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(Spoilers by Tammy) Wai (Eric Wan) is fighting against the Japanese general Yut Fu (Kenneth Chan). During the battle, a vampire (Vampire King) comes out and bites them both, turning them into vampires. Sung, a kid, is also bitten by the Vampire King. At the time, the Ma Family ghostcatcher, Ma Dan Na (Joey Meng), was trying to kill the Vampire King. Now that Wai is a vampire, he cannot marry his lover Sau. Sixty years later, Wai changes his name to Tin Yau. He is now a cop. While working on a case, he meets the Ma Family ghostcatcher Siu Ling (played by Joey Meng) and her best friend Zhen Zhen (Kristy Yang). Zhen Zhen falls in love with Tin Yau. Tin Yau didn't reveal his vampire identity yet but Siu Ling knows that he's a vampire. Siu Ling doesn't want Zhen Zhen to be frightened so she kept Tin Yau's identity a secret. Time flows by and Yut Fu wants to challenge Tin Yau again. Siu Ling finds that she herself is in love with Tin Yau but she can't shed a tear for him. If she does, all her powers will disappear. At the end, Yut Fu finds that Zhen Zhen looks like his wife and starts to like her. Yut Fu and Tin Yau have a big battle. All the people die. At the end, Tin Yau finally tells Siu Ling something: He loves her.


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My Date With a Vampire

Reviewed by: Lingz13 December 08, 2007

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

After the success of Vampire Experts 1 and 2 in the early 90s, ATV once again attempted to film what it has always been best at - vampire dramas in 1998. And true enough, this decision was proven right for My Date With A Vampire did not let us and them down. Hogging the headlines, making a clean sweep of the awards and most incredibly, even posing a formidable threat to its superior rival...

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