Heroine of the Yang

Reviewed by: sukting

May 16, 2004

Rating: four

How long/Year produced:
32 episodes done in year 1998

Chan Sau Man - Mok Kwai Ying
Jiao En Jun - Yang Zhong Bo
Lam Wai San - Ye Lut Hou Nam
Man Chung Han - Yang Pai Fung
Lai See Kar - Yuen Loh
Chung Yeung - Yang Zhong Yuen
Tam Bing Man - Pong Tai See
Cho Chui Fen - Sheh Tai Kuan
Gong Suet Far - Empress Siu


I must say that I have made more comments on Jiao and Chan's acting because I admire their acting in here very much. I believe many will think the same way as I do too. Who can forget the wonderful shots that the both of them have showed us? Too bad they only make up about 75% of the serial!

Zhong Bo is out to rescue his father, Yin Chew who is trapped by Hou Nam. He meets Hou Nam's junior, Kwai Ying on the way. Zhong Bo realizes that he has to use the Hong Long stick, which belongs to Mok's clan, to save his father. Pai Fung tries to help him but she gets caught and drawn on her face instead. Zhong Bo then tries to steal it at night, with the help of his fifth uncle. He is discovered by Kwai Ying, who chases him the next day. He defeats her using his weapon. But, alas, he later LOSES and gets injured by Kwai Ying -- even when Pai Fung is his helper!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes -- how can a general with so much experience in wars, be so easily defeated by a woman?

It's so embarrassing!!!! Zhong Bo is desperate and tells her his story. She feels sorry for him but her father refuses to help them. In the end, Zhong Bo risks his life to save his father without the stick. Kwai Ying comes in time to save them but she gets injured instead. Hou Nam has planned to kill the Yeungs but sensing Kwai Ying's presence, he stops all the chanting and his trap is completely destroyed.

Zhong Bo nurses Kwai Ying back to health and both fall deeply in love. Yin Chew dislikes her because her father is a rebellious clan leader. Kwai-Ying returns to find that Hou Nam has proposed a marriage to her and her father has accepted it! She is so upset and faints. Her master is good in fortune telling and knows that Kwai-Ying will have a good life, if she marries Hou Nam. But with Zhong Bo, she has to suffer a lot of setbacks and their ending may not be happy.

Kwai-Ying turns panicky and asks for Zhong Bo's help. Zhong Po fails miserably in persuading his father to agree to the proposal. He even tries to separate them by setting off home with the soldiers. Kwai Ying falls sick and begs her master to change her fate. Her master agrees and she goes off to find Zhong Bo after she recovers. The Yeung women dislike her at the first glance and fight with her. They lose and Princess Chai makes her stay.

Zhong Bo is excited and wants to see Kwai-Ying. But Princess Chai says that it is too late for him to meet her. He senses his mother's hostility but being the filial son, he says nothing. Seeing that her young master is so upset, Pai Fung is witty to say that, “Princess Chai doesn't allow him to walk out of his room, but she does not disallow Kwai Ying to walk around.” Kwai Ying comes to visit him and both are overjoyed to see each other. The next day, Zhong Bo lies about going to the Imperial court. Instead he spends time with Kwai Ying in the town and gives her a hairpin. But both are discovered by Princess Chai at the temple. She gets very angry and tells Kwai Ying her opinion of her, making her leave. Zhong Bo is upset with his mother for doing this.

The two male Yeungs are framed for treachery and thrown into jail. Kwai Ying manages to persuade Zhong Bo to escape with her, but his stupid father still wants to remain loyal to the Emperor. Kwai-Ying and Zhong Bo kneel under the moonlight to declare their feelings for each other. Later, Zhong Bo returns to give himself up and both are sentenced to death. On the day of their sentencing, Kwai Ying takes Pong's family as hostage and she is given a month's grace to look for further evidence. She does it with Zhong Bo's help when they find a culprit in the Liao country. When Kwai Ying is captured by Hou Nam and refuses to marry him, Hou Nam secretly changes her fate back again. Zhong Bo is seriously injured by Hou Nam and is rescued by Zhong Yuen's wife, Yuen Loh. He becomes a friend of Zhong Yuen and he manages to return with Kwai Ying on time to clear his family name.

