Law and Order

Reviewed by: sukting

September 18, 2009

Rating: three

How long 20 episodes

What happens if a wife keeps arresting bad guys but her husband keeps releasing them? This drama tells the dilemma of a couple. Are you also curious to see how Lau Chung Yan and Mai Shuet work in a modern drama instead of a periodic one?


A jewel shop is robbed but Mun discovers the two robbers to arrest them. she is congratulated by her colleagues. She is young and pretty but isn’t a vase. She is a young inspector who has 15 people working under her. During an operation, her subordinate, Long is killed. The others are sad and vows to seek revenge. They capture a suspect, Piew but he is being released after Bok Mun defends for him as his lawyer. Mun holds it against him from then onwards.

Mun meets him on the street and detains him deliberately. Bok Mun is calm and looks as if he is aware of everything. Mun has no choice but to let him go. Bok Mun has another lawyer friend, Kar Wai. Both practice fencing together. Kar Wai’s sister, Suet Mei is in love with Bok Mun for a longtime but he doesn’t know about it. She feels upset over it.

Bok Mun meets Mun again in the rain. He intends to give her a lift but he rejects him. Thus, he leaves his umbrella for her. Mun is still hostile to him. Both meet again at a friend’s birthday party. She throws a cake at his cake to shame him in public. Kar Wai gets to know Mun’s friend, Pui Chi. He invites her and Mun to practice fencing together. Pui Chi agrees as she likes Kar Wai.

Actually, Kar Wai likes Mun and he hides his feelings upon seeing Mun has no special feelings towards him. Bok Mun arrives and reprimands Mun of seeking revenge on him. Mun gets so angry that she hits him. During a raid, Mun arrests the real killer. She then realizes that she has wronged Mun and apologises to him. But bboth are equally hotheaded and nearly quarrel again.

She gets so mad that she picks up mud to throw at herself. Bok Mun quickly stops her and both have special feelings towards each other. Bok Mun sends Mun home and her parents mistaken him to be her boyfriend. SuetMei gets mad with Bok Mun over this for missing their date. Kar Wai asks Mun out but gets rejected. Upon knowing that she has chosen Bok Mun, he decides to back out.

Bok Mun and Mun walk on the beach. Both become a couple. Upon reaching home, he runs out upon getting a phone call. He rushes out to meet his mother, Cui Lien who is mentally unstable. She stays away from him because of her condition. She calms down after listening to him. Zou Yiu tells Bok Mun not to publisize her as she will affect his career. Bok Mun feels tormented over it.

Suet Mei tails Bok Mun to learn about his relationship with Mun. Bok Mun has to tell her that he loves Mun. Suet Mun is sad but refuses to give up. Bok Mun goes on a business trip to England and the plane is crashed. Mun is worried and her friends decide to hold a birthday party for her to console her. Bok Mun suddenly turns up. He has missed his flight and is thus safe. Mun bursts into tears happily. Suet Mei sees that both are so close so she asks Mun out to threaten to kill herself. Mun agrees to leave Bok Mun.

Bok Mun is puzzled why Mun becomes so distant to him. Upon knowing that reason, he decidees to marry Mun.He proposes to her at the police station. Suet Mei sees this and leaves in tears. Mun’s subordinate, Suk Fun also reveals her feelings to another colleague Chi Wah. Chi Wah keeps avoiding her. He saves a hostage in a mission. She is Mun’s younger sister, Ting.

Mun’s parents press her to get married and she agrees to Bok Mun’s proposal. All are happy for them but Suet Mei eyes them coldly. Zou Yiu sees how sad she is and tries to talk her out but to no avail. The two are back from their honeymoon and all envy them. Bok Mun still sends her flowers daily at the police station and her colleagues tease her over it. Ting works in an orphanage and a girl, Yan Yan is hurt. She calls her guardian and is surprised to know that Chi Wah comes.

The two meet a rich man, Ying Kit. Both men get into a dispute and he accuse Chi Wah of wonding him. Chi Wah gets detained. All have no choice but to wait for the verdict. Mun gets Bok Mun to help while Kar Wai helps Ying Kit as he is Fok Holdings law consultant. He has no choice as he is unable to settle the agreement with him out of court. Bok Wah manages to find the evidence so Chi Wah is a free man again.

