My Date with a Vampire III

Reviewed by: big master

September 06, 2005

Rating: four-point-five

After 4 years of waiting, the second sequel to My Date with a
Vampire was finally released!

Eric wan: Kuang Tien You/ Qien Dou
Joey Meng: Ma Xiao Ling
Alice Chan: Yaw Chee Sheng Mu
Mark Cheng: Ren Wang Fu Xee
Kenneth Chen: Wan Yen Bu Bau
Pinky Cheung: Wan Yen Wu Lei
Berg Ng: X
Teresa Mok: Mao You
Ricky Chan: Ma Xiao Hu
Benny Chan: Hu You Chiow/ Ming Yun
Liu Yi Da: Ma Ta Long
Kylie Kwok: Kuang Tien Ya
Remus Kam: Liu Xing/ Nick

The story was good although it seemed impossible at first to be able to connect it with the previous two series - but it turned out fine. Xiao Ling and Tien You were to go back to earth in 2004 to save the world from being destroyed from a war caused by a couple who are now ex-lovers! Tien You was poisoned, therefore Xiao Ling had to go back to the Song Dynasty to get Tien You's ancestor to replace him...

The Plot:
The plot was ok but I felt that it was sort of a repetition of part two where Nu Wa wanted to destroy the world. The only difference is that Nu Wa wanted to destroy the world in her disappointment over how people were bad while in part 3, Yaw Chee Sheng Mu and Ren Wang will fight, causing an enormous disaster! Part two was better for me because it seemed more original! The thing I like about Cham Sap San is that he managed to make a past, present, and future goal in the stories! Part one, they were trying to change the past, part two, the future, and part three, the present!

The Characters:
Ma Xiao Ling: Joey is beautiful as ever with her perfect vital statistics! However, I prefer her with curly hair because it makes her look cuter! What I did not like about her in part 3 is that they made a flashback scene where she was a conservative type of person! This is not true! No matter how hard I try to trace her character in the first 2 parts, it does not seem realistic! Zhen Zhen is the conservative one, not Xiao Ling! But her acting skills is still very good especially when she shows her motherly love for Tien Ya!

Kuang Tien You: Eric's role was cut to a minimal in this show. Unlike the past 2 parts, where he was the lead, in here, he seems to be just a supporting cast. I like his portrayal of Qien Dou especially when he was still so ignorant because he just came from the Song Dynasty.

Wan Yen Bu Bao: Disappointing! I am not disappointed with Kenneth's acting and performance, I am disappointed with the role given to him! He is such a great actor, he deserves a better role! Both he and Eric did not have many scenes.

Yaw Chee Sheng Mu: Alice is a perfect actress! I have always admired her skills but this role is too weird therefore I was not able to relate with her character very much!

Ren Wang: Foolish! Of all the roles performed by Mark, this is the worst! He is a playboy, and mind you, an UNHANDSOME PLAYBOY!

Xiao Hu: Ricky was ok, no comment since this is the first time I have watched him and I found him very ordinary...nothing special.

Mau You: Cool! Teresa is cool! Although Joey is prettier for me, she has class! I love her and how she carries herself - strong but weak when it comes to emotions!

X and Wan Yen Wu Lei: Extras! no relevance! But Pinky is getting prettier and prettier!

Ming Yun: Benny Chan made it! He deserves the best supporting actor for this show! He portrayed the torned-between-good-and-evil role very well! He was a very effective Ming Yun! The expressions in his eyes and his weird character portrayal were exceptionally great!

Nick: Remus was a nobody during the Song Dynasty as Liu Xing but a real good one when he became a god of the dead as Nick!

Tien Ya: I love this girl! She's cute and she can act! She made me believe that they are really one family! I love the family moments with her, Xiao Ling, and Tien You!

Kuang Fu Sheng: This is one special kid! The actor who portrayed this role is definitely a two-thumbs up! From part 1 to 3, you can see him grow, both physically and in his performance. Although he is not a lead, I get all affected every time he cries!

The production was ok but parts 1 and 2 were better! If you are a fan, go for it! The first few episodes can be dragging...the ending will be a self-conclusion!

What I love in the show/ favorite parts:
- The Qing bao and Ta Long Story! So nice especially when they play the song!
- The First Dinner that the family had (when Xiao Ling was still not able to remember things). I got so carried away when Fu Sheng and Tien Ya cried because of a mixture of happy and sad emotions...
- When Fu Sheng hugged Qien Dou and told him not to tell Xiao Ling because she misses Tien You so much.
- The brother/ sisterly love of Kenneth and Pinky, especially when they fought and then made up.
- The last day of Tien Ya, Tien You and Xiao Ling together wherein they went shopping!
- When Mau You said yes to Mars for their first date!
- When Qin Dou vomitted at Fu Sheng!

- Ren Wangs playboy acts and then he blames everything to Sheng Mu!
- The weird scene wherein the performers were the ones on air and it seemed like an interview or so...weird!

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