However, the Yeung family is still not grateful to her. Unlike Zhong Bo's parents , Tai Kuan likes Kwai Ying and makes Minister Kou to accept Kwai Ying as his goddaughter. She even encourages Kwai Ying to stay in his home. All along, Zhong Bo thinks that his parents are arranging Kwai Ying to be his wife. He is later shocked when matchmakers come to his home showing different portraits of ladies to his mother! Zhong Bo is even more depressed when Kwai Ying leaves again and he is engaged to Minister's Kou's foster daughter. He looks for Tai Kuan who feigns that she has a failing memory and forgets in agreeing to help him to persuade his parents. Zhong Bo is mad with them. He becomes uninterested and unhappy over the arranged proposal.

On the wedding day, his servants hint to him that the bride might be Kwai Ying. He is so reluctant but also curious. He uncovers the veil and sure enough, it is Kwai Ying. He can't contain his delight. Hou Nam is angry and he ruins the ceremony with his evil crafts. He casts a spell on her, makes her crazy, hitting the jewel that the Emperor gives and tries to kill Pong. Zhong Bo's parents are shocked to know of the bride's identity. They chain her up and try to subdue her with Zhong Bo's grandfather's weapon. Zhong Bo releases her but she injures his father and flees. Princess Chai is angry with Zhong Bo for stopping her and slaps him. Pai Fung finds Kwai Ying on the street behaving like a lunatic. Although Zhong Bo has vowed to his father not to meet her again, he leaves home immediately after hearing the news. Hou Nam finds Kwai Ying at a temple and brings her home. Zhong Bo finds the hairpin at the temple and is more worried to see Kwai Ying not there. Hou Nam brings him to see Kwai Ying and Kwai Ying tells the heartbreaking news of her going to marry Hou Nam. Zhong Bo is already upset by the news and gets even more upset when Kwai Ying joins forces with Hou Nam to injure him.

He returns home sadly. Later, he faints outside his home, holding her hairpin in his hand. Pai Fung hides it secretly in her hand when Princess Chai appears. Princess Chai is more concerned over his injuries than to notice. But she is very furious when knowing about this and vows not to let her off. Zhong Bo, although upset by it, still does not blame Kwai Ying for hurting him.

On the day of the marriage, Kwai Ying injures Hou Nam badly and steals the medallion; Hou Nam escapes with bad injuries. She tries to prevent her father from fighting with the Yeungs and faints. She stays at the Yeungs’ home, however, Zhong Bo's parents are still angry with her for injuring the two male Yeungs, just to gain Hou Nam's trust. Zhong Bo is anxious to see her although he has not completely recovered. Later, it is proven that the medallion is indeed the real one but the Moks’ are unhappy for being misunderstood for so long. Kwai Ying's father decides to bring her home.

Zhong Bo finally persuades her to stay and his parents apologize to her. A grand wedding ceremony was held for Zhong Bo and Kwai-Ying. However, to their dismay Pai Fung leaves in search of her family's killer and the two Yeung males are sent to war again. Zhong Bo and Kwai-Ying part unwillingly. Pai Fung is injured and saved by Hou Nam. They fall in love but the hatred in his heart proves too much for him to bear and he still seeks revenge.

Zhong Yuen returns to Yeung's home with Yuen Loh after knowing his identity of being the son of Zhong Bo's fourth uncle. Zhong Bo is so excited to be with his younger cousin again, that both of them had to have a talk overnight. Kwai Ying is suspicious over Zhong Yuen’s intentions and the loving couple have a disagreement over him. The two Yeungs are being thrown into prison…AGAIN! Sure indeed, Zhong Yuen is in cahoots with Pong. But later Zhong Yuen has grown close to the Yeungs and he helps to save them. Unable to make a choice of being faithful to either state, he kills himself, bringing grief to all his loved ones.

Kwai Ying is devastated to know that Hou Nam killed their master to learn witchcraft. She destroys his body and damages the trap as well. Later, the Yeungs’ combined forces to beat Hou Nam but failed. In the end, Kwai Ying's son, Mun Kwong's, birth destorys the trap. I dislike this abrupt ending -- all along I thought Kwai Ying is the one who breaks the trap. So many explosions and fighting and yet this ending??? Hou Nam is believed to have died in the explosion and Empress Siu poisoned herself to death.

Comments on acting from Jiao En Jun and Chan Sau Mun
Many complain on why there are so few scenes of both of them. I am equally puzzled…..this ATV station has forgo precious opportunities of giving them more scenes to capture more viewers! We wonder is it due to Jiao's tight acting schedule? Or they want to give fair exposure to ALL? But how many of us like to look at old faces all the time? It is a stupid move because both of them are the main leads and attractions to the audience. The tedious journey of them being married is so enhancing that I could have wished both of them to get only married in the last episode, not in the middle of it.