Chi Wah is sore over what has happened but Ting manages to pacify him. He then feels for Ting. He asks her out, lying that it is Yan Yan’s birthday. Ting finds out about it but doesn’t blame him. He is happy over it. Mun is busy at work and tends to neglect Bok Mun. He feels lonely but is pleasantly surprised when she prepares breakfast for him.

Pui Chi is forced to move out by her landlord and Mun comes to stay with Mun. Not knowing that she is not Mun, Bok Mun makes the mistake of hugging her from behind. He gets so embarrassed over it but she envies them. Mun has movie tickets to pass to Chi Wah to watch with his friend so he asks Ting out. They meet Pui Chi so Chi Wah requests her to keep a secret. He has no choice but to buy a policy from her.

Pui Chi causes many disturbance at Mun’s home and Bok Mun is unhappy over it. Chi Wah gets news that someone is going to rob Fok watch shops. He sends men over and meets Ying Kit. He tells Ying Kit over it but he isn’t worried as he is the mastermind. The burglary takes place and Chi Wah is blamed. He then learns the truthand finds the loot. Ying Kit knows about it and quarrels with the burglars.

Ying Kit is suspected of committing the crime but his grandfather settles it for it. He becomes more arrogant. Bok Mun tells Mun that he is unwilling to stay with Pui Chi as she is often between them. Even Mun agrees with him over this as she does probe into their privacy. She gets Pui Chi to stay at her own room with her parents. Bok Mun is delighted over it.

Chi Wah is unhappy to know that Yan Yan is getting adopted soon. He can’t adopt Yan Yan as he is single. He finally decides to let Yan Yan be with her new parents under Ting’s advice. He promises to visit her overseas when he is free. Mun teases Chi Wah upon knowing that he is dating Ting. Cui Lien goes missing but later seems to remember something on her return.

Mun is angry with Bok Mun for keeping it from her and moves back home. Mun suggests to Pui Chi to get Kar Wah to get her rental back. Pui Chi asks Bok Mun to treasure Mun. Bok Mun also thinks that she is right and buys flowers for Mun. Mun also prepares a candlelight dinner for him. Kar Wai tries asking back for the money but is harassed by the underworld. He has no choice but to approach Ying Kit.

Pui Chi agrees to become Kar Wai’s dance partner to thank him. Ying Kit sees her and gets interested in her. Kar Wai sees them talking and is displeased. Mun is invited to the party too but dresses casually to get rejected right at the gate. Ying Kit sneers at her and she leaves in a huff. The two men ask Pui Chi out together. She chooses to ditch Kar Wai to meet Ying Kit. Kar Wai has to agree to give her up under Ying Kit’s request.

Bok Mun and Mun quarrel over Ying Kit and she leaves home again. Ying Kit tries to get fresh with Pui Chi in the car. She gives him a slap and flees. Bok Mun is relieved to see Cui Lien getting better. Bok Mun has a meal with the Fus and Suet Mei has not forgotten him. Pui Chi dreams to become a star but this is Ying Kit’s motive to woo her. She is happy that she signs the contract. Even though she discovers that Ying Kit is the boss, she is deceived by him to forgive him.

Ying Kit and Pui Chi thank Kar Wai. Kar Wai loses money is shares and is reprimanded by Zou Yiu. He doesn’t want to remain as a small lawyer all his life. Pui Chi gets attention although her movie is not out yet. Ying Kit steals the chance to get fresh with her again. Upon getting rejected again, he becomes so frustrated that he rapes her. He throws a cheque at her.

She is upset and calls Mun but she is too busy. Pui Chi decides to cash for the money but the cheque bounces. Thus she reports to the police and Mun only learns about the rape case then. Ying Kit is detained and Kar Wai comes to bail him out but fails. Mun’s family feels indignant for Pui Chi.

