping network and go around challenging your friends to duels. - WhiteKrane
2. You start doing your hair like the characters in TVB serials, which includes modern and Mo-Hup series - WhiteKrane
3. You officially change your name to Serial characters - WhiteKrane
4. You spend all your life savings on traveling to the mountains in Main land China to find where all the Hua Shan Sect and all the other sects that were talked about in Jin Yong's novels - WhiteKrane
5. You create a Website including reviews, galleries, and links to get other people more addicted than they really are - WhiteKrane
6. You watch a whole series of 22 tapes or more in Two days or less and as a result, you have red-shot eyes and black circles around your eyes from staying up late and drinking too much caffeine to stay awake - WhiteKrane
7. You join a forum like this - WhiteKrane
8. You start to dress up like mo-hup heroes and talk like them. - WhiteKrane
9. You memorize all the lines from your favorite series or character's lines and rehearse them with a group of friends. - WhiteKrane
10. You have a collection of copied TV series that stack up full in your closet or basement. - WhiteKrane
11. You have a collection of all Jin Yong Novels in which you spent a lot of money on. - WhiteKrane
12. You always start a conversation about TV Serials and asked all your friends if they've seen it yet or what they liked about it until they get sick of you because that is all you can talk about. - WhiteKrane
13. You and your little brother or friends debate on who would win if Ling Hu Chong and Yeung Gor were to fight (and you guys spend the whole day counter move this with this). - WhiteKrane
14. You spend hours on the Internet looking at TV serial or Hong Kong stars related Webpages. - WhiteKrane
15. You spend hours in a day to reply and re-reply to posts and when you run out of posts to reply you make even more posts. - WhiteKrane
16. You subscribe to every single magazine that has articles about your favorite actors and serials. - Jennifer
17. You run out and buy every single VCD, CD and VHS available on a series. - Jennifer
18. You're the first in line when a new series is released. - Jennifer
19. You spend all your online time downloading songs from TV dramas. - Jennifer
20. Every time you hear someone talking about a clan in China (Mou Dong, Wa San, etc), you give a long-winded speech about what you've learned about that clan from a series. - Jennifer
21. You start dreaming that you're a character from a mou hap series (or from any TV drama). - Jennifer
22. You start calling your teachers 'si fu' and your classmates 'si mui', 'si jie', 'si hing' and 'si dai'. - Jennifer
23. When you go to a Chinese bookstore, the first thing you do is run to the novels that your favorite TV series is based on. - Jennifer
24. You buy every single mou hap novel by Gu Long. - Jennifer
25. Your friends start to avoid you after you convince them to stay the night at your house watching Chinese TV series. - Jennifer
26. You wish you lived in the Mou Lam world. - Jennifer
27. When your cousins come over, you make them act like various TV drama characters and stage a fight with them. - Jennifer
28. You buy a bamboo flute and start teaching yourself the songs you hear from Mou Hap series. - Jennifer
29. You insist your parents to let you drink "Red Daughter" wine like your favorite heroes do. - Jennifer
30. You start fantasizing about a life with a character from a series. - Jennifer
31. You mope around all day when your parents won't let you watch any series for a week. - Jennifer
32. So you go to a fellow fanatic's house to watch your favorite oldies series even though you'll get scold by your parents. - Jennifer
33. You write a book on "Types and Aims of Certain Martial Arts Stances" and The lives and Loves of Jin Yong and Gu Long Characters". - Charbydis
34.You can tell the exact second in an episode of your favorite series of what is going to happen. - TKL
35.You watch the favorite series, especially, your favorite scenes thousand times and still rewind that scene very time you watch the series. - TKL
36.You think the people who do not like your idols do not have any taste. - TKL
37.You defend your idols with your life. Like you could get into a heated argument with someone if they do not think your idol is hot or cool. - TKL
38.You begin to search for a boyfriend/girlfriend with characteristics like that of your favorite character. - TKL
39.You wish your boyfriend/girlfriend would do those romantic gestures as in the series. - TKL
40.You start thinking that all Chinese men are mysterious and know kung-fu. - TKL
41.You get too emotionally involved in a series and start cursing the scriptwriter if they did not let your favorite characters end up together. - TKL
42.Your favorite theme songs keeps playing in your head. - WhiteKrane
43. You start bugging your aged mother to sew costumes from your ancient series, so you can have stuff to sell in your "Look ALIKE HEROES" store specialized in selling clothes, swords, wigs from your favorite series. Your motto is "IF We don't have it, we'll alter it to look exactly like you wanted it(even if it take hours of the week to do so). - WhiteKrane
44.You spend hours and days of your weekend, vacation time, or free time to write your own fan-fic. - WhiteKrane
