Healing Hearts

Reviewed by: sukting

May 16, 2004

Rating: one

How long/Year produced
40 episodes/2001

Male leads:
Alan Chung Zhan Tou
Jackie Lui Chung Hin
Stephen Fung Tak Lun
Yin Yeung Ming
Cheung Kum Cheng
Chan Kai Toi
Wong Ying Choy
Wang Lujiang
Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Michael To Dai Yu

Female Leads:
Esther Kwan Wing Ho
Chow Kar Ling
Kristy Yeung Kung Yu
Cheung Mun Chi
Alice Chan Wai
Chen Yuyun

I am quite disappointed with it. Although it has quite a spectacular cast, they don't really give you the impression that they are a team. They didn't act well and fell short of my expectations. The story is very slow-moving which is different from Healing Hands(HH). I wonder why Tang Tak Hei likes this better than HH when we view the opposite? Till now, I can't believe that this lousy piece of work is from him! It is actually a repeat on HH and Files Of Justice - on its development. Even copied some parts from Healing Hands 2. I think he will run HH2 in the similar pattern if he is in charge. Sigh - is he running out of stories...

How are they similar? You may find out below as I make the comparison.

Introduction on characters:

Paul Fong Zhi Yan (by Chung Zhan Tou) is Paul Cheng Zhi Mei(by Ng Kai Wah)?
This is quite a bad start for Chung as this is his debut HK serial. Many have criticized him - saying that they don't like this Paul who is 47 years old. They prefer Ng's Paul who is 10 years his junior! They comment that he looks too old for Wing Ho. I pity him - it is not that he hasn't tried hard enough. But look at the similarities here - both of them wear spectacles and both of them are also brain surgeons. But who looks better - it is obvious! Come on - why can't the Paul here do something else, like - nasal surgery? dentistry?

I think if he is 10 years younger, there will be fewer negative comments. But he is really a bit haggard here. Even the make-up doesn't help to cover his wrinkles. Worse when his character is more wishy-washy than the Paul in HH. He doesn't dare to ask Samantha to stay when she decides to join MSF. But instead, trouble poor Alan and Anthony to ask Helen and Flora to help him to persuade her.

When she leaves, he starts to show his temper and doesn't cook anymore. Poor Anthony misses his cooking. Alan gets worse treatment - Paul wakes him up early in the morning for fishing although he just returns from a night shift from the hospital! It is sad that the two poor souls are staying with him. Why don't they move out instead of having to bear with Grace's presence who walks in and out of the apartment?

He is not as caring as the Paul in HH. He can walk off when a patient's sister is upset. He only turns back when she calls him. Even for a child patient treated for brain damage due to child abuse, he doesn't really show his feelings that can touch the chord in your heart, unlike Ng's presentation of Paul in treating Xiaode which is very touching. The exception is his treatment of Grace - but only because she resembles his-ex and can even give in to her when she requests to be discharged for 2 hours! Is this what a professional doctor should do? I don't pity him when the hospital head, Kelvin scolds him - he deserves it!!!!! But he is still persistent after the scolding.

I find him naggy and irritating at times too - with his buddies and also Tong. Is it because he is older than them? And the part when he tells Carrie that Jeff is affecting Flora's and Anthony's relationship, I don't find him helpful at all. He looks as if he is carrying tales instead!

Also spending too much time on Grace. Hey - who does he think he is? A saint???? He has overstepped the line to treat his patient this way. I mean if Grace chooses to be a hooker, what right has he to pester her daily to ask her what is wrong? Also troubling Anthony to seek her out and making him his secretary. Luckily Anthony refuses his request flatly. I'm baffled to know that actually he wants to help Grace to be a nurse but too bad she has no qualifications.

Doesn't he remember that Samantha is his girlfriend and he is not supposed to be so close to Grace in teaching her computer skills? Also asking Alan what to do if he finds her in the middle of the night. I mean - I think Anthony is right to say that there are too many cases like this and you can't ever hope to save every single one of them. He is too much!

Kelvin hears about his story of being so close to her and tells him to avoid her. He warns him that he has tarnished his image as a doctor. This Paul is so stubborn - he refuses and says that he is helping a friend to be more independent. So stupid of him - even though Grace reveals her feelings to him, he doesn't know at first. After knowing, he still doesn't say no to her, even allows her to clean his apartment. This keeps leading her on.

No wonder so many people dislike this character - he is not approachable and likeable as Paul in HH. At least the other Paul knows where to draw the line between his relationship with patients. And once he is in love with Jackie, he becomes daring and reveals to her his feelings. Not like this Paul here, he acts like a coward! Just because Samantha doesn't write to him doesn't mean that he should stop and not start to write to her first. And this Paul is VERY free, for over 10 episodes, he has no patients. The Paul in HH is VERY busy and has to find time for Jackie. For 5 episodes, he sticks with Grace all the time. How does a doctor get so much free time? Nonsense, isn't it?

