New Reincarnated

Reviewed by: sukting

May 16, 2004

Rating: one-point-five

New Reincarnated - To Compete with the Sky's Height 1993

Wan Fei Yeung - Tsui Shiu Keung
Mou Dik - Yong Chak Lum - Yang Liu Lang in Heroine of The Yang- guest appearance
Cheng Tuck - Chung Yeung
Tsui Ting Feng - Poon Chi Mun
Siu Chi - Wan Tin Jieu
Luk Dan - Lo Chung Wah
Sa Gao Meng Du - Wai Tin Chi
Tong Bai Chuan - Ko Hung
Bak Shek - Wong Yin Choy
Fu Heung Kwan - Mak Lai Hung
Chu Jing Jieu - Choi Hiu Yee
Tong Ning - Suet Lei
Bei Bei - Cheng Mun Yee
Lee Feng - Fung Mei Ying
Lau Jin - Lo Liet - passed away recently
Elder But Lo - Ou Yeung Pui Shan - retired


Even if you have the chance, don't bother. It is not faithful to the novel at all and the attention is not on Wan Fei Yeung! Why are Siu Chi and Luk Dan the leads? Both really lack the makings to be a Dap Hup! They are not like Koo Tin Lok or Lam Fung. I will make some comparisons to 'Tin Long Juet' since the characters are the same.

Story - so bad that I have no mood to do the usual story-telling like what I did to other serials

Fei Yeung has a duel with Mou Dik. Mou Dik even prepares Wan's grave beforehand beside Fung's grave. He says sarcastically that both are illegible children and they should be buried together. Wan kills him and leads a seclude life. Heung Kwan arrives and cries upon seeing his grave. Wan manages to save Luk Dan from being killed by the court soldiers. He also finds Siu Chi kind to protect Luk Dan although he is a thief so he protects both of them secretly.

Siu Chi and Luk Dan get into the Miao tribe. Meng Du catches them but his sister Bei Bei releases them. Siu Chi is greedy over the treasures in a cave. He manages to get some out from there but gets bitten by a master 'Tiancan skill' so fast?

But Lo and Wudang's elder Ku Mu are having a duel next month. So But Lo holds Heung Kwan as a hostage. He saves her but she is already poisoned. Wan brings Heung Kwan to Tong clan but Tong Bai Chuan is in no mood to cure her as his son died recently. His sister, Tong Ning tries to seek revenge and nearly gets killed if not for Wan's help. In his hurry, he picks her hairpin from her hair and hits her enemy's palm to break her poison spell. Wan feels bad and gives Ning a new hairpin.

Wan gets the snow lotus from Ting Feng to save Heung Kwan. You will know why I dislike this Ting Feng so much. He is so hesitant to save a life at first and Wan practically has to beg him! He only gives it up after much consideration. Heung Kwan is cured but is disheartened when Wan wants to look for Siu Chi and Luk Dan. Wan tells her not to wait for him as he only loves Fung. He asks Ting Feng to take care of her. Ning is secretly in love with Wan and also gives him herbs to self-guard himself on the journey. He finds Siu Chi and Luk Dan so he brings them to Wudang.

Bak Shek poisons Ku Mu. That causes him to get killed by But Lo when he suddenly loses his skill. Bak Shek ill-treats Luk Dan and Siu Chi when Wan leaves to find the culprit.Luk Dan tries to learn Wudang's skills in secret and is expelled from the sect. Siu Chi always finds Bak Sek a scheming man so he has no wish to join Wudang. He leaves with Luk Dan after quarreling with Bak Sek. Zheng Tuck is powerless against Lau Jing and thus asks his sister Jing Jieu to find Bai Chuan. Jing Jieu is angry with Siu Chi for trying to steal from her and both have a big quarrel.