45. You stalk your favorite actor or actress because you immediately fall in love with him/her when she did this romantic thing in your new favorite series. - WhiteKrane
46. You spend hours to read this list and spend days to think of anew, fresh and funny things to add. - WhiteKrane
47.You start thinking that it might be a nice thing to be reborn into Ancient China at a particular period that you adore and near a city or mountain that you think you could have some adventure. - Wang Chong Yang
48. You persuade your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse to dress and look a certain way that happen to coincidentally look like your favorite modern series actors/actresses(or if you really crazy and addicted you persuade him/her to dress in Ancient clothes as wells as the wig). - WhiteKrane
49. You look for a boy/girlfriend that has either the same personality or look almost your favorite actor/actress and if the current boyfriend or girlfriend of yours don't fit your desire you dump them like trash. - WhiteKrane
50. Your room is full of posters from various series. - Jennifer
51. You start calling yourself the name of your favorite character from a Jin Yong series. - Jennifer
52. You spend your allowance money on buying more TV series VCDs from your local shop. - Jennifer
53. Your first morning ritual is to get up and start waving around a sword like your favorite hero from TV. - Jennifer
54. Every waking moment you have is spent arguing about which is your favorite series of all time. - Jennifer
55. You started creating a binder that consist only of pictures and images of your favorite stars or TV series.-Swordmaster87
56. You start asking people around you if they had TV series posters to sell. - Jennifer
57. You cut out newspaper clippings about every series you find out about. - Jennifer
58. You name your children (or future children) after your favorite Mou Hap stars. - Jennifer
59. You sign up for a martial arts class in hopes of being able to fly like the ones your see on TV. - Jennifer
60. in your daydreams and night dreams, you imagine yourself in your favorite series, replacing the main lady so that you could look at, talk to, and be close to your main man. - Waterfall
61. You play Mou Hap series on the TV whenever you have guests over. - Jennifer
62. You start thinking that you're actually a character from a TV series and insist on it being true. - Jennifer
63. You start to enroll students for your Film Study classes where you teach people how to appreciate watching Mo Hup series, watching a number of series each month depending on the how many are in a series. - WhiteKrane
64. You start a Drama series club and in the meetings you guys wear clothes and costumes exactly like your favorite characters in the series, but if two people dress up in the same costume you have a duel swordplay and the loser has to be a servant for the winner for one week-one month, and you guys have discussions about which series you like best and which versions you like best. - WhiteKrane
65. In your drama class, you decide to show your classmates a Mou Hap series so they can all discuss how good or bad it was. - Jennifer
66. You do a report of the same series for your English class. - Jennifer
67. In history class, you begin to give a speech on the effects the TV series you've watched has sparked your interest in historical events. - Jennifer
68. You can remember every name of the characters in the series and all the names of the actors and actresses when asked. - WhiteKrane69. When you go to Hong Kong you automatically know where the best places to eat because you've seen your favorite characters eat there. - WhiteKrane
70. You wish you had a great looking apartment similar to the ones in some modern series. - WhiteKrane
71. You are afraid to go out at night because you know that gangs in Hong Kong will be out fighting each other each night(in movies).- WhiteKrane
72. You move out of your parents's home and go wandering the streets and live in Inns to know how Mo Hup heroes live by eating buns, drinking wine (even though you don't usually do and choke at the first sip). - WhiteKrane
73. You parade around the city with your plastic sword/real sword to look for any injustice or girl in danger but get arrested for charging at people with your sword when you see a couple fighting and you volunteer to fight in the girl's honor. - WhiteKrane
74. You dream of one day learning how to play the zither like the lady-like girls in Mo hup series. - WhiteKrane
75. You and a group of friends start 5 sects in which every week or month you meet and have a Wu Lam meeting, which makes you feel cool because its just like how it was in your favorite mo hup series. - WhiteKrane
76. You use one sentence/phrase from a character and repeat it over and over. For example: Stephen Chow/Chau Tinh Tri as Doan Phi in Final Combat/Cai The Hao Hiep always said: "Sit down, drink a cup of tea, eat a bun....". I usually tease my mother and sisters when they kinda of lose their temper by saying that sentence "Ngoi xuong, uong ly tra, an cai banh bao. - Kenno
77. You start teaching yourself calligraphy, music, sewing, playing chess and art to be more lady-like as the women you see in ancient series. - Jennifer