Finally, all can forgive him when he sets off to look for Samantha in Thailand. I think the following scene is a fake - how can a bottle containing his love message can be picked up at the beach here? Another joke will be he gets shot in the head and has to be saved by Dr Lien?????

The Paul here is also over-enthusiastic in sharing his religious thoughts with Samantha. Samantha has made herself very clear that she does not believe in any religion. But he is so insistent that he leaves his bible on her work desk. This is more like forcing...I don't like the way he does this. So serves him right when Samantha makes a decision that scares him instead. No wonder Samantha leaves him...

Anthony Kong Hou Yin (by Lui Chung Hin) is Ben in FOJ/Annie?
Lui Chung Hin has always been my favourite actor and he has shown his maturity in acting here as well. But the thing is - he looks haggard here with very little make-up. He has done a great job as a lawyer having a dark past. Anthony is raised by a ganglord and he is expected to clear them of their crimes in return. He does and earns a lot of money.

He falls for Flora only to get rejected repeatedly even though he tries very hard. This woman often makes sarcastic remarks at him and he has to bear with them! Poor guy - in terms of looks and wits, he is levels above Jeff. And yet, he lost to him miserably. This reminds me of poor Ben in FOJ who also tries desperately to win Michelle's heart. The couple always turns up at the pub together and he has to pretend that he is okay all the time. Chung Hin really puts up a strong performance, especially on Anthony's love for Flora to give them his blessings.

He feels pressured when asked to defend for Flora's rapist. He has to bear with all the negative remarks given from all his friends. He doesn't do it for the sake of money but because his friend has asked him for help. But when finding that flora's lawyer, James doesn't help her, he is enraged and tries to set things right. The scene where he hits James really depicts his anger very well.

When Jeff doesn't show his support for Flora, over her rape incident, he is always by her side. Not just consoling her but also talks to Jeff as well. When she goes missing, poor him to dump his work aside and frantically search all over the places for her. In return, she scolds him all the time - urgh! What an ungrateful woman!

Finally they are together, but at times he still suspects that he is dreaming. He feels insecure, as Flora is very liberal in her thinking. But he never thinks of himself - he gets attracted to females in the pub easily too. A woman, Kitty, who works in a massage lounge gets close to him and he gives her the wrong idea. I like this part - when a man interested in Kitty asks him why Kitty calls him so often, he gives him his name card and jokingly tells him that Kitty is in some kind of trouble so he helps her. This puts the woman off and saves his own skin.

The only scene that I enjoy is that he loses a case for his ganglord and he gets badly beaten up. He does not fight back or betray him as he owes the ganglord too many favours. At first, his friends do worry for him and even ask the two cops for help. But being a loyal subordinate, he does not reveal anything. The ganglord lets him off and all are happy for him for getting away from his control.

But later, Jeff is dying from lung cancer and always call for Flora's attention. Well, who can blame the poor man for being jealous as Flora keeps missing all his dates? Or in front of him listening to Jeff's calls and dumps him aside? Especially when he sees Jeff joking with his colleagues in the hospital canteen, looking okay? Later, he is very generous in giving Jeff the chances by rejecting Flora's dates. Really a nice guy who is so considerate.

He is a loyal friend. Seeing that Paul gives in too much to Grace, he reminds him every now and then. But seeing that he's so stubborn he gives up and even helps Grace to settle her debts secretly. Also hinting to her to get lost - too bad this woman does not heed his advice.

It is a pity that he breaks up with Flora over character differences. Notice that they are both stubborn when Carrie tries to bring them back together? It is lucky that they get together again. But very unbelievable that Jeff helps him to do this with his ghost powers after he fails in wooing her. At first, Flora denies him of the chance as he appears 3 seconds later than her expectation. But he appears unexpectedly later at the bottom of the escalator when she sees him at the second floor before going down! She wants to know the reason but he keeps mum about this. I'm BAFFLED by this arrangement - another crazy surprise besides the snowing in hk in HH2!

Alan Yong Ying Ming (by Fung Tak Lun) is Joe + Gilbert?
I must say that Fung Tak Lun has definitely shown a lot of improvement after 'The Green Hope'. He is very good as the cheeky, mischievous but dedicated A & E doctor. His cheeky nature reminds you of Joe. With his dimpled smile, he has won hearts of many. Anthony and Paul also treat him like a small brother, teasing him for falling in love the first time with Helen. The same way that Paul and Henry treats Gilbert.

I like the scene where he refuses to give Helen a lift. He says that he doesn't chase her out of his car but he invites her out of his car! He looks so cute with his dimpled smile! She curses his car to break down which happens later! He really jumps when his cellphone is out of order at the same time!