She even treats him like a slave and orders him to carry her sedan to Tong clan. To her surprise, he retaliates and refuses stubbornly. Why? He is actually the son of Bai Chuan's mistress and does not regard him as his father. Moreover, Bai Chuan doesn't get to get his mother before she dies and he can never forgive him. Bai Chuan tries to make up to him but to no avil. I can't remember how Jing Jieu and Ning manage to iron things out between them but nevertheless both men reconcile in the end.

Heung Kwan finds it hard to get along with the unreasonable, Ting Feng's daughter, Yee Lan. Heung Kwan saves her from falling down the cliff and worsen her own injuries. She uses her long sash to bring her to safety. But this ungrateful creature doesn't appreciate her efforts and still find her a bother. She even wants Ting Feng not to remarry as she does not need a mother.

Jing Jieu sprains her ankle when trying to escape from Bak Lien sect. Siu Chi saves her. Ning tries to protect them but are attacked by Sky, Earth and Ren Zun. Wan manages to kill one of them and leaves, much to Ning's disappointment.

Cheng Tuck falls off a cliff when Lau Jing attacks him and loses his memory. Lau Jing gets an eunuch to be the imposter. He becomes a servant at Lee Feng's inn. He makes friends with Luk Dan and Siu Chi who stay there as waiters. He falls for Feng and both get along well.

Ting Feng is being wronged by Lau Jing and put into prison. Wan meets up with Bai Chuan and the rest to find ways to save him. Yee Lan meets him the first time and idolises him. Ting Feng refuses to escape from prison at first with them but they leave after much persuasion.

Wan sits unhappily in the garden holding Fung's hairpin. He tells Heung Kwan that although Fung has left him, he is contended to meet her in his dreams. He laments that he is a man of ill luck - the women he love - Yuen Yee and Fung die which means that whoever he loves will leave him in the end. He tells her that he can never accept another woman's feelings again after these ordeals. Heung Kwan finally straightens her thoughts. Yee Lan is angered to see them together.

Wan sees that Ting Feng is interested in Heung Kwan and decides to bring them together. He is successful in the end. Upon being asked when he is going to settle down, Wan's smile vanishes and says that he doesn't wish to harm anyone anymore. Ning is disappointed upon hearing this.

Cheng Tuck's imposter refuses to see Jing Jieu but she manages to find out his identity. Cheng Tuck suddenly regains his memory and is shocked by Luk Dan's hatred towards him for sentencing his family to death. He decides to keep mum about his identity.

Wan has an evening walk with Ning. He ponders over his past over how Ching Chong teaches him martial arts. Seeing that he is unhappy, Ning consoles him that he has mastered 'Tiancan skill'. Wan takes out Fung's hairpin and says he has only loved her all his life. He has placed it on her hair on their day of marriage but they can't end up to be together. He doesn't know why he tells Ning so many of his secrets. Bak Sek lets Wan drink a pot of poisoned tea. Siu Chi comes to Wudang as he is concerned with the outcome of the duel.

The next day, he has a duel with But Lo. Both sides are silent upon watching the match. They are at first at par but later Wan suddenly loses his inner strength and gets hit. Siu Chi sees this and transfers his inner strength to him from his back. Wan finally defeats Bu Lo. All 3 vomit blood upon reaching the ground. But Lo leaves and tells Lau Jing the news. Both men are lovers (disgusting, right?) and decide to hatch another evil plan. Wan suddenly vomits more blood when he walks. All are concerned but he tells them to watch Siu Chi instead. Bai Chuan is shocked to find Wan poisoned and deduces that there is a spy among them. He warns Wan not to spar with anyone as this will aggravate his injury. Bak Sek feigns to help to cure Wan but pretends to lose his strength too.

Siu Chi says that he is all right and even quarrels with Jing Jieu. She gets mad with him and gives him a kick, which sends him sprawling on the ground. She gets frightened when he vomits blood and asks Bai Chuan to see him. Bai Chuan finds all his veins broken and is on the verge of death. Jing Jieu bursts into tears and blames herself. A few days later, Wan finds silkworm cotton on Siu Chi's body and knows that he is mastering 'Tiancan skill'. All are delighted that they are going to get a strong assistant.

