Movie Tycoon

Reviewed by: sukting

June 26, 2009

Rating: three-point-five


Fong Kong had endless stories to tell about the entertainment circle so this is considered a sequel to ‘Silver Tycoon’. Do you wish to know what other secrets he will reveal in this drama? This was ATV anniversary drama for 1994. It talked about the past in the 60s to 80s. So ATV got everyone involved in this drama.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chun Fung – Yam Tat Wah
He is a megastar who works for Pu Holdings. He has no airs and can be willful at times to love the married women Bai Chuen gets jealous because of his breaking of his contract and seducing his wife. During a film scene when he was supposed to kill himself with a bullet from the gun, someone places in the real bullet and Kong sees it. Kong hesitates telling him and he is killed instantly.

2. Kiu Kong – Fong Kong
He suffers a lot of humiliation to often get villain roles. Initially, both actors are close as brothers but he is jealous of Fung. He learns the importance of power so after his win, he uses his acting skills to act backstage. He is sick of the unfair treatment that he gets. He gets rid of all his opponents. He works hard to become a movie tycoon – wanting to pit against the Luis to see who should be the real movie tycoon.

3. Tse Yu Mun – Poon Chi Mun
He knows how to pull strings so many seize him to become their advisor. He helps Bai Chuen all along.

4. Kiu Yan – Lau Kam Ling
She stays by her principles, unlike her elder brother, Kong. She is determined in love and no one can influence her.

5. Pu Kit – Lam Jou Fai
He looks silly and is easily controlled. In reality, he has plenty of swords in his stomach and is regarded as the successor to the movie world.

6. Sheh Hoi Ching – Ou Suk Ching
She is an innocent girl and her first love is Chi Kei. After marrying Kong, she becomes a suffering wife who keeps grumbling about her fate.

7. Pu Ching Yuen – Chun Pui
He regards loyalty and kinship important. He hardly smiles except to Yin Fung and his son, Kit. Besides this, he never reveals his feelings to others.

8. Cheung Yin Fong – Bao Hei Jing
She is a woman who is willing to sacrifice love for the sake of money and fame.

9. Far Yin Hong – Lee Heung Kum
She is a retired Cantonese opera actress. She never expects Siu Man to go into showbuzz and she becomes a star’s mother to be in the limelight. Her path has never been smooth but she is glad that her daughter gets success.

10. Song Chong Yin – Mak Kei
He is the kind of father that all will wish. He is approachable and pins very high hopes on his son.

11. Wong Luk Ming – See Yee Lien
She is the top star in Lui Holdings. She kills herself when her career goes downhill. Yee Lien requested jumping to her death instead of taking sleeping pills as she was afraid that she could not handle emotional scenes. Fong Kong had trouble acceding to her requests as most stars ate sleeping drugs to end their lives then.

12. Pu Cheng Hong – Lo Liet
Unlike his brother, he is rotten to the core. He is merciless man who is in control of the underworld. That is why his son dislikes him for being so irresponsible. He manages to persuade Fung to join Pu holdings.

13. Leung Kiu Mui – Ng Yuen Yee
She is stubborn and refuses to give in easily. She is strict to her children but all know that she cares for them.

14. Lui Bak Chuen – Yeung Kuan
He is considered to be another movie tycoon. He is also a good chess player. He doesn’t like Fung’s way of dealing with matters but he has no choice as he is dependent on him. Angry that he doesn’t turn up at the movie ceremony to accept his best acting award, he changes the winner to his rival, Kong. All are stunned over this.

15. Chor Kuan – Chor Hueng Wan
She is a famous writer and is Kong’s confidate. But her wits are overturned on her when Kong controls her instead.

16. Shek Hoi Dat – Fung Kok
He gets any chance to work if it comes by – regardless if the boss is good or bad.

17. Lei Chiu Yee – Lok Pui
She is Bak Chuen’s only daughter. She shuts herself from the world and isolate from others. She can’t get along with others well. But she has a lot of talent in painting. Being easily manipulated, Kong wins her heart and she helps him with his career.

18. Tsui Chung Fai – Wai Kar Hung
He is a righteous young man who always thinks positively. He is also Chi Hei’s good friend. Both stay together and dream to be famous one day.

