Ji Gong 2

Reviewed by: sukting

January 04, 2010

Rating: two-point-five


How long
20 episodes


It is a sequel to Part 1 due to Part 1’s success. Famous actor, Wong Chau Sang also acts in a cameo performance here as a demon.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ji Gong – Lam Kok Hung
He is a Buddha now but he still prefers to be himself to help the commoners. However, he finds it hard to do it on his own. So he accepts 2 disciples but he finds them even hard to train than to save others.

2. Lian Hua Lao Zu – Kong Hon
A demon tree forms in Tong An town. A fortune teller, Pang Sen wants to borrow power from it but gets controlled to become Lian Hua Lao Zu instead. He later combines with all demons to create havoc for the villagers and only Ji Gong can stop him.

3. Shang Xiao Yong – Jeung Kum
He is Ji Gong’s disciple who is a braggart but has little skills to subdue a demon. He is very clumsy due to his size and often makes errors in recognizing a demon.

4. Shang Wen Yu – Lee Kar Ling
She is Xiao Yong’s sister who is timid by nature and has no choice but to follow her brother as she has no one else to depend on.

5. Qin Ming Jing –Bao Hon Lam
He is a vicious man who comes up with firearms to attempt to overthrow the Song dynasty.

6. Qin Ba Tian – Yeung Chung Yan
He is Ming Jing’s son who is a big bully and conspires with Liao Hua Lao Zu to harm the people. Still, he is a very filial son who wants to help his father’s wish come true.

7. Qin Qian Hong – Mun Suet Yee
Although being brought up in a rich family, she isn’t pampered from young. She doesn’t condone her family’s doing and sorts to rebel against them. Ji Gong is glad to get her help.

8. Tu Qing Yun – Wan Tin Jiu
He is Xiao Yong’s junior who is better in subduing demons but having stayed in the wilds for too long, he knows little of urban ways. He and Xiao Yong commit lots of mistakes along the way before they set things right. Qian Hong and Wen Yu are both interested in him but he pretends not to know it.

9. Mr Tu – Cho Tat Wah
He isn’t happy that his son is so indulged in demon catching but he lets him do as he wishes.

10. Chun Hua – Yuen Lai King
She is Qian Hong’s maid who keeps bickering with Xiao Yong but ends up to be with him finally.


It can be quite confusing for me at first to see Yeung and Mun in the sequel although they play different roles. This drama is no different from part 1 to continue its ghost catching sega. It offers little surprises and the technology is overly cheesy. It is a waste of Kong’s time as we know that he is a brilliant actor.

By right, Lam should have improved from Part 1. Sadly, he still uses the same acting method for presentation and he fails miserably. He doesn’t act like a wise master and the two actors don’t look like his disciple either. They simply have no chemistry to look silly instead. It seems that they need others to save them instead of helping others.

As for the story, it is so bad that I can hardly recall a thing. There is hardly any thrilling element. Only watch it if you are eager to see how Wan and Mun act together as a pair.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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