I never expect Chan Sau Mun to be so youthful-looking. She is convincing as a young Kwai Ying with dimples on her cheeks. Initially, I have reservations on how they look together as a pair. Will they have an elder sister and younger brother outlook? But somehow, Sau Man has the ability to look young with her co-star. Although she is older than En Jun by a few years, both of them look remarkable and perfect , when standing together. In fact, I think she has better chemistry with En Jun than with Ma Jin Tao because both of them put up a splendid performance! It is unbelievable that this is just their first time acting together.

Many fighting scenes are tastefully done too. Sau Man is good in horse-riding scenes. Pretty and elegant, she has the makings of being Mok Kwai Ying. She convinces all on why Hou Nam and Zhong Bo love her so much; she has beauty, guts and brains! I like all her outfits before her marriage. The Liao outfit she wears in search for Tai Kuan suits her too, makes she looks so sweet and like a princess.

Even her first appearance as a simple village girl gave a lasting impression. So simple and yet attractive, that Zhong Bo can't take his eyes off her! The part where she beats and chases all her suitors away is hilarious. I also like the scenes where she holds Pong's family as hostage, pointing her sword at the Emperor,and another scene trying to save the Yeung family, even when she is pregnant. She shows so much daring, that none of the Yeungs are able to do and I admire her for that! If it wasn’t for her attempts, the two male Yeungs would be dead endless times for nothing! ATV takes away all her pretty clothes and give her a lousy-looking hairstyle after her marriage. This makes her look so old while Zhong Bo is still so young! What a pity.

En Jun is very dashing in his pure white costume and weapon. Although he has other outfits in light green and yellow colors, I still think that he looks in his best while wearing the white gown -- cool and attractive. I think the other colors don't produce such a great impact. He is very agile and graceful in fighting scenes too. En Jun still looks the same as he was in 1995 ATV's version's of Justice Bao's Bak Yuk Tong 3 years ago. I am very astonished by how both actor and actress manage to look so young in their early 20s, when they’re really older.

I adore the love scenes most, between him and Sau Mun. En Jun does it very well by putting in a lot of effort. The scene when they first meet each other, Sau Mun looks so demure upon saving the rabbit, she forbids him to kill it and he is so touched by her love towards animals and at the same time, amused because he has nothing else to eat. He cheekily asks her permission to drink the water from the stream. She gets concerned that he might go hungry and she gives him some corn. She sends him on the trip later. He gets worried when seeing her alone and tells her that it is dangerous for her to stay in the wild and that she should to go to the magistrate court; by mentioning his name, the people there will take care of her. She is amused but also touched over his concern.

Later after knowing her identity and losing to her, Zhong Bo is so disappointed for not being able to save his father, that he nearly breaks down. Kwai Ying pities him and later helps him. When she recovers from an injury , Zhong Bo has a stroll with her. He says that Kwai Ying can be a lion and an ordinary girl at times. Kwai Ying says that she learns martial arts and also plays games when she was young. Zhong Bo replies that he only learns martial arts and study but there never time for play. Sau Mun looks so cute here, when she says here that if she knew him when they are young, she would’ve shared her toys with him! Zhong Bo is touched and says that at least he deprives pleasure by making music from a leaf. He plays a song with a leaf and they have a romantic moment together. How passionate this scene is! But the hateful Yeung Yin Chew breaks them up by commanding the troops to return home. When learning that Kwai Ying searches for him and arrives at his home, he is so excited. Although he is dressed in the same usual way, he still nervously asks his servants to check for him to see whether his clothes are fitting. It is amusing to see how anxious he is to meet Kwai Ying. The dismay that he shows when his mother wants him to stay in his room is so real too!

The scene where he puts the hairpin on her hair is very touching. He comments on her beauty and she jokes that he finally realizes her beauty. The sweet smile that Sau Man puts on her face shows the gentle side of Kwai Ying. The sad expression that she wears on her face when seeing so many matchmakers at his home is also very real-like.

When knowing that he doesn't get to marry Kwai Ying, he gets so mad with his mother. He is persistent in marrying Kwai Ying. He doesn't even glance at the so-called Minister Kou's foster daughter's portrait and walks away. En Jun shows his anger and disgust very well. The joy and relief that he shows when knowing that his bride-to-be is indeed Kwai Ying is so touching. I can't help laughing, when seeing him getting so worried -- even removing the bride's veil, before she enters the residence to make sure that it is her!