But - yeeks - he really has poor taste in choosing a girlfriend. How can he fall in love with such an ugly and over-skinny girl as Amy? The first time he meets her in the hospital, he is struck by her...beauty??? Our dude falling for her and NOT for Helen? There must be something wrong with him! And he gets the same fate as Anthony as well, too shy to approach her and always dragging Helen along produces no results. He is so disappointed when he finds Amy attached and vows not to accept her when she gets ditched.

He is really a caring doctor. He leaves his work to coax a little boy to undergo an operation. Also respecting Tong's grandmother when she is hospitalised. He blames himself when a young girl dies and is so upset that he has no appetite. Later, when a patient dies partly due to him, he nearly loses his confidence as well. He can be very emotional very easily.

He maintains a too close relationships with girls. He is another guy like Paul who doesn't know how to say no to women. He treats Carrie as a friend but why is he so close to the extent to go out shopping the whole day with her? No wonder Helen gets jealous but he still finds this okay. But what a different way he treats Tong, he is actually uncomfortable to be with her as he fears that she might get the wrong idea. But why does he feel this way when with Carrie?

No wonder Helen breaks up with him. But the poor guy is very heart-broken that he nearly bangs his car when hearing Helen's suggestion. Also very upset when revealing his thoughts to Anthony. Poor guy...

There is one scene which is very good. Helen's life is in danger after being stabbed by a lunatic. He becomes very worried and sits beside her bed for days. Also so caring to the extent of peeling oranges for her and feeds into her mouth gently. Well, I'm very touched...

One flaw here though. Although he looks presentable with glasses, his hair is too long here...to be like Gilbert?

Jeff Lam Kai Ming (by Wang Lujiang)
Thumbs down for Wang's acting. He is very stiff and unnatural in acting - as if there are buns in his mouth. I thank my lucky stars that I am watching the dubbed version - he will sound horrible when pronouncing Cantonese phrases. I think he does not deserve being called 'Singapore's Koo Tin Lok'. He is also too boyish to pair with Kar Ling.

Jeff is always bothered by what others think of him. Initially, he has no girlfriend so he is bothered when people think that he is gay. Later falls in love with Flora but I am really alarmed that he asks Flora to abort the baby after she is raped! Is this what a doctor should do to an unborn life? He is so insensitive and selfish to arrange so many doctors to check on her, hoping that she will change her mind - even disregarding her health condition! I mean, there is half a chance that the baby might be his and yet he is so persistent in doing this…… he can be killing his own flesh and blood!

After watching this scene, I can't help thinking of Paul in Healing Hands. He can be so concerned and anxious to persuade Rebecca to change her mind although the baby isn't his. What a sharp contrast!

Only after she has a miscarriage, he then tries to woo her back. Yucks! How to forgive him??? The very sight of him makes me despise this selfish man. No wonder he fails again and again. He is very selfish to ask Flora to accompany him at all times before he dies from cancer. Doesn't he know that this will endanger her relationship with Anthony? Anthony can't bear Flora meeting him every now and then and he accuses him of acting pitiful to get her back. Only then, Jeff admits his selfishness and wants to make up for lost time. Maybe it is his retribution since he has planned to kill an innocent life.

But Tang has made a BIG mistake here. For a day, Jeff stays in the intensive care unit. The next day, he walks around in his doctor's robe and gets caught by Anthony. The next moment when Anthony asks him out, Jeff even chides him for being cruel to ask him to meet him at the hospital foyer to have a talk. I think any other person will not be convinced as well. Because he looks so normal that no one will believe that he is sick! Hooray for him to disappear from the scene...I can't stand his presence at all!

Later makes a comeback as a ghost to bring Flora and Anthony together. Finally done something helpful to atone for his sins?

Chan Chu Gei (by Yin Yong Ming)

Yin Yong Meng... as a cop again! Please lah - spare us the agony. Always the softhearted but suave and overworking cop all the time. but no guts to reveal his feelings to Karen. No surprises at all! It is really stupid of him to check out details of her husband's case for her...by stepping over the line!

But his teaming with Cheung Kum Cheng is a pleasant surprise. Their moments together are really hilarious. I think Yin depicts friendship scenes a lot better than romance scenes! They keep on picking on each other's shortcomings but show concern to each other constantly.

Gei tries to seek the informer who frames Jason. He kills the culprit but ends up getting shot twice. Even so, he doesn't regret doing this. When he is discharged, Karen looks after him but he still feels that Martin can provide her a better life as compared to the nature of his job. But Jason, upon seeing him so upset, feigns that Karen is getting married. Gei gets so anxious and rushes to ROM to find out that Karen is actually a guest there. He finally reveals his true feelings to her.

Lee Chi Ching Jason (by Cheung Kum Cheng) is Chow Mun Bun?
Cheung Kum Cheng has tackled all these roles too often and too well. The only thing about Jason here that stands out is that he is an impulsive gambler and always gets Gei into trouble. Poor Gei always gets to see his money missing in their joint account. But he is really a good friend of Gei.