Wan knows that the next 15 days will be Siu Chi's critical period so he asks Jing Jieu to guard him in the cocoon. Wan kneels in front of Ching Chong and Yin's graves. He feels hesitant as Siu Chi isn't a Wudang member and yet he has to impart the skill to him. He asks for their forgiveness. Bak Sek pretends to console him but in fact he is mad of not being able to master 'Tiancan skill' himself!

On the 15th day, Meng Du takes Bak Sek hostage and presses him to tell him 'Tiancan skill'. He laughs at him for not knowing anything about the skill even though he is close to Wan. Bak Sek has hatred in his eyes. Meng Du is delighted to know that Wan is seriously injured. Bak Sek signals him to absorb Siu Chi's strength. Meng Du grabs the cocoon from Jing Jieu. Heung Kwan and Ning fight with Meng Du.

Ning nearly gets injured by her own needles while Heung Kwan is also no match for Meng Du. Wan arrives and stands in front of them to protect them. Men Du senses that his internal strength has diminished and sneers at him. Wan replies that it is enough to subdue him. The first time he uses 'Tiancan skill', he manages to make Meng Du step back for a while but the next time he tries to use it again, he vomits blood.. More blood flows out from his mouth when he presses his palms to hold Meng Du's sword!

Finally Meng Du hits his palm on Wan's chest and he falls to the ground. The two women guard by his side. Jing Jieu refuses to move away from the coccon and she is in danger. .Siu Chi comes out of the cocoon at this time and chases Meng Du away. Jing Jieu is delighted to see him okay and grabs his hand. This is quite hilarious - he tells her to keep her hands off him! Both start to quarrel and the other three smile at them. However, Wan vomits blood at this time and faints at Ning's feet. All are shocked when he can't see clearly upon waking up.

Bai Chuan offers to bring him back to Tong clan to cure him. Siu Chi confesses his love for Yee Lan which makes Jing Jieu furious. But Yee Lan only likes Wan and even gives him a sachet for remembrance. Siu Chi wants to kneel to Wan to be his disciple but Wan declines. Meng follows Wan and Ning but Wan can sense it when both are about to step into an inn. He quickly pulls Ning away and both travel by boat. At this time, Wan is blind but Ning still lies to him that it is night time. Wan knows his condition and keeps quiet.

He is shocked upon discovering that Fung's hairpin is missing. It has been with Ning when it drops from him when he is having a duel with Meng Du. Upon seeing his relieved expression, she knows that she can never replace Fung. Ning starts the treatment on him upon reaching home. However, Bak Lien sect comes at this time to wanting to kill them. Ning tries to defend Wan for 1 hour so that Wan's treatment is not disturbed. However, Wan regains his sight at this time and sees her in danger. He saves her and also aggravates his own injury.

Both recover and decide to wipe off Bak Lien sect together. They kill Sky Zun and Earth Zun. But Lo is enraged and releases poison needles at Ning. Without thinking, Wan uses Fung's hairpin to save her and chase But Lo away. Ning feels remorseful nut Wan ensures her that although it is important to him, Fung will not blame him for using it to save her. This is probably heaven's arrangement to tell him to let go of the past. Wan decides to go Wudang to look for the spy.

Ning helps him back. Bak Sek feels that Wan's pulse is irregular. He lures Ning out and presses Wan to tell him 'Tiancan scroll'. Wan is heartbroken to know that he is the culprit and kills him. He is touched by Ning's concern for him and likes her now. Yee Lan is jealous to know about it. Bai Chuan dies in But Lo's hands while trying to protect Cheng Tuck. Siu Chi manages to kill Lau Jin and But Lo. Siu Chi is also grateful to Jing Jieu and falls for her now. Ting Fung and Heung Kwan are happily married. Seeing that peace is restored, Wan lives in seclude with Ning. Stupid, right? All these things happen in 2 episodes!