19. Chiu Yin – Choi Mei Lan
Kong uses her as his heavyweight as she is able to lure business for him due to her beauty.

20. Song Chi Hei – Lui Chung Hin
He starts from a film delivery man. He is an upcoming star who receives support under Kong’s grooming. He stands by his principles and works hard. He later marries Yan but Kong ignores his presence as he finds him too rigid. Both are bitter enemies. Because of his indecisiveness in love, he ends up becoming alone in the end.

21. Pu Jun – Kong Wah
Jun is Cheng Hong’s son and is a good friend of the two guys. Seeing how passionate they are in movies, he also decides to join in the acting class with them in Lui Holdings. Fung is unhappy to act in Lui Holdings and hits him after getting drunk. Both become good friends instead. He is another upcoming star who receives support under Kong’s grooming.

22. Cheng Siu Man – Ng Wing Mei
She is close to her mother as she brings her up. But she behaves more like her younger sister. She is also in love with Chi Kei but they can’t be together. She marries Kit in order to avoid acting for Kong.

It was by Maria. Only her strong voice can bring it alive. Many loved it. So did I. Ng Wing Mei sings the subtheme song.

Interesting facts

The producer was Chek Kei Yee. He also loved the plot and complimented Fong Kong for doing well. Many were late for filming. Although Heung Wan jokingly blamed Kong for causing her to itch in acting, she was actually grateful to him for providing the chance to her. Initially, she dressed simply but Kong said that she was acting as an entertainment reporter so she must dress better. He had no regrets reshooting the scenes. She blamed him again jokingly that he caused her to spend her money on clothes to incur losses instead.

She was determined to win another battle again. When shooting ‘Silver Tycoon’, she did not understand why the artistes were pressurized. After shooting this drama, she started to reflect on her own acting and blamed herself for not doing better. Kong knew that she was captivated to act and was hooked on it.

This was the first time Kong worked with Tak Wah. His impression of him was good. If not for him busy in movies, he could have arranged a meater role for him. He was very cooperative and professional. He treated all with politeness and respect. He even helped the crew in setting up the furniture. All learned why he was called a nice guy. For a 3pm shoot, he would be in the make-up room at 2.15pm. That was why he is still popular now.

Kong did not know Tat Wah well then so Fung was purely his imagination through observation. Since Fung is famous, how is his inner feeling? He must be tired after acting for too long and do not take acting that seriously now. Thus he feels empty but he still has a pure heart to find friends. Kong confessed that his most satisfying scenes come from him. He hoped to work with him again soon.

Kong Wah and Kong were close when filming ‘Silver Tycoon.’ He praised him for acting well then. If not for his anti-social behaviour, he could have been famous earlier. The frequent late arrivals of the many members caused shooting to be delayed. He did treat him as his son as he was too immersed in the role. Wah was often late for filming but he lied to reporters that he did not. Plus they acted as foes in this drama so their relationship was not as close now. They should learn from Tat Wah who never abuses his authority although he was already famous.

Yeung Kuan also knew Kong for a long time. Many thought they were rivals as they only greeted each other before and after filming. They never knew that they were waiting for time to build up their emotions. They only had a hearty meal together after work. He joked that he always must let Kong seize his glamour in every drama as the villain. Kong looked at his script and was tongue-tied. He had added his thoughts and also comments on how to create the next scene. That was why he acted so well although Cantonese was not his mother tongue.

Chun Pui knew Kong for 20 over years and did not mind getting a minor role. He agreed to it immediately. Both thought they knew how each other would act for the roles but they proved each other wrong. Kong was impressed by his acting which made Ching Yuen so special. The drama was well received and it took 10 months to shoot. Many were attracted by the story. Although they labeled Kong as ATV’s Man Tse Leung, they could not stop.


The battle between Pu and Lui holdings is already an eye-opener. What’s more with Kong coming into the picture? It revolves on how much control movie tycoons and production companies have over the artistes’ fates – no matter how good or bad they are. It is a realistic reflection of the industry. This is a must watch blockbuster. Acting wise, it is one of the finest that I watched from ATV.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)
On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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