Kar Wai finds Pui Chi under Ying Kit’s grandfather’s request to settle it out of court. Pui Chi refuses so the old man wants to find Bok Mun to fight the case. Bok Mun rejects too due to Mun. The old man gets Zou Yiu to talk to Bok Mun but he still rejects again. However, Zou Yiu reveals that he has owed the old man a big favour and he is willing to do anything to return to him. Bok Mun also thinks of what Zou Yiu has done for him and agrees reluctantly. His eloquence leaves all dumbfounded in court and Ying Kit wins the case.

Even though the film staff witnesses the raping, Bok Mun is still able to help Ying Kit win. Ying Kit becomes conceited while Pui Chi is dejected. Bok Mun doesn’t know how to approach her again. Pui Chi wants to jump into the sea but Kar Wai saves her. Kar Wai feels remorseful over what happens. Suet Mei tails Bok Mun to learn about Cui Lien. She is shocked over it and he has to tell her.

Bok Mun doesn’t know how to reveal his mother’s existence to Mun. Suet Mei agrees to keep it a secret. She is kind to Cui Lien and she likes her. Mun returns home from holiday and doesn’t see Bok Mun at the airport. He is with Suet Mei then to visit Cui Lien. Bok Mun apologises to Mun upon return but she is unsatisfied. Ying Kit
eyes another model, Eva. He discusses with Kar Wai to use the same ploy to seduce her.

Although Kar Wai gets a lot of money, he feels uneasy. Suet Mei has a walk with Cui Lien. They meet a gangster and the man is pushed to death by Cui Lien. The police arrests her and when seeing Bok Mun hurrying to the police station, Mun finally learns that she is her mother-in-law. Mun is enraged she is deceived again. Ying Kit is tired of Eva and forces her to act in Category III movies. She is unwilling and reports to the police.

Bok Mun looks through her contract and knows that it has no effect on the law. However, Kar Wai is checked by the law society for drafting the contract. Both friends fall out due to it. Bok Mun brings Cui Lien home to stay. Mun is fine with her but she is afraid of the police and thus she can’t get too close to her. In comparison, Suet Mei is close to Cui Lien as she often visits her.

Mun is prepared to sit for her senior inspector exam. Her application form is torn by Cui Lien so she fails the exam. Cui Lien runs fits upon seeing her angry. She runs out to the street and is killed by a car. Bok Mun is stunned upon seeing this and Mun feels remorseful. They decide to sign the separation papers. Kar Wai can’t be a lawyer anymore and gets drunk in thebar. Pui Chi helps him home as she owes him a favour.

Mok Mun is heartbroken when looking at Cui Lien’s belongings. Suet Mei consoles him and has a meal with him. Mun intends to console him but they end up quarreling again. She returns home and he decides to go overseas for holiday. Mun hesitates for a while before sending him off at the airport. Chi Wah offends Ying Kit when checking on a drug smuggling case. Ying Kit and Kar Wai send killers to kill Chi Wah but the killers wound Ting by mistake.

Ting dies as a result and all are upset. Chi Wah is on the verge on self destruction due to grief. Mun doesn’t know how to help him. Bok Mun is injured when climbing a mountain. She can’t contain her anxiety to visit him in hospital. Both finally patch up after a talk. Kar Wai falls for Pui Chi but this is only her scheme to create discord between him and Ying Kit. She spills a cup of wine at Ying Kit’s face during a party and gets slapped by him. She has hoped that Kar Wai will help her and he decides to do so.

It is Bok Mun and Mun’s wedding anniversary. Both get into better terms after a dinner. Bok Mun tells Suet Mei that he only loves Mun. Suet Mei is totally dejected and kills herself. This upsets all of them. Ying Kit and Kar Wai intend to get rid of some triad bosses to be the head. The old Mr Fok chides Ying Kit for being overly ambitious and he sends him to an old folks home.

Chi Wah plans to kill Ying Kit before he reaches him but gets stabbed to death by him instead. Mun gets an anonymous call made by Kar Wah to go to the beach. She is shocked to see Chi Wah’s body. All the colleagues cry for him and vows to seek revenge. Pui Chi tells Mun about the news that she gets from Kar Wai. Mun arrests Ying Kit but has to let him off as she lacks evidence.