When Gei quarrels with Karen, he tries to be the middleman. When Gei gets shot, he is so over-ridden with guilt and is so worried that he refuses to leave the hospital even though he has a high fever. It is quite touching when he says sorry to his friend and yet Gei can joke at this time to tell him to repeat his words later as he has not woken up completely due to the anesthetic effect!

When he sees that there is no progress in Gei's relationship with Karen, he gets mad. He does a lot of hinting to Karen on his behalf and even shares with Gei tips of wooing women. I like the part where he keeps on reminding Gei that he is no longer young and should look at his identity card to remember his age! It is good that Gei listens to him and gets his love in the end.

And also the way that he tries to woo Carrie is equally funny. Of course, he fails miserably as she thinks that they are more suitable as friends. Well, although he is cheeky in nature, I dislike him as he doesn't taken relationships seriously - he calls hookers out daily! I guess in the end, he gets Carrie since he throws all the call girls' namecards in front of her.

But doesn't he remind you of Ben's cousin, Bun in FOJ? He is always going after women more successful than him. First after Helen, Michael's sister and later his wife, Doris who is his boss.

Kelvin Ou Yeung Kin (Chan Yam)
This role is played very badly by a ke-le-fei. This is the kind of boss that all of us will not like to meet all our lives. Unlike Steven in HH2, this hospital director always runs for cover and hides himself. When Paul is involved in a law case, he makes sarcastic remarks. When he is acquitted, he claims that he had faith in him all along. A chameleon who's always scolding subordinates for no particular reason. I pity Uncle Tak the most - he gets the most stares just because he is an ex-convict!

Serves him right for having senile dementia. He asks for it when he suddenly forgets where to get his car. Uncle Tak gets worried and flags a cab for him. MY - this man is so ungrateful and reprimands him in public the next day! Also flares at Alan and Paul when he thinks that they find out about his sickness. He only repents when knowing that Tak keeps his illness as a secret all along and he himself reveals his secret.

What a relief to see him quit his job at the end! All along he is a mean boss and has done more harm than good...

Chan Lap Tak (Wong Yat Fei)
All doctors do not despise him although he is an ex-convict and his job is to send the corpses to the mortuary in the hospital. They always refer to him whenever in need. When Alan is devastated for not being able to save a girl's life and sees her body being sent away, Tak consoles him. Paul also quietly helps him to handle a corpse when the victim's identity is not uncovered, as Tak feels sorry for the woman for having no one to care for her.

Kenny gets along with him well too. Despite their identities in the hospital, he always has lunch with Tak and pays for his meals. I really pity the poor man who gets bullied by Kelvin too often. Sometimes, being helpful doesn't get to be recognised in return. But after Kelvin knows him better, they become friends.

Ma Yau Wai Martin (by Chan Kai Toi)

Another disappointment from Chan. Once I see his face in here, I have already predicted that nothing good will come out of his role. And sure indeed - he turns from a good doctor to an impulsive gambler. His vice leads to his divorce with Karen but later he tries to woo her back. But seeing how much Karen loves Gei, he gives up. Sigh - why not give him a change although he is not exactly a villain here?

Lien Lap Chun (by To Dai Yu)
After 25 episodes, many complain that they do not get to see him. People are disappointed that he only appears in the last few episodes - from episode 30 onwards! And regardless of this, many love to see him and Wing Ho together. From what I see the MSF scenes are more realistic that hospital scenes. And To is a major attraction here, his expertise in acting cuts an edge above the rest. Especially the scenes of terrorists harassing the doctors and the patients but he handles the situation well. Not like Paul who turns out into a nervous wreck. Even Samantha is calm over the ordeal.

He is a very cool doctor from China here - not mixing with others in MSF and only working constantly. At first, he doesn't talk to Samantha as well. After finding that they have the same working attitude, he opens up and is willing to share his experiences with her. He even thinks of wooing her and asks her to give him a chance within the six months. Too bad, Paul's appearance dashes all his hopes but he still takes it well.

Do not expect to see him wearing a doctor's gown. Most of the time, he wears a T-shirt and hangs the stethoscope over his shoulders. So he doesn't look convincing as a doctor to me...

Although Samantha makes up with Paul, I don't feel any joy at all. Instead, I have hoped that Lien will be the winner. He is so much better than Paul! More sensitive and also more skilful - this part is quite alarming. Paul is shot in the head and Lien actually uses……normal tools like the spanner and hammer to open his skull to extract the bullet????? Amazing that the operation is a success. Wow, Paul has outlived his usefulness in MSF. Maybe Lien should take over his place in the hospital as well...

Many viewers request him and Samantha to pair up together if there is a sequel. Yes, and I do hope that Samantha is going to MSF without Paul's knowing and develops a relationship with Lien. Dumping Paul is a right choice as Lien is more suitable for her.

