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September 06, 2009

Rating: three


How long
78 episodes

A few old ATV dramas come across my mind when I wrote “The Chameleon’. Thus I quickly penned them down before I forget totally. This was also another drama that I watched on television when I was young. It is a short one as I could not recall most of the story. Why is the title used? It is to bring out how man fight against each other for survival just like jaws. This is Ng Wai Kok’s first modern drama when he joined ATV in 1979.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chow Tin Ming – Ng Wai Kok
He is Kok Bun’s only son who is very filial to him. He gets along well with the Siu siblings. Initially, he is a simple man with ambition. He just completes his studies abroad and intends to build a Venice amusement park for the society. However, many do not support his idea. He has helped Bak Lam before so Bak Lam agrees to help him. In the last minute, Bak Lam tells all shareholders to abort the plan to disappoint him.

After losing his dream, life and father, Tin Ming changes totally. He wants to seek revenge on the Sius. Thus he woos Wai Hin, hoping to get into Bak Lam’s good books. He finally gets to become his son-in-law and works in Siu Holdings. He wants to see it ruined by using his authority but he fails in the end. He discovers that he is truly in love with Wai Hin but she will never forgive him for the damage that he has done to her family.

He becomes a deep person who is scheming. He is successful in seeking revenge. But the price that he pays is to become blind when his car hits the rocks of a cliff. The story isn’t touching enough and Wai Kok was still stiff then. Thus this role is very forgettable.

2. Chu Suk Chong – Lee Ying
She is a bank cashier where Tin Ming often patronises the bank. Both of them are lovers but because his dream is ruined, he is down. He neglects Suk Chong and she thinks that she is in love with Suk Ling. They part and she marries Chan Bong.

3. Siu Wai Hin – Cheung Mah Lee
Her elder brother, Chan Bong is Bak Lam’s right hand and she is considered to be his left hand. She is equally capable in doing business. She has liked Tin Ming since young and is overjoyed when he declares that he loves her. Upon finding that she has been made use of, she leaves Hong Kong.

4. Siu Chan Bong – Lau Wai Mun
He is Tin Ming’s pal and manages his father’s business. But he disagrees with his unlawful methods and often has arguments with him. But when it comes to love, he will never let go of the chance. He never gives up wooing Suk Chong and is successful to win her hand in marriage. He has hoped that Tin Ming will provide happiness to Wai Hin as he is remorseful for making Suk Chong leave him. He is dismayed to find that he is a scum to deceive them.

5. Chow Kok Bun – Bao Hon Lam
He owns his family’s shipping business and Bak Lam is his benefactor. He has a head for business and is firm in making decisions. Thus he expands to do banking and trading. Although he has disagreements with Bak Lam, both are still considered friends. After his business failure, he can’t accept the setback and becomes insecure. He later dies of an illness.

6. Siu Bak Lam – Lo Dun
Kok Bun considers him a friend but he doesn’t. When Kok Bun runs into financial difficulties, he pretends to give him support but in reality, he seizes his company. He is never the person who keeps promises. It is his retribution when he has Parkinson’s disease. Tin Ming keeps telling him how he makes use of Wai Hin but he could not even utter a word to her.

7. Chow Suk Ling – Wong Yu Wong
She is Suk Chong’s younger sister. She is sweet and considerate. Knowing that Tin ming quarrels with Suk Chong, she tries her best to become their mediator with little success.

8. Fan Cui Lin – Miu Kam Fung
She is Bak Lam’s second wife. She schemes to take over the family fortune but her scheme is seen through by the Siu siblings so she has to flee without the money.

9. Chan Dai Mun – Chun Pui
He is Cui Lin’s lover who helps her in her scheme. He runs away with her in the end.

Surprise, surprise, the song ‘ please leave your footstep’ is by Wai Kok himself. But this is also his last time singing it. He said that he was always tense when singing songs so he would not attempt again. But he wasn’t aware that his voice has touched many.

Interesting facts

When the Chinese title was used, ATV nearly got into trouble as it was the name of the foreign film. I wasn’t sure if the producer wanted more publicity in promotion though to share the limelight. However, it doesn’t go well with viewers as the plot is predictable.

It was evident to all that ATV wanted to promote Cheung Mah Lee. From 'Sum Shing Yee', 'Reincarnated' to this drama, she was given meat roles. She was happy that her Eurasian looks did not deter her in her acting career.


This drama is considered one of ATV’s worst works. It has no speciality, unlike the other long dramas. It has too many subplots that slow the pace. Unlike <奇女子> that showed the ugly side of the characters to the fullest, they are not fully explored. Even if Miu Kam Fung and Chun Pui are in here, their talents were totally wasted.

However, the matching of the two couples is a success. With Wai Kok, Wai Mun, Ying and Mah Lee, nothing can go wrong. There are plenty of kissing and hugging scenes to show their affections for each other. For the sake of the cast who worked so hard (especially Lo who is outstanding as a Parkinson’s disease patient), I gave a rating of 3 as overall.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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