All feel indignant over it. Kar Wai finally realizes that Pui Chi is making use of him. Pui Chi confesses everything to him. When both are having a struggle by the roadside, she is knocked down by a car. Before her death, she confesses that she still loves him. Kar Wai is very upset and decides to get rid of Ying Kit. He lures Ying Kit and Mun to a warehouse. He kills Ying Kit and knocks Mun out.

He then leaves her gun back into her hand. Mun wakes up and is shocked that she is being charged for murder. Bok Mun tries his best to defend for her. He finds out that Kar Wai is the real culprit. Even knowing that Zou Yiu will be upset, he has to reveal the truth to get him arrested. Mun is released and both are together again.

Introduction on characters

1. Ngai Bok Mun – Lau Chung Yan
He is a top notch lawyer. He almost wins every case that he handles. Thus many look for him to fight their cases. He is upright and mostly fights for innocent people. But he often crosses his swords with Mun. Her hostility earns his curiosity towards her instead. He doesn’t mind being treated badly by her endlessly as he believes that truth will come to light one day.

Zou Yiu is his guardian who finances his studies after his mother is unable to take care of him due to her mental illness. Thus, he is grateful to him and treats him like his own father. Therefore, he can’t bring himself to say no to him when he needs his help.

He is a filial son and feels that he owes his mother too much when she can’t share his glory. Sandwiched by loyalty and also filial piety, he is often forced to make painful choices. He also loves Mun too much to keep Cui Lien’s presence from her as he doesn’t know how she will react.

Chung Yan never lets us down and he is great here! Although he is of average build, he is a powerhouse in court to command so much attention as he uses the appropriate tone to speak. When I compare him with Cheng Siu Chau’s interpretation of a lawyer, Chung Yan wins the upper hand as he includes adequate seriousness and professionalism. All will adore the scenes of him with Mai Shuet together. They are indeed a loving couple on screen. Not just in looks but also in chemistry.

2. Shu Mun – Mai Shuet
She is a young but impressionable cop. That is why she rises fast in her rank to be an inspector despite of her age. She can also be hotheaded and all can’t link her personality to her looks. Who will expect her to defy Bok Mun openly in public? Her friends are tongue-tied – isn’t she afraid of getting sued by him? Unknown to her, Bok Mun has a soft spot for her unknowingly so he can put up with all her nonsense.

Despite her chilly nature, she is also brave to admit her mistakes. That is why Bok Mun forgives her easily and they become a couple. Even after getting married, Bok Mun never fails to provide romantic settings to maintain the loving feeling. This is an element that she lacks and she often neglects his needs. But knowing that he loves food, she often makes it a point to cook for him when she is at home.

Her dedication to work can cause a lot of conflicts with Bok Mun. She is annoyed with him for helping Ying Kit. But she is more disappointed when he keeps the truth of Cui Lien from her. She feels that he is treating her as an outsider as Suet Mei knows about it earlier than her.

Although Mai Shuet is petite in size, she portrays a cop image well. This is her third attempt of being a cop and also memorable for all Mai Shuet fans as she finally ends up marrying Chun Yan happily on screen. We have seen too many tragedies of their past dramas being forced to part with one another.

3. Fu Kar Wai – Tong Chun Chung
He is also a lawyer like Bok Mun but he is lesser known as he isn’t as capable as him. He already feels inferior to him in his career – what’s more also in love? He loses Mun to Bok Mun. Later, he also loses Pui Chi to Ying Kit. After losing his lawyer’s license. He has no more pride left. The dark side of him surfaces and he becomes ruthless, letting all down.

Chun Chung is terrific. I scratch my head on why he isn’t as famous as his younger brother, Chun Yip in his younger days. He doesn’t lack looks or acting skills. Life is unfair to him as his career hardly takes off even though he goes from TVB, ATV, Taiwan or to China.

4. Fu Suet Mei – Yip Yuk Ping
She is Kar Wai’s younger sister and all dote on her. She is very obstinate and thinks that with patience and persistence, she should be able to win Bok Mun’s love one day. Thus, she never gives up on him even though he is married. Knowing that Cui Lien hates cops, she induces her to dislike Mun further, hoping that she will wreck their marriage. Her ploy never works and knowing that she has no hope left, she ends her life miserably to make others upset.