When he sees Kwai Ying suffering from Hou Nam's spell, it pains his heart. His parents decide to seek a dangerous acupuncture to cure her and she has only half the chance of survival. Zhong Bo is alarmed by this and he decides not to let her take the risk and releases her. At this time, Kwai Ying looks at him pitifully with a tear in her eye. I must say that Sau Mun is so versatile in her acting here. At this moment, she looks so helpless and demure. But in the next scene, she shows her ruthlessness in assassinating Yuen Chew. Her acting is very impressive in changing her expressions so well.

Later she is extremely icy in telling Zhong Bo that she no longer looks for a simple love relationship and wants the power/glory to be with Hou Nam. This scene is also classical to me, when Zhong Bo is dumbfounded by the bad news. He has a fight with Hou Nam while Kwai Ying just stands and watches them. Later, seeing Zhong Bo at the losing end, she strikes unexpectedly at him with a dart and hits his chest. Zhong Bo falls to the ground, baffled and upset by the dramatic change in her. Kwai Ying says that she is happy when Hou Nam is happy. This really breaks his heart and he laughs bitterly while in tears. Well, I am equally unprepared for this as well - how did she bring herself to do it?

Sadly, Zhong Bo reaches outside his home. Taking out the hairpin from his belt, he asks himself in a sorrowful expression, how and why such a dreadful thing has happened. Unable to overcome with his grief, he vomits blood and faints at the doorstep. I like this scene the most because En Jun delivers his feelings very well. The anguish and sorrow is appropriately shown with no exaggeration at all. I wonder how Ma Jin Tao will do it if he's Zhong Bo - the same usual overacting way in Qiong Yao's dramas????

Later Kwai Ying visits him and asks about his injury condition gently. I like the way that Sau Man shows concern to him by touching his face gently. Zhong Bo is so overjoyed to see her. In the second moment, she suddenly stabs him with a dagger. Zhong Bo wakes up with a startle and realizes that it was only a dream. His two male servants mention to him, how to dismember Kwai Ying's body, to be thrown into the river to seek revenge. Seeing that Zhong Bo is in pain and disturbed upon hearing this, Pai Fung signals them to leave. The pain and distress that En Jun shows on his face is so real here. Well, many of my friends have MELTED their hearts together when watching these few scenes! Kwai Ying soon returns to her old self and rushes back to the Yeung residence to find out Zhong Bo's condition. She is miserable when none of them wants to tell her about him. When she finally sees him, she couldn't contain her anxiety anymore and says that although she injured him, it pricks her heart in doing it. Although she is reluctant to leave, she is finally persuaded by her father to make the move.

Zhong Bo tries to persuade Tai Kuan to make her stay. To his astonishment, she doesn't do anything! He gets so agitated by her response because he will never get to like someone who is so loyal to his family and dedicated to him. In despair, he nearly tears his wound again. The three old people are alarmed to see him so distressed. The poor man tries in vain to convince his parents to apologize to Kwai Ying. Upon hearing that Kwai Ying is leaving, he rushes out of the room anxiously despite of the discomfort.

Tai Kuan is furious to see that the old couple are so headstrong to make the first move, that she gives both of them a dressing down. We can see how upset and desperate Zhong Bo is when Kwai Ying tells him that there is no reason for her to stay. She also has a unwilling expression on her face as well. Finally Zhong Bo's parents decides to let her stay. I can see how loving both of them are to be finally together again, when he hugs her.

The next wedding scene is hilarious as well. It's the best wedding scene, I've ever seen in period dramas. Zhong Bo wants to be with Kwai Ying earlier and pretends to be drunk. Kwai Ying gets angry with him for sleeping and squeezes his face into different shapes. She complains that he has promised to take care of her and yet the opposite happens. I can't help laughing, when watching this, because all along Sau Mun has been playing serious and mature roles. In here, she is like a mischievous girl and she does it so well!

Kwai Ying has a big shock of her life, when Zhong Bo suddenly stares at her. He replies that he is nice not to seek revenge on her for making him feel so much pain! The next morning, Zhong Bo draws Kwai Ying's eyebrow. Kwai Ying marvels at his familiarity and questions whether he has done it for other women. He jokingly asks her whether she wants to know the truth. Kwai Ying becomes quiet and says that he can choose not to tell her. Upon seeing her gloomy expression, he panicks and tells her that he only does it for Tai Kuan. Actually Kwai Ying is just pretending to be angry. Zhong Bo jokes that now Tai Kuan has no eyebrows because he now does eyebrows drawing only for Kwai Ying.