Yu Kar Lok Kenny( Wong Ying Choy) is Henry?
Wong is a veteran actor and I have always liked him acting in period dramas from his days in TVB. In here, his role is a refreshing change. He is the head of A & E. On his first day at work, he is mistaken by Alan as a visitor. And my, all the young doctors in A & E are baffled to see him charging in the room and displaying his wit and talent in coping with an emergency case. Despite his failed marriage and with 2 grown up children, he is still the friendly and jovial person that younger doctors like to be with.

He really cuts an edge over the other doctor actors. Look at his scared expression when Carrie's patient accuses him of snatching his love and tells him to back off! But when it comes to work, he is very serious and gives them precious advice in coping with their work. Same way as Henry in HH in passing his knowledge to Joe and Jackie except that Kenny has more experience in life than Henry.

Lawrence Cheng Hei (by Leung Chiu Wai)

If you wish that Chiu Wai acts in it, you are totally WRONG!!!! They just cut scenes from the Healing Hearts movie and add them here. To explain his disappearance, they arrange him to be an irresponsible doctor who doesn't come back to work and disappears mysteriously. Later it is found that he has a sad ending of being stabbed to death by a mental patient while trying to help her. The saddest part is this woman throws his body into the sea and it is never found. My goodness - he doesn't deserved to be framed……..why arrange him to die later???

Samantha See Ho Man (by Kwan Wing Ho) is Henry + Anson

Normal1y Wing Ho glows and shows glamour in TVB serials. But in here, she looks so ordinary! I can't help feeling that she has made the wrong choice of leaving TVB. Her popularity has dropped drastically with a valid reason. Her long, straight hairstyle doesn't suit her doctor image. She looks tired and bored most of the time too.

The way she does things is as if she has lost interest in life or the world has come to an end! You can find no sparks between her and Paul at all - they are so boring!!!!! You don't feel the tenderness and tension when both face her possible illness and hugging together. No chemistry at all - even when they go fishing together. No sparks even though both share the same hobbies such as fishing and playing golf - what is this...

Her character of taking care of her ex-boyfriend's family reminds me of Henry. Too self-sacrificing in the extent of getting Paul to take care of them when she is away to join MSF! Her job reminds me of Anson. But her role is not as likeable as Anson. Samantha's thinking is like a businesswoman and she thinks of venturing out of her own to make more money. Perhaps the main reason is to earn more money to support her boyfriend's family. Also very bad-tempered in scolding people when well or ill.

I don't like this character at all. She changes too fast too - I mean - right after knowing that her breast tumour is benign? She joins MSF without discussing with Paul? Doesn't she consider his feelings at all?

I am not touched when she accepts Paul. The process is too slow-moving and they talk too much! Paul in HH is wiser and more tactful with words while the Paul here just nags about responsibility - yawn…….. wonder how his long and boring speech can bring tears to her eyes?????

And the part of leaving Paul because of her promise to dedicate herself to religion is stupid. I thought she isn't superstitious? Paul faints when going for a stroll with her and at this time, a nun appears. And only starting to read the bible at this time seems inappropriate - she is not a devout follower after all.

Flora Cheng Kar Ken (by Chow Kar Ling)

I wonder why Tang chooses her name as Flora - because he misses the real Flora Chan Wai Shan in his past serials????? She is quite convincing as a lawyer, probably due to the fact that she has a law degree from the hk university. I must admit that Kar Ling has improved heaps and bounds in her acting. She is very good in here, as Flora who is strong willed and not easily giving up to setbacks. And out of the 3 women, she is the most elegant looking of all.

But I think that she is really too liberal and looks too arrogant - still hanging around late in the bar after being raped. I also can't stand the way she talks - thinking that she is very great and always belittles Anthony. I really pity the poor guy - how can he fall in love with her in the first place????? But I must admit that she has a lot of chemistry with Chung Hin.

But her way of thinking is terrifying - to give each other a lot of room even when in love? She is very insensitive to go out with Jeff every now and then. This happens even after going steady with Anthony. She doesn't care about his feelings. But when she discovers Helen's earring in his room, she throws a tantrum. Hey, who should be in the wrong here?

Very willful to kill Anthony's chances for a reconciliation just because he is late for a few seconds. The poor guy is so upset…..why hurt him again and again?

Helen Shin Wai Nam (by Yong Kung Yu) is Jackie?

Although Kung Yu tries hard not to be demure, she is still demure to me with her long hair and warm smile. She is as nosy as Jackie. She jumps into conclusions easily too when Alan goes to console a boy. She can control her feelings better than Alan in work. But when it comes to protecting her friends, she can't contain her displeasure and reminds Grace to back off by mentioning Samantha. Well, I like this as she is stronger in her tone of words than Alan and Anthony do don't know how to put the message across to her!

But she is cute here as Helen in trying to tell Alan her likeness towards him. Who can blame her for being jealous of Carrie for getting so close to Alan? Although she is compatible with Tuck Lun in looks, her height is almost the same as him.