No doubt it is an unlikable role but Yuk Ping does it so well to make all of us detest her. It is a pity that she isn’t acting now.

5. Yiu Pui Chi – Ma Ma Lee
She is a materialistic person who dreams to be famous one day. She is actually only interested in Kar Wai but greed of money and fame blinds her. She is also insensitive when she stays at Mei’s home. Even knowing that a married couple needs some time on their own, she keeps hindering them and ruins their romantic dates. Bok Mun isn’t petty but grumbles about it. Later, even Mun also can’t take it.

Her dream of marrying a rich man is completely destroyed by Ying Kit. Blinded by hatred this time, she enjoys seeing how Ying Kit and Kar Wai fight over her. She causes her own tragedy in the end. This actress should also stay in showbuzz! She is also natural in her acting too.

6. Shu Ting – Sien Kuai Chi
She is Mun’s younger sister who is sweet and forgiving. Although Chi Wah tricks her several times, she knows that he has no ill intentions and becomes his girlfriend. This actress doesn’t act that well but her sweet and innocent looks has charisma to charm the screen.

7. Wong Chi Wah – Ng Yik Cheung
He is a sergeant who also upholds justice well. Knowing that his colleague likes him but since he doesn’t and is unwilling to hurt her, he avoids her. He prefers to spend time with his foster daughter from the orphanage. He is also an orphan so he worries for her future. Ting knows that he is lonely and is nice to him. Being shy, he doesn’t dare to admit or reveal his feelings easily.

Unfortunately, their love does not last long and she dies young. He also follows her upon knowing that Ying Kit is the culprit. We have seen him as the hot-headed cop for many times so there is no surprise for this one. Yik Cheung should have toned down a bit in his acting as he is exaggerating at times.

8. Fok Ying Kit - Ng Yin Yip
He is a spoil brat who is a daredevil. His family comes from the triad so he is not afraid of offending the police. His grandfather has hoped that he will get involved in proper business but he lets him down. Being let of the hook too many times cause him to be pigheaded. He feels that money is able to solve every single problem that he faces. Being lustful, he wants the women and he must get them – even if it means through unlawful ways. After playing with fire for too many times, he is finally killed.

Yin Yip already shows his versatility in acting in his younger days. He can act as a good guy or a villain well. However, his dressing here can be too simple and it is hard for me to believe that he is a rich man.

9. Fu Zou Yiu – Cheung Jing
He is the siblings’ father and dotes on them. He treats Bok Mun no different from them. In fact, he is his pride and he often compares him with Kar Wai. He wonders why Kar Wai isn’t as successful as Bok Mun. This causes Kar Wai to ruin his own life. Loyalty is hi top priority and Bok Mun gives in to him as he is a filial foster son who doesn’t wish to let him down.

10. Mrs Ngai – Fung Suk Bo
She is Bok Mun’s mother who goes insane when her husband is accidentally killed by a policeman. Bok Mun is a filial son who often visits her despite being very busy.
Most favourite character
Mun, she is frank, daring and also filial. All will like her when working or being with her.

Most hated character
Ying Kit, he thinks that he owns the world. Looking at how pleased he is when stepping out of court will make you feel like throwing mud at him.


Story wise, it goes downhill when it has too many deaths. Especially with 2 car accidents – this is overly dramatic. The beginning part gets my thumbs up. Credits must be given to the cast, especially Chung Yan and Mai Shuet. Their chemistry is one of the best. You will laugh at how both misunderstand each other to try to outsmart each other. Using mud to splash on her own face to apologise for using a cake to put at someone else’s face is special indeed.

There is also once Bok Mun chides Mun for using her own instinct in solving cases. Mun becomes silent throughout the car journey. Bok Mun gets fluttered and can’t concentrate on his driving that he stops his car. He asks why she is so angry. You will fall flat at her answer – she is not angry and he is only depending on his own instinct to guess so! Their marriage scene is such a happy one. They look so blissful but yet they are not a real married couple in real life. How unexpected! When handling conflict issues, both also look convincing as if they are really tormented.

You must watch this drama if you are a Chung Yan and Mai Shuet supporter. You will not regret as they are really doing their jobs well. It is one of their best dramas so you must not miss it!

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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