Zhong Bo and Kwai Ying serve tea to Tai Kuan. I do enjoy looking at their shy expressions when Tai Kuan says that the responsibility of producing more offsprings for the Yeungs family now lie on them. But after this, I don't find other scenes enjoyable. Both of them have matured too much and too many troubles plague them. They quarrel over Zhong Yuen and over the loyalty to the Emperor. I HATE him for listening to his father and not escaping from the prison with her! He is becoming a replica of his stubborn father. Kwai Ying is pregnant and yet he caused her so much distress. Sigh! What was the point of shouting out Kwai Ying's name before the execution when she wasn't even there? Luckily, they do make up later on.

Comments on others

The other eye-catching artistes will be Lam Wai Sun and Mun Chung Han. Lam acts well with ease as a ruthless and ambitious man with a dark past. Chung Han is good too as the faithful and witty maid to her masters. She also acts well as the stubborn woman who wants to seek revenge without any help. But one major flaw is she is too demure looking. The bond between the two actor and actress is strong in the love/hate scenes, but somehow Lam overeacts in some scenes. I still think that they can't be compared to Jiao and Chan in terms of acting experience and appearance because Jiao and Chan outshone the rest of the cast.

Chung Yeung has improved his acting in his role as the ill-fated Zhong Yuen. Its a pity that ATV does not promote him along with Lam Wai Sun and Jiao En Jun in this serial. He produces a great impact as well, although, his role is limited, especially in the dying scene.

Other veterans actors are good but their scenes are far too draggy that you can go zzzzzz while watching them conversing in long dialogues. The court scenes are too long for me to bear. Moreover, Yeung Chak Lam and Bao Hei Jing are really in poor form -- they look very haggard and old as Zhong Bo's parents. Besides this, their characters will cause displeasure with the audience -- for being a-stick-in-the-mud and trying to break up Zhong Bo and Kwai Ying endlessly. I wonder why ATV doesn't get Tsui Siu Keung and Mak Lai Hung to act together again after their good performances in the 2 Yang warrior series?

These two do well with Cho's performance as Tai Kuan. She shows her wits and understanding very well, as a grandmother who tries many ways to make her two beloved grandsons happy. Tai Kuan shows her intelligence in arranging a perfect marriage for Zhong Bo and she is also willing to risk her life to save Zhong Yuen's family. You will also pity the old woman when seeing her crying at her fourth son's grave. She is usually a strong woman but her love for her son is clearly shown.

Another person will be Mok Kam San who acts as Kwai Ying's father. The way that he dotes on his daughter captures the audience's attention. The anxiety that he shows in trying to find a suitor for Kwai Ying and how dismayed he looks after all suitors are defeated is adequately portrayed. Seeing how he tries to protect her from being harm, will also make one touched, over his concern for her.

One irritating part is having Gong Suet Far in it. She is pretty in her costumes but viewers can't help thinking that it's Suet Far's fashion/catwalk show. Her hairstyles are very flashy and colorful which steals the show. She keeps showing off her precious jewels as well. I dislike the way that she portrays Empress Siu to be a weakling. How can a ruler be pining over her husband and asking her officials for opinions all the time? She is supposed to be a ruler with an iron hand! We can see how fake she cries when Zhong Yuen dies. She really can't act!!!!! I can't be happier when her character dies in the end! Even Sau Man becomes her sidekick at times in the beginning because Gong has too many scenes. This is so unfair. Well, I count myself lucky for setting the timer to record this serial daily and I can forward the scenes where those people I dislike do too much talking!

Interesting facts

At first, the producers had a hard time looking for the actor for the role of Zhong Bo. ATV thought of getting Ma Jin Tao to act with Sau Mun. She didn't like it because they had quarreled on the set before. She didn't understand why they wanted it -- just because viewers like them to be together again??? But fate does not allow Ma who is too busy to take on the job. Later ATV thought of getting Law Kar Ying, Lisa Wang's boyfriend. I think all of us will boycott this serial if he is in it! He makes a very bad choice. When asked, a reporter suggested Man Tse Leung because Sau Man has worked with him in Taiji Master 2 before. Sau Man overheard it, smiled and made no comments. I think the reason is obvious - all of us have seen how Man has changed over the years. Can he act young? Absolutely not! I was SHOCKED!!!!! They really have poor taste !!!