78. You have a chance to visit a place that allows horseback riding and decide to go horseback riding yourself because it has been your life long dream of riding a horse through an open field like you see the dai hup in mo hup series do. - WhiteKrane
79. You curse at anyone who dares to mock the way you dress. (like a person taken out from a Mou Hap novel) - WhiteKrane
80. You take an image of your favorite series to a photo shop to have it enlarged into a poster so you could hang it on your wall. - WhiteKrane
81. You jump from the roof of your house breaking your leg, believing that you could use your Qing Gong to get school faster. - Charbydis
82.You would love to read Chinese novels or history books or books on Chinese philosophy, astrology, medicine or maybe metaphysics or religious scriptures while drinking refreshing and freshly brewed Oolong tea under a cosy corner in your house or tea house. - Wang Chong Yang
83. (I think this is where we've left off) You begin to write down all the musings and dreams you've had with the characters of your favorite serials and start posting them as fan fictions for other addicts to enjoy. - C Monster
84. You begin to think that you've become so good at writing continuation of stories where the serials left off that you think you can submit them to TVB for possible screenplays. - C Monster
85. Your dream when you were young was to become a TV star so you can act in the genre of serials you like. - Jennifer
86. You teach yourself to learn Chinese just to be able to understand your favorite series. - Jennifer
87. You spend your life savings to have a house design exactly like how they have it in Ancient times China except for the paper window screen is replace with glass...but along with the house you have you're own China garden and pond. (Also includes the interior furniture like Chinese) - WhiteKrane
88. You start chasing after girls or guys with name that is similar to TV serial character. Example: a girl with name like Huang Rong or man with name like Wu Ji will definitely catch your attention. Unless, he or she is far less attractive then your imaginary character. - Wang Chong Yang
89. You started dreaming that you're renting the tapes because you haven't rent or watch some in a long time. - Swordmaster87
90. You create a BIG web site that all about your favorite TV series character that has a profile, biography and pictures. - Jennifer
91. You spend all day thinking about what to add to this list of YKYWTATWSW. - Jennifer
92. You start to wear all white outfits, hoping you will have better luck with attracting girls.(Like the way most debonair, suave, and handsome dai hup wear to attract many girls). - WhiteKrane
93. You started to pretend like you can fly like the heroes from mo hup series and while that, making sounds when you're fighting just like the series. - Swordmaster87
94. You make computer wallpapers, Winamp skins, and desktop themes from your favorite stars and series because you're angry that there aren't enough of them online. - Jennifer
95. You let your hair grow long so you can style it the way your favorite heroines (or hero) do so. - Jennifer
96. You start to design the hairstyle on your dolls or on your sister's head. - Goofy
97. All your drawings consist of mo-hup characters. - Goofy
98. You make everyone in your household watch your favorite series every single episode, at the same time explain all the details that you think they need to know. - Goofy
99. The only videotapes in the house are mo-hup series. - Goofy
100. You want to sleep on the wood pillow like the character in the series. - Goofy

101. You want to Bar-B-Q chicken in the fire like in the series and insist everyone to dress up for the meal. - Goofy
102. You put on the white outfit like the one in series for your pajamas. - Goofy
103. You practice the Dali's six fingers (don't know actual name) along with Duan Yu. - Goofy
104. You wish to enter Shaolin Temple to learn Kung Fu. - Goofy
105. You wonder if any sects or characters are true and start researching to prove they are real life people. - Goofy
106. You want to go back in time and be with your favorite heros or heroines. - Goofy
107. You bought zithers, flutes, and a chessboard without any ideas how to play them. - Goofy
108. You take a job as an intern in TVB just to learn more about your favorite shows. - Jennifer
109. You post like wildfire on their forums, on every single Mou Hap thread. - Jennifer
110. You make a CD of your favorite songs from TV series and play it every where you go. - Jennifer
111. You move to Hong Kong, hoping that you'll be noticed and cast into the latest ancient serial. - Jennifer
112. You imagine that every point made in this list applies to you! - Jennifer
113: You experience withdrawal symptoms when your auntie had been hogging the tapes for more than a week. - delia_k_00
114: You give up a night out shopping and clubbing just to stay home and see if the guy gets the girl. - delia_k_00
115: If when you were younger instead of playing mother and father with your cousins, you played out scenes from the mo hup series. - delia_k_00
116: You travel all the way from home to the local library to log onto the net to see what new posts has been added to forums like this one (the cost of petrol!!) - delia_k_00
117: You make daily trips down to the video/VCD rental store to check if they have the tapes/VCDs of the series you want to rent. - Su