Karen Shek Siu Chi (by Cheung Mun Chi)

I prefer Mun Chi in ADWTV and in Flaming Brothers. In here, she is boring and sleepy as the ill-fated nurse who marries the wrong man. All along, Karen thinks that she has made the correct choice of choosing a rich and caring doctor husband, Martin. But she is devastated when finding out that he makes her the guarantor of all his debts. They have a divorce but she goes back to him all the time! Even helping him to set up a new clinic and goes out with him. This is too much!!!Poor Gei is upset with valid reasons and yet she blames him for being petty.

Her character has little depth as the ex-wife in distress who always asks Kei for help. She doesn't really show her sorrow thoroughly. Her facial expression is always the same all the time. I don't feel any chemistry of her with the two actors at all.

She is too overdressed for a nurse outside the hospital. But I welcome her change in making herself looking professional in the hospital with her neat tied-up hair and bespectacled look. Wing Ho as Samantha should exchange her role with her!

Carrie Lam Yuk Wah (by Chen Yuyun)
I don't find Yuyun good here. What she does is to put on a pleasant smile all the time. Not much acting is required here as she doesn't need to talk much. She and Lujiang don't show the close kinship that they should have as siblings. When Jeff dies, she only sobs for a while….and then her back is facing the window where none of us can see her expression at all!

I must admit that I dislike her to tag along with Anthony all the time. I mean she has her own boyfriend and why must she do this? Not making clear to Jason from the start also causes the poor man to daydream of developing love for her. Suddenly in the end she goes out with him again. This is too fast!!!Carrie can be a scheming woman but not as innocent as she looks.

Also limited in expressions when she is with the two cops. No development and how is this considered as good in the eyes of hk viewers?

Tong (Kar Wing) is Judy but minus minus...?
This is my most hated character in the serial. She is a 100% parasite. Unlike Judy, she is jobless and is not a student. Only wasting her time away and is also not filial to her grandmother. Judy has at least appreciated Henry's help from time to time. But this parasite only knows how to ask money from Samantha and to hurt her repeatedly with rude remarks. And even has an abortion that hurts Samantha badly - sigh - I will have given up all my hopes and patience in this ungrateful creature...

She even tries to stop Paul from wooing Samantha. She is totally a selfish jerk! And I am alarmed to see her clinging to Alan all the time. The way that she tries to seek his opinion whether to return to her studies reminds me of Judy. Luckily she goes straight and is no longer the spoilt brat that gives so much trouble. But I wonder which university will accept her as a medical student as she claims. She only studies within such a short time and can get in there??

But sad to say - this actress can't act at all - with stony expressions all the time. She can't cry properly when her friend dies.

Grace Yip Chi Yan (Chan Wai) is Rebecca?
Grace is another disgusting character. She is sent to the hospital due to a head injury. While doing the operation for her, she reminds Paul of Jackie (not Jackie in healing hands but Lee Kar Yan's Jackie in the healing hearts movie). Her boyfriend sends her belongings to Paul in the hospital when she is still in a coma. Same as the movie - sigh - can't Mr Tang think of something new?

I find her a nuisance! When she is hospitalised, she finds all sorts of excuses to go to his office to see him. And…he is always so free to entertain her????? She goes to observe Samantha's looks after knowing that Paul and her are a pair. I don't like the sneaky way that she peeps through her window. Who does she think she is to fall for a doctor? Not that I despise her occupation but after knowing that he is attached, she should back off and not create any trouble.

She is so open to go to Paul's apartment to cook for him - as if his home is hers. Heyheyhey...Rebecca in HH behaves the same way. She tries fishing and golf to please him although she doesn't like it. The last straw I can take is that she buys undergarments for him! My goodness - who does she think she is?????

Luckily she knows that they belong to different worlds and leaves to marry a bus driver. Strange but when she meets Paul again, she is pregnant so quickly and all her feelings for him dies so fast in 1 episode?

Jackie Kong Mei Shan (Lee Kar Yan)
Suffers the same fate as Lawrence. Her role here is cut from the Healing Hearts movie too which doesn't help in the development of the story. But still, it is enough to let viewers see how she reminds Paul of his past romance with her. It is said that she sends a letter to Lawrence. Samantha has an urge to read it but she gives it back to Paul to hand over to Lawrence. Wonder what is written in it?

Copycat parts
The 3 guys Paul, Anthony and Alan are staying together. Sigh - 3 guys again? Flora, Helen and Samantha also together - 3 women too? Are they that POOR to save money? In FOJ, in HH and also in here! I have enough of this yuppie living style from Tang Tak Hei.

There is a part where Paul is framed for putting a patient to sleep illegally. He considers settling it out of court - hey - don't we see this in HH where Paul also tries to persuade Mdm Ho to settle it out of court too?

The Paul here gets ditched by his girlfriend Jackie and is scared to fall in love again. In HH, the Paul there also has a broken marriage and shares the same feelings!

