Ne Zha

Reviewed by: sukting

January 04, 2010

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes


There are many dramas on this legendary character. This is one of them. Do you wish to know how it fares?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Li Jing – Lo Lok Lam
He is a strict general with his sons and thus none is close to him. As Ne Zha is born inside a ball of flesh, his relationship with him is strained. Ne Zha kills himself to pay for the debt of killing 3rd dragon prince. When Ne Zha is being worshipped so that he can be reborn, a cockroach demon pretends to be Ne Zha and creates havoc. Although Ne Zha naps it and Jian kills it, Jing wrongs Ne Zha to destroy his golden statue. This makes him hate his father even more.

2. Mrs Li – Fung Suk Bo
She is long-suffering after having Ne Zha but she is contented that her 3 sons are filial to her. She is dead and Ne Zha goes all the way to hell to get her soul back. In the end, two black ghosts are released by mistake and he has to track them back. He is able to make Mrs Li to come back to life and the two ghosts become his fury wheels below his feet.

3. Li Jin Zha – Tam Wing Tat
He is the eldest son that Jing pins his hopes on most and he works very hard. He protects his younger brothers well.

4. Li Mu Zha – Lok Tat Wah
He is the second son who is more attached to Mrs Li. He also treats Ne Zha well.

5. Li Ne Zha – Fong Kok San
He is the youngest son who is kind, rebellious and always gets into trouble. He is filial to Mrs Li and is loyal to friends. Ne Zha only improves his ties with Jing when his parents are trapped in a mountain that can change its size. This is done by Premier Wen. The battle is a fierce one. Ne Zha puts Prime Minister Turtle into Wen’s mouth. He blows it out and Ne Zha enters WEn’s body through the shell. He keeps enlarging till Wen bursts and he gets rid of the formidable demon to bring happiness to all.

Whose decision to get a female newcomer who has never acted before to take up this tough task? But bravo to her for doing so well! She looks every inch like a naughty boy and is very natural. Her eyes are lively and her features fit the description well. Even a man might not be as convincing as her.

6. Deng Chan Yu – Yik Chin Ha
She has wondered why Zi Ya says that she has no marriage line on her palm. Refusing to believe him and deeply in love with Jian, she keeps going after him. Finally, she knows the reason why when she dies in his hands when she is forced to use her magical golden brick to pit against him under her father’s command.

7. Yang Jian – Yu Chun Shun
He gets the third eye by chance and works for Zi Ya from then on. He is aware of Chan Yu’s feelings for him but he knows his duty to save the commoners is more than love and rejects her. That makes her a bitter woman and he fulfills her last wish by holding her in his arms.

8. Jiang Zi Ya – Leung Ming
He can forsee the future and thus all look up to him as an advisor.

9. Mrs Jiang - Lai Xuan
She is Zi Ya’s wife who is mad with him for neglecting her. Thus she kills herself.

10. 3rd Dragon Prince – Wai Liet
He is a narrow-minded man who never forgives Ne Zha for killing him once. He wants an eye for an eye.

11. Dragon Emperor of The North Sea – Si Ma Wah Long
He spoils all his sons rotten and is revengeful to want Ne Zha’s life.

12. Tu Xing Sun – Lee Mun Piew
He is Jian’s love rival who is in love with Can Yu. During a duel, he forces the third eye so Jian has him to thank.

Most favourite character
Ne Zha – all will love him as a son and friend.

Most hated character
3rd dragon prince – Ne Zha should not help this ungrateful creature come back to life again.


The lively song is sung by Fong herself. Quite okay on her debut. She even came so Singapore to promote the drama as it was well received. She joked that she was actually acting to earn her university education fees. Indeed, she is now a member of parliament involved in politics and retires from showbuzz for good.


There was a time TCS kept buying ATV dramas in the 80s so I got to watch plenty of them. This is one of those that strike a deeper impression. I have seen versions by Chan Ho Mun and Cao Jun. This version is the best that I have seen so far. All must watch it if they get the chance. Unlike other versions which can be over the top, this one is more genuine as ATV has chosen the right people for the right roles. Tt is at par with ‘Eight Immortals Across The Sea’ although it is not shot overseas. But it proves enough entertainment to attract the audience.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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