118.You spend hours reading posts from this forum and squeeze your brain for more ideas. - TKL
119.You miss this forum when you cannot log on. - TKL
120.You dream of posting message in this forum. - TKL
121.You cry when you watch your favorite characters dying or separating from their loved ones. - TKL
122.You curse any female/male characters that try to steal the lover of your favorite characters. - TKL
123. You want to go to the beach and kick water or sand with your boyfriend/girlfriend. - TKL
124. You want your boyfriend/girlfriend to fold paper stars for you and put them in a jar. - TKL
125. You want to risk thousand of hungry mosquitoes just to spend a night catching fire-flies. - TKL
126. When you go into restaurant, you order 'The Maiden Red' wine. - TKL
127. You and a group of friends play charades acting out either memorable scenes or clues to naming the title of the series -- to see who's the No. 1 in serial know how. - C Monster
128. You and your friends start humming a few notes of a serial song and have them guess what it is. - C Monster
129. You bribe the owner of the rental store to let you rent the newest series tapes when they arrive. - Jennifer
130. You specifically make new pen pals (or e-mail pals) with people who are fellow fans of serials. - Jennifer
131. You get those pals to help you buy stuff from the series you like (VCDs, CDs, posters, etc.) - Jennifer
132. You get angry when your favorite pair in a series are separated. - Jennifer
133. You curse when you try to play your guitar like a lute. - Jennifer
134. You started watching and watching again the series that you have recorded when you didn't have anything to see, you keep watching it until the tapes' all worn out. - Swordmaster87
135. You try to copy the hand movements and chant the words like Ma Xiao Ling(My Date With A Vampire 1 & 2) - WhiteKrane
136. You develop a tea drinking habit and collect different teas, tea leaves and at times when you really want to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend you even make your own mix of tea. - WhiteKrane
137. You visit a tea farm ("Face to Face"). - WhiteKrane
138. You buy a big pan to cook stir-fry and stuff with an open fire...but in result you get burnt because the fire got out of control. - WhiteKrane
139. You want your boyfriend/husband to draw your eyebrows for you as seen in many old mo hup series/Heroine of the Yang98'. - WhiteKrane
140. You bookmark every web site you visit that's has pictures or info for series you like to watch. - Jennifer
141. You learn to use herbs as effectively as Ching Ling Sou. (from Flying Fox). - Jennifer
142. You start to think these forum posters are making sense. - Samantha
143. You read this stuff and think 'They really need to seek for 'Dai fu''(not THAT Dai fu, the...Chinese doctors u heard in those mo hup series) no offense, no offense. - Samantha
144. You start growing a peach blossom garden, hoping it'll be as good looking as the one on Tou Fa Dou - Jennifer
145. The first thing you do when you visit China (or any other country) is to find the shops where TV serials are sold. - Jennifer
146. You get frustrated when the shops you visit in China (or any other country) don't carry the tapes/VCDs you want. - Jennifer
147. The first thing you do when you visit China is to go to the Great Wall and scream (that's what people do to relieve frustration in the series) and probably visit the Forbidden City. - TKL
148. You'd buy a fan and try to spin it like Chor Lau Heung. - TKL
149. You try to convince your orchestra to play a piece of music from your favorite series in a school concert. - Jennifer
150. You embarrass your fellow choir classmates by singing a song from an ancient series... when you're supposed to be doing a hymn. - Jennifer
151. You have reoccurring dreams that you're living in ancient China and believe that in your past life you live in China. - WhiteKrane
152. You become an expert in Chinese calligraphy, history, zither playing, fluent in speaking dialects, religion info and can answer any question about China like...and at times you feel like an encyclopedia. - WhiteKrane
153. You try to watch every single series that came out so you can answer every question posted in this forum. - Jennifer
154. You buy CDs that are in Chinese but don't understand one word in any of the songs, yet you continue to buy and collect them because you like the singer/actor/actress and because the music is very good. - WhiteKrane
155. You spend hours of your time to download theme songs (mp3s) from the Internet. - WhiteKrane
156. Your parents told you that you can't go renting serials for however time, so you spend time watching them on the internet because you believe that there is nothing that can stop you from watching your serials! - WhiteKrane
157. You try cooking a dish that you've seen Wong Yung do in LoCH, but end up with an inedible substance. - Jennifer
158. Your best friend complain that you don't go out anymore because you spend every moment when your not working and at home to watch serials--endlessly without social contact. - WhiteKrane
159. You translate series into English so your American and poor deprived Viet-friends who can't find the dubbed tapes can watch, too. - Pemberly
160. You can spot when costumes and furniture have been reused from other serials. - Pemberly