Finally the role lands on En Jun. We are lucky this time. At first, Sau Man was a bit hesitant of acting with another Taiwanese actor because Ma has given her the creeps. But it turns out that En Jun is friendly and nice. They get along well and Bao Hei Jing are the two translators for him to communicate with the rest of the cast. All had tons of praises for En Jun, who has no airs or problems acting with them. He was also helpful in imparting his experience in acting as a Dai Hup from period dramas with the others.

I've seen En Jun in person. He is known to be a very nice person. He was in Singapore, in September 2001 promoting his new serial. There was a signing event which was cut abruptly short. But he saw me and a fan, standing near the blockage in front of the crowd, wanting to get his signature eagerly (or desperately if you want to put it). He actually took the trouble, CAME OVER to do it for us before leaving! His signature is very unique as the handwriting shows firmness and the Chinese characters look as if they are floating in the air! My other friends were growing with envy and jealousy upon seeing it! The producers knew that most of the actresses lacked practice so they gave them a lot of lessons. Even the older actresses as the role of the other widows were not spared. Seeing how hard they worked, the younger ones dared not take any chances. Sau Man even bought a wooden sword for practice. The first day she did it, she sent the whole cast rolling to the ground with laughter. She did it so slowly, as if she is practicing Taiji! All teased her by saying that she should be in the Yomeishu Wine commercial instead! But Sau Man was not discouraged and still put in a lot of hard work -- to do it at home and in the studio. On one occasion, she even sprained her wrist but she still continued the filming only after a short rest. She felt bad having to ride on a horse, she thinks that she is torturing the poor animal because she is a devote Buddhist. She bought a lot of food for them. No wonder she does it so well -- even after a 10 years gap of not acting in period dramas.

Even En Jun who has experience in acting many period dramas is not spared from getting hurt. He injured his leg in a fighting scene and had to rest for several days. And the worst part was the doctor advised him to reduce fighting scenes to avoid further injuries. That is why his fighting scenes are so miserably few here! One friend of mine, jokingly remarked that no wonder he is injured because he has too many kneeling scenes. I think she is right in a way, Zhong Bo kneels practically in every episode in front of the Emperor, Kwai Ying's father, his parents, Tai Kuan, Pong……almost everyone!

There was another time after this, when En Jun was reading the script while sitting on a horse. Suddenly it started to walk and he didn't manage to pull the reins on time and fell to the ground and sprained his left shoulder. He had wanted to pray to the gods on that day but they kept the stuffs before he could do it after filming a scene. He did the praying the second time and everything went smoothly for him after that.

Gong Suet Far sat on a white horse which Lam Wai Sun had sat before her for many times. Nothing happened when he sat on it but when she did, the poor horse had massive nose bleeding! The whole crew burst into laughter and joked that even the horse fell in love with her after seeing how beautiful she was. Far had a big fright as the horse was tall and she was afraid of heights but later the whole crew was bored when the producer arranged her to sit in sedans instead.

All female leads caused alarm to the producers on the serial promotion day. All these so-called pugilistic experts were so poor with the swords that they could not even produce the pose properly! All of them were very clumsy looking that the poor marital arts instructor had to help them. I saw this trailer from a Taiwan programme. It's really funny to see them balancing properly. Lam Wai Sun trembled when standing on a leg. He had been riding horses and flying in the air' on the day before, resulting in such poor posture. Tien Yu Lei had to flatten her chest with cloths. Chan joked that she was the only 'over-aged' warrior because she had not acted in period dramas for 10 over years. Sure, indeed, she would have trouble balancing beside En Jun, if not for his help. En Jun was amused and said that his role should be changed to a winner since his opponents are so lousy in real-life.

The theme song is sung by Sau Man herself. I think ATV was smart to get her to sing for all her serials. She sings well and there is no exception for this one. The sub-theme is a duet with Yip Zhan Tong. She sounds great with him too. Many musical pieces are beautifully played by Shanghai Chinese orchestra. So get the CD if you get to see it! It's worth collecting because it comes with Chan's VCD.

This is quite rare for ATV to produce a good production like "Heroine of the Yang". This shows that ATV can produce quality serials, if they put in enough effort. The 4 young leads are well-chosen and fit into their roles perfectly. However, it spells danger when seeing how few young actors ATV has. The majority of the cast relies on those older than 50 years old! It is said to be Chan Sau Man's last serial with ATV. Although she returned to it recently, she has not acted in any period drama since then. I really miss her terrific acting and her sweet 'ancient' look. I hope to see her working with En Jun in another period drama soon. In the meantime, all fans will have to satisfy their crave with this serial.

sukting's Ratings:

On acting:* * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)
On the story: * * * *(Scale of 5)

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