Samantha takes upon the responsibility of taking care of her ex-boyfriend's grandmother and sister. Isn't this similar to Henry's case? AND Tong here is equally irresponsible as Judy! She always plays hid-and-seek with Samantha too! Also similar here in the way Anson carries the baby in HH2.

Flora goes to the pub. Anthony's friend sees her and boosts to him that she provides very good service as a hooker. In HH, Annie is mistaken by Peter too as a hooker.

Helen tries to convey her feelings to Alan. Alan doesn't understand her meaning saying that he accompanies her out because she asks him too. Sigh - too similar to how Jackie hints to Paul in HH.

Samantha is sick and Paul visits her. He even cooks her porridge. Hmm……very similar to HH, when Paul is sick and Jackie rushes to buy food for him. Or in FOJV where Alex, the cop is having a high fever and Lee Tung cooks him plain porridge.

Flora has a miscarriage when she is attacked for losing a court case. In HH2, Dorothy also loses her baby in an attack in a hospital.

A husband's lover steals his wife's baby out of the hospital. In HH2, a woman steals another woman's baby because her own is stillborn.

Helen gets stabbed by a lunatic but survives. In HH2, Sukie gets stabbed but dies.

Samantha suspects that she has breast cancer and says that she now understands better how patients feel. Huh? Doesn't Paul in HH say the same thing when he thinks that he has nasal cancer too? But the difference is Samantha doesn't look worried or concerned about herself but Paul in HH nearly turns himself into a nervous wreck.

Paul often wakes Anthony and Alan in the middle of the night and seeks their advice. In HH, Gilbert is the one who bothers Paul and Henry. But Gilbert is more adorable with his jokes while the Paul here simply complains, nags and pours out his sorrows which the 2 guys are uninterested to know.

Paul does not even dare to go to the airport to send Samantha off and needs to be persuaded by Anthony. In HH, Paul needs to be coaxed by Flora to look for Jackie at the harbour as well.

Gei is shot twice by a villain and his life is in danger. In HH, Henry is shot twice too. But Gei's doctor friends don't seem to be worried at all. You don't see any expression on Kenny's and Carrie's faces when trying to save him ! Even Alan and his gang didn't visit him! While in HH, all flock to visit Henry.

Jason says sorry to Gei for causing him to be hurt. Same way as Judy apologising to Henry when he gets shot. The only difference is in Healing Hearts, both are guys.

Kelvin has senile dementia but refuses to admit it. In HH, Dr Fong who is supposed to operate on Jackie has a thyroid problem but refuses to face it too.

Interesting facts
Many hk viewers are interested to know more about Wang Lujiang and Chen Yuyun. They even label Wang as Singapore's Koo Tin Lok. Errrrr, Singapore viewers, any comments? From my point of view he is still too far behind Koo's success. Tang Tak Hei is simply too generous to award them more than 90 marks for their acting which I don't think they really deserve.

When the serial is out in hk, many oversea viewers are dismayed that ATV does not provide the daily synopsis. They make complains daily but to no avail. The tv station explains that it doesn't get any information from the producer. A very bad step in not promoting this serial properly.

The doctors from no-borders association are angry with the arrangement of having Paul and Samantha being shot in Thailand. They say that only 20 shooting incidents happen in the 30 years since they set up the organisation. Tang has to explain that although, he also uses the initials MSF, it does not mean Medecins Sans Frontieres - the real organization's name. It is in fact a fictional name Medical Service on Frontier instead.

Leung Chiu Wai's movie company is angered that the tv version has him in it. In fact, Chiu Wai has not agreed to film in the serial at all. The company may sue ATV for this. There is still no end to the dispute. Kar Yan, however, takes things easy and jokes that it is good that the serial promotes her for free as she has not acted in tv serials for a long time.

It is Wing Ho's first time carrying a baby. The child is only a few days old and the make-up team rubs a lot of oil on him to make him look shinier. But Wing Ho nearly slips him onto the ground. What a relief for her after shooting the scenes!

The film crew has complained that Kung Yu and Tak Lun don't look like a pair in the serial as they only hold hands together. Tak Lun jokes that they should add some kissing scenes. The producer overhears him and agrees readily! Tak Lun likes the serial and is happy that Tang has not restricted him to be the normal serious doctor role.

Chung Zhan Tou loses 5 kg for the role. But his effort doesn't pay off after being criticized for being too old for Wing Ho. This may be the last time that he acts in any hk tv serial again. With different reporters from different countries, he avoids commenting on his acting but only promotes his serial album. I guess he doesn't like his character too. Very funny indeed!

There is a part where a lunatic says that she is raped by Lau Tak Wah! Tak Wah is not angry but amused after knowing it . He deduced that the script writer must be carrying a torch for him all along to include this part!