161. You keep asking Vietnamese that do they watch these TV series all the time, even if you know they don't, so you can discuss the series with them. - Swordmaster87
162. You keep posting in this forum on and on and on. - Swordmaster87
163. You go to Kristy's site for TVB series and look up real videos for your favorite series that you didn't record. - Swordmaster87
164. You start swapping series with your friends so you can save some money you would spend on renting serials to watch. - Jennifer
165. You started trying to sell your series to this person but in the end, found out that they can't understand the language. - Swordmaster87
166. You spend most of your allowance renting the series. - Swordmaster87
167. You spend a lot money on books, classes, and audio tapes to learn Cantonese. - WhiteKrane
168. You plan to get your children (future children) addicted to watching drama series--so they can pass it down to their children--hahaha---as a legacy. - WhiteKrane
169. Your best friends are addicts to drama series as well. - WhiteKrane
170. You swore that you'll never give up watching drama series. - WhiteKrane
171. You can't go a day without thinking about drama series or thinking about a theme song or a certain scene from whatever series. - WhiteKrane
172. Some things that happens or happened in your life reminds you of that time this character in this series did this or that also happen to this character. - WhiteKrane
173. You beg your parents to let you go on a shopping spree in the video shops in Chinatown. - Jennifer
174. You become picky at what you watch and always look reviewing site to see other people's opinion about a certain series before you spend 1-2 hours trying to pick which one to watch or not watch. - WhiteKrane
175. You beg the owner of the rental video store to sell/give you the serial posters so you can plaster it on your bedroom walls. - WhiteKrane
176. You start a lot of topics on your favorite new series in this forum, just to show how much you like it. - Jennifer
177. You started thinking that you should open a video rental shop in your spare time (besides your real job) when you grow up. - Swordmaster87
178. You plead with the rental video lady/man to give you a part-time job at the rental place, because you're a self-claim expert at films and you can be very helpful to customers (And you can watch free movies & drama series while your there!) - WhiteKrane
179. You wish you're boyfriend/husband would cheer you up by bringing you to the beach at night and igniting fireworks and having a candle light picnic. - WhiteKrane
180. You start wishing you lived in Macau because you like series that take place there. - Jennifer
181. When you ride a horse, you start feeling like you're galloping through the mountains as a Dai Hap. - Jennifer
182. You practice cards until you proclaim to your friends that you're the king of Gamblers. - Gotrice4free
183. Every time you see snow, you pretend you're walking in Shanghai with an umbrella and a nice little catholic gal. - Gotrice4free
184. You tell your mom you want to shave your head and look like a monk in the Shaolin temple. - Gotrice4free
185. You constantly believe that you should be able to have 7 wives and begin protesting against the one wife law to the legislature, congress, and senate. - Gotrice4free
186. (Now this is really gross!! I don't think anyone would do this but there are a few dramatics and extremists) You want to marry your hot cousin who can make good tea. - Gotrice4free
187. For thanksgiving, you refuse to eat poultry because you worship anything that is slightly similar to the Condor. - Gotrice4free
188. For Christmas, you only want money to pay for the membership at the video store. - Gotrice4free
189. When you're sick and lying on your bed, your mother ask you what you need? You tell her to bring you some TVB serials to watch instead of chicken soup. - Gotrice4free
190. You walk down Central Park hoping the love of your life will bump into you. - Gotrice4free
191. You risk being scandal at and losing your money by buying a CD or merchandise online to get your favorite singer's CD or poster. - WhiteKrane
192. You begin to have your clothes tailored in silk fabrics and etc instead of buying your clothes at the store. - WhiteKrane
193. You stay home for weeks and months to mediate in your room because you think after a lot of meditating you will be able to create a new kung fu/martial arts like Cheung Sam Feng. - WhiteKrane
194. You keep spending time on adding stuff to this list instead of doing your homework when your suppose to. - WhiteKrane
195. You have a vast collection of Jade jewelry. - WhiteKrane
196. You begin counting how many days left until you can go back to the video store to rent the new release. - Gotrice4free
197. You become friends with the video storeowner hoping he would always save you a copy of new release video each week, so you won't be disappointed when you get to the video store. - Gotrice4free
198. You begin imagining that everyone is looking at you like you're really on a TVB series. - Gotrice4free
199. You go around trying to find a store that sells the hair sticks that the girls in the series wear. - Pemberly
200. You hold a contest for the person who can drink the most wine without collapsing. (Not for people under 21) - Jennifer

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