Luk Dan knows of Cheng Tuck's identity and he no longer becomes the kind man that all have known. Initially, he can put up the suffering under Bak Sek's ill-treatment and Meng Du's torture. But he can't tolerate the fact that his sworn brother is also his enemy. Even Siu Chi can't disperse his hatred and becomes very troubled when Luk Dan breaks ties with both of them.

Unknown to them, Cheng Tuck is poisoned by Meng Du and loses his senses. He even sentences Ting Feng to death. And this over-loyal subject does not suspect it and dies after drinking the poisoned wine. Heung Kwan is devastated and kills herself. Wan is very upset upon knowing that his two close friends are dead. Ning manages to cure Cheng Tuck and Cheng Tuck is very remorseful. To seek revenge, Luk Dan actually informs the Empress about Cheng Tuck's decision to keep Feng as his concubine. The poor woman who thinks that she is finally reconciled with Cheng Tuck gets strangled to death instead.

Wan discovers that Cheng Tuck is being controlled by Meng Du and purses him into as forest. Wan then finds Ning there being caught as a hostage. He himself is poisoned and Ning dies after sucking the poison from him. Before she dies, he acknowledges her as his wife. In his rage, he hits Meng Du to pieces with a blow when Meng Du tries to ambush him.

Wan sets her tombstone by using his finger to crave the words. Yee Lan is upset and wanders the world with Siu Chi's master who is another thief. Siu Chi meets Luk Dan but lets him off after he feigns to be regretful of his wrongdoings. However, he tries to attack Siu Chi later. Wan saves him and Luk Dan escapes. Later when both return to Wudang, Wan is devastated to find graves of Ching Chong, Yin and Ku Mu destroyed. He feels so sorry for his father who has suffered so much. He sets the tombstone straight and kneels in front of his grave. He is ignorant of Luk Dan's presence and is injured by him.

A young priest, Qing Xu sees him in danger and tries to help. However, Wan has already lost an arm. Siu Chi regrets letting Luk Dan off but Wan does not blame him. Wan discovers 'the another change of Tiancan skill' by chance in Ching Chong's grave. After reading it, he knows that the difficulty is too high for Siu Chi. Siu Chi tells Wan to master it himself since his life is in danger. Wan shakes his head, telling him that all his veins have been broken and he is dying. What a joke - in Reincarnated, he nearly dies for so many times and I don't see how he can't survive through this ordeal! What a stupid arrangement! He transfers all his inner strength into Siu Chi's body and is getting closer to death. Another stupid decision as he has wasted all his efforts on the wrong person who doesn't know how to use his energy wisely.

Wan sees that Qing Xu is loyal to Wudang but yet he is only a servant. This reminds him of his past and selects him as the next sect leader. Another joke - the other elders are not dead yet and they are not present when Wan dies. Is Wan sure that they will agree to this? And who does Wan think he is? He can throw his weight around just because he is the ex-leader's son????? So sorry for my harsh tone here but I really get very worked up upon watching this scene.

But anyway, Qing Xu becomes the leader and manages the affairs well. Although Siu Chi buries Wan together with 'the another change in Tiancan skill', he can remember the facts well. He even recalls Ku Mu telling him that 'Tiancan skill' and 'Tianmo skill' are the same. But 'Tianmo skill' is from the Miao tribe and is too evil when not used properly. Without Wudang's so-called pure inner skill, it is easy for a person to be led astray. This is what happened to Luk Dan as he has no guide to learn 'Tianmo skill' properly. Sigh - since he knows so much, I wonder why Qing Xu doesn't start learning 'Tiancan skill' himself instead of wasting his precious time to coach the stupid Siu Chi????