Chow Kar Ling has to reshoot many scenes as she doesn't know how to read the Chinese script. The most unlucky person is Chung Hin who has the most number of scenes with her together. All of them finish their work early, leaving her alone. She is so upset and cries. Only with the help from her mother and the filming crew with the translation, she is able to finish the job.

Comments on the serial
It is a mixture of FOJ and HH. The producer can't decide which is more important! And simply too many similarities from HH. However, many, like me, will not mind them as we want to see more of Chung Hin. He is really very good as a lawyer. But the serial don't really show much hospital scenes here - yes - they shoot them but still too many scenes between each pair on their love relationships. Come on, we are not interested in talking about love all the time! We need to know more about the doctors' work too! I yawn when I don't see them rescuing people but only talking nonsense all the time.

A stupid way to arrange religion to come in between Paul and Samantha. This is unbelievable - no wonder it leaves so many viewers grumbling. And its ending with Paul recalling his past with Samantha is absolutely unneccessary. I wonder why don't he try seeking her out instead of waiting for her in hk?

Don't ever send patients to this hospital - there are 80% deaths here. For so many times, the most heard line is 'I pronounce the patient as dead - the time is'. Does this imply that the doctors are incompetent here??? It has failed to project sadness but instead incur frustrations to the viewers.

And also the words these professionals use in the pub are crude - saying that some of the people charge clients for their services. Sigh, a very bad projection on their professions. Each character keeps telling others that 'you have a problem'. I can be sick of hearing this line every now and then. Just solve it then!!!

Some viewers even ask whether to buy the serial's vcds. My advice is - don't buy! You'll regret spending the money and the time, I have wasted 40 precious hours watching this lousy junk! And yet some say that they like it - Huh - how to like it????

Although I don't like the story, I like the songs and the music theme. Chung Zhan Tou has proved himself through his years of singing experience that has not let anyone down. I like the sub-theme songs 'Back to back, face to face' and 'Only you' written by him.. The theme music written by him is equally nice too. Strangely, this album is not out in hk when the serial is released but only out in April. The song lovers can only surf the net and listen to the poor quality from the ATV website. Even the music video is poorly done - short shots are only taken from a Chung's television performance. The album has sentimental value as a VCD comes along with it. The CD actually has only 4 songs in it.

This is the worst serial that I have seen so far. None of the things the characters have done made me feel that it's 'hap guat yan sum'. They don't deserve the name at all! Especially when the ATV staff turns up as ke-le-fei in different parts - they make you yawn with their stiff and wooden acting!!!! They have problems showing crying, laughing and even talking expressions. When you see them cry, you want to laugh. Especially the scene when Jeff is dying, his parents don't even know how to show their sorrow properly! Those who act as doctors don't look like one themselves.

The pace is really too slow - no wonder it falls into a miserable 8 points in hk. The decision on the fate of Flora's unborn baby can take 4 episodes. The marriage problem between Martin and Karen can take 4 too, Jason carrying a torch for Carrie can take 3 and same as the others!!!! Can you believe it - I actually dozed off when Flora is accusing her attacker of raping her!! That is supposed to be the most exciting part of it.

I can get frustrated for not seeing Fung Tak Lun and Yeung Kung Yu for some episodes, as the producer deems them unnecessary. I mean - with no younger faces to look at - how is the producer going to expect better ratings? Many viewers complain that they don't see enough of them and are alarmed that they break up in the end. Serves them right for getting single digit ratings for many days.

The dialogues are not interesting at all. The cast tries to be funny but end up failing miserably. The way they deliver them are too serious. No expressions and not showing concern! I really miss the casts in HH and FOJ - they have come up with interesting and hilarious dialogues that make you ponder and laugh all the time. But in here, they just talk for the sake of talking and end up talking too much!

Another minus point will be all the females have the same rebonding hairstyle which look boring and their faces are almost the same!!!! Worse when their hair length is almost the same. Wing Ho and Yuyun look unprofessional with their hair let down. It's worse when they have no dress sense as well. As if all of them are still in the late 80s or early 90s. The cast in HH is very well-dressed and they really shine. In here, all of them pale in comparison. Only the tall guys look better with their long windbreakers and suits.

The story is very unfocused. Tang seems indecisive in wanting what to do. There is a mixture of everything! A medical drama? A cop serial? Or a court serial? Definitely not a medical drama as they show so little on hospital cases. DO MAKE UP HIS MIND! Give us a break! If he is not ready, DON"T ever give us healing hearts 2.

He says that he has done homework before filming. I doubt so - Healing hearts is so poorly made with so many unoriginal plots. Even missing a few episodes will not miss anything at all. If he is still persistent to continue his yuppie style, he'll get the same likely horrible result again. It's time for a change. Maybe it's better for him to return to tvb and work with the original cast on HH3.

Sukting's Rating:
On acting: * 1/2 (Scale of 5) (mainly for Chung Hin and Tak Lun's sake)
On story: * (Scale of 5) (this is the worst grade I have given so far!)

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