Ji Gong

Reviewed by: sukting

January 04, 2010

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes


There are many versions on the legendary monk. We always get to watch Chan Sau Mun’s dramas but we hardly get to watch her husband, Lam Kok Hung’s drama. How did he fare in here?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Li Xiu Yuan – Lam Kok Hung
Since young, he is engrossed in reading Buddhist books. He knows that his fate is being sealed. When misfortune befalls on his family, he turns partially mad and becomes a monk. Although he is a Buddhist, he fails to bring out the famous monk’s uniqueness.

2. Wang Quan – Yu Chun Shun
He is always jealous of Xiu Yuan and he is the one who harms his family.

3. Mr Gu – Bao Hon Lam
He is a rich merchant who is disappointed with having 2 daughters. Thus, they are not close to him.

4. Mrs Gu – Fung Chin
She suffers as she can’t produce a son. But she accepts her sad fate in silence.

5. Gu Ying Nan – Lee Choi Fung
She is the younger daughter and has a manly name. She is very outspoken and is always against Mr Gu to run away from home later. She is forever young! How does she maintain her youth?

6. Gu Ying Hong – Mun Suet Yee
She is the elder daughter who is also as conservative as her mother. But Ying Nan coaxes her to run away from home and both experience new things on the way. She turns to become a firmer person later. She is also as youthful as Choi Fung. She is very sweet with her dimples when she smiles!

7. Di Xiao Xia – Yuen Pui Chan
She is the scholar offical’s spoilt but kind daughter. Seeing that the sisters know no martial arts and are daring to run away from home, she gives them a few pointers. I have never viewed her as a credible actress as she is often wooden at times. But she redeems herself to improve in here.

8. Di Ren Jie – Lo Lok Lam
He dedicated his whole life to court and is well respected for speaking up for the masses.

9. Liu Xiang Miao – Yeung Chung Yan
He is a demon who loves to prey on beautiful women. He is very vain to want to maintain his appearance regularly. He sets eyes on the sisters and Xiao Xia but Xiu Yuan often ruins his plan so he is his arch enemy. But he is forever not his match.


It is not easy to act as Ji Gong. I have watched many versions and often left unsatisfactory. Xie Shao Guang as a Buddhist and experienced actor also gives a bland performance. Leung Wing Chung also doesn’t give enough depth either. Lam also lets go of this chance to give a lukewarm performance as well. Out of so many actors, only China actor, You Ben Chang is the best.

The others make Ji Gong to look more like lunatics but You gives the most down-to-earth humane nature of Ji Gong. With a broken fan and dirty clothes, he comes across as a simple person but wisdom is right in his eyes. I strongly recommend his 6 episode drama. Only 6? Yes, but it is short, fast-paced and definitely worth your time. Outstanding actors are not restricted by the number of episodes to prove their worth.

It is supposedly to touch on the process on how Xiu Yuan becomes Ji Gong but it is not in full detail. Most of the time, we only get to see him frowning and does nothing much. This is only a half-baked drama that doesn’t need much mentioning. Lam is so easily forgettable in this drama as he fails to make an impact. My attention is focused on the actresses instead.

The three actresses do not act anymore and they are so youthful in their younger days. Among them, Choi Fung commands the most attention as the strong-willed female. As we know that she and Suet Yee have undergone martial arts training, they pull off their punches well. So for those who are eager to see how and why the 80s actresses are so popular in demand, they can try to watch this drama to find out.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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