Qing Xu leads Siu Chi in mastering the skill. In the end, he masters it but at a disappointing, low level. That is why he has no confidence to face Luk Dan in their duel. He is at the losing end at first. However, because Luk Dan uses unorthodox methods to master his skills, he suddenly loses all his skills in the end and is defeated. Siu Chi lets him off as he is unable to kill him. They become friends again if I remember correctly. Siu Chi then wanders the country with Jing Jieu.

Cast Performance

Wan Fei Yeung - Tsui Shiu Keung

Of course, he is not as good as Wan as in 'Reincarnated'. He still acts well despite on the little coverage that he shouldn't deserve. See how much I remember him rather than the younger actors? Many yearn so much and so long for Wan to get his face back although it is illogical as the actor is changed to Koo Goon Chung in 'Reincarnated' midway. Yet this is the result. Although we can see that he has matured very much, he still has the makings of a Dai Hup because of his physique and correct posture.

But I really dislike the way the producer places him to miss Fung so much. Yes, Fung is always in his heart. But is there the need to bring her hairpin out to show that in front of Heung Kwan and Ning so often? Doesn't he know that this will hurt their feelings? This act is sure insensitive and selfish.

Mou Dik - Yong Chak Lum - Yang Liu Lang in Heroine of The Yang- guest appearance

At first, I applauded at his return..but he only appears for 10 minutes from the start in the first episode -- I wanted to scream -- what is going on? ATV has wasted a good chance to develop this villain role on how he can create havoc in the pugilistic world if he still remains alive. What a waste!

Cheng Tuck - Chung Yeung compared with Man Tse Leung

This is a blur emperor who knows nothing except chasing after women. Not worth mentioning except that he has the luck to have Siu Chi and Ting Feng protecting him to cheat death. Still, his performance is passable. I find Man Tse Leung a more convincing emperor as he looks more authoritative.

Tsui Ting Feng - Poon Chi Mun compared with Bak Piew

No wonder Ting Feng never wins Heung Kwan's heart in the beginning. He deserves it as this man is a long-winded stick-in-the mud. I really dislike the reluctant and indecisive way he shows in saving Heung Kwan. He is so rigid and blind to follow the emperor's instructions. If not for Wan, he could have been killed by a drugged Cheng Tuck in prison. Moreover, this Ting Feng has a bigger daughter. I still prefer Bak Piew who is charming and likeable as the younger Ting Feng. Moreover, he is brave and wise to save the Shaolin monks from danger, isn't it?

Siu Chi - Wan Tin Jieu compared with Leung Siu Lung

He has such an important role and he really acts well in scenes with Jing Jieu. But his Siu Chi simply lacks the Dai Hup look as he is smaller in build and looks skinny. Therefore, he isn't convincing in fighting scenes. Moreover, Siu Chi is a character who is a braggart and is a very petty thief. I really dislike him for causing so much trouble. Plus, he doesn't deserve getting Wan's inner energy since he doesn't know how to master 'Tiancan skill' properly. What a pity! In comparison, Leung is good in fighting scenes but he pales in appearance because of his age.

Luk Dan - Lo Chung Wah compared with Lo Lok Lum

He resembles Ho Kar King in looks but he is never popular. Why? He isn't vicious enough as Luk Dan. Most of the time, he will be rolling his eyes, pretending to look angry. The later 15 episodes' attention on him proves to be a big and fatal mistake as he can't act well. Lo's role in 'Tin Long Juet' is so kind and sweet and thus you will feel so sorry to see this character be so distorted in this way.

Sa Gao Meng Du - Wai Tin Chi

What a waste of Wai's good pugilistic skills as the tribe leader! From his agility, we can see that he is at par with Tsui. I really enjoy the few, limited scenes when they both fight together. And due to his acting years in TVB, he shows that he can really act well. I really like the way he handles the scene in sneering Bak Sek - cheeky and yet very hurting!

