Section:ATV TV Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Chinese Title: 大內群英

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Reviewed by: PomTea February 28, 2007

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Warning! Spoiler Review! After reading sukting's review, I had to watch the series. I found it in VHS at a Chinese video store. This is a long review because the series has 57 chapters, but I'm only going to go through the parts mainly about the king and Sei Niong. The rest of the other characters backstories can be read in sukting's review. The story starts out with the 2nd prince going mad and killing people. The king is very upset and...

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Reviewed by: sukting May 12, 2004

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Dai Noi Kwan Ying Cast: Yong Cheng - Man Tse Leung (acting in China part-time and is a businessman now) Tsang Jing - Chiang Da Wai(sometimes act in atv serials) Nien Gen Yiu - Yeung Chak Lum (Mo Dik in "Reincarnated" and now acting in Malaysian serials) Lui Sei Niong - Mei Shuet (last seen in 2000 DSHS as Yin Suk Suk) Lee Yuk Yin - Ngai Chau Wah (Wong Yung in the tvb 95 version of 'Return of the Condor Heroes') Hon Chong - Leung...

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10-30-2006 12:00 AM


i wish i can c this movie. i luv michelle and david. i think they hav a really good chemistry.i like them better than michelle and damian sometimes. my aunt told me its and bits of this story. its kinda sad that somebody that is good and kind luvs u but u go off and fall in luv w/ somebody so evil that killed ur entire family. i didnt like that part. i dont think that in any movies that michelle and david worked together in, david is the 1 that falls in luv w/ michelle and michelle falls 4 somebody else.

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