Tong Bai Chuan - Ko Hung

Another veteran actor who acts well. He shows his composure being the head of a clan. When Jing Jieu suspects Siu Chi of stealing her brother's letter to him as she can't find it in the box, he examines it carefully and reveals the second layer to reveal the letter to make her realise her mistake. Too bad he has very few fighting scenes - most of the time we can only see him healing the injured. I heard he is a stuntsman in his younger days. So why waste this chance to show off his good skills?

Bak Shek - Wong Yin Choy

Another supposedly kind character turns evil here. This character in 'Ting Long Juet' may never master 'Tiancan skill' but he is still formidable with the 6 skills. He is not jealous of his junior's success and is a righteous man to protect Ting Feng's family when he is in trouble. He always welcomes Wan back to Wudang with open arms. But the man here…… I feel so sorry for this righteous ex- Far Moon Lau in Luk Siu Fung and Song Yuan Qiao in 86HSDS to be a villain here. He is really a jerk in here to betray some many important figures in his clan just to get 'Tiancan skill'. Still, this actor still turns in a fine performance.

Fu Heung Kwan - Mak Lai Hung compared with Yu On On

Mak's acting is quite good -- she delivers Heung Kwan's sad expressions very well. She makes Heung Kwan so vulnerable that Wan wants to protect her secretly. And I nearly tear my hair upon seeing how nice she is to Yee Lan! The horrible jerk doesn't show gratitude for saving her life when she falls off the cliff. Poor Heung Kwan vomits blood right onto her face even when she is showing concern to Yee Lan after placing her on the grass. Luckily Yee Lan doesn't oppose to her marriage with Ting Feng after getting along well with her.(Or because she wants one love rival less???)

However, I find her changing of heart too fast -- how can she love Ting Feng right after her rejection by Wan? Come on, she has been in love with him for so many years! Some tears please to show her sadness and Ting Feng to console her or save her from some danger should be more convincing. I find it to hard to swallow. But the scene of her dressing Ting Feng in his court official gown tenderly and her killing herself later is still quite touching.

On On has more scenes with Bak Piew and there is enough development in the plot in showing the relationship. She still looks as sweet as in 'Reincarnated'. Many will be moved by the ways they go through thick and thin together. On On is younger and is thus cutting an edge in fighting scenes too.

Chu Jing Jieu - Choi Hiu Yee compared with Mun Suet Yee

I must compliment Choi for her acting! She plays the unreasonable and reckless princess well. I really laugh at the scene where Jing Jieu sprains her ankle and he has to carry her on his back. And also the way she expresses her concern for him when he lives on. However, the flaw is this princess isn't that well-dressed. She is also a bit chubby looking with the headdress. Even Heung Kwan or Ning has a wider wardrobe so this is quite unfair. How can a princess dress so simply in the palace just like the way when she is in the pugilistic world?

Mun is equally good as the reckless and frank princess. Always appearing in bright costumes, her dressing is so unique. ATV should also design specially for Choi!

Tong Ning - Suet Lei

No one will doubt her acting as she is in the entertainment scene for some long. She is surprisingly youthful and still convincing as the young and intelligent Ning. Her purple outfit really stands out from the crowd.

Bei Bei - Cheng Mun Yee

She wears a sour expression all the time and I don't feel any empathy when she is punished by her brother for letting Luk Dan away. She suffers a lot on his behalf as she falls for him. I feel neutral when they get together in the end because this actress really can't act. No wonder she is no longer in ATV.

Lee Feng - Fung Mei Ying - ex Ms Asia-Pacific beauty queen

Another wooden actress who doesn't know how to smile properly. I doubt many will remember her for this role. In case some may be curious to know how she looks, she resembles Poon Chi Lei - Margaret in 'the Loving Spirit'. Another failure case in acting as she is a secretary now.

Lau Jin - Lo Liet compared with Wong Wai - passed away recently

He is quite convincing in his acting but I don't know why his role is cut abruptly after 25 episodes. ATV doesn't appreciate good actors. With no good villains around, where is the attraction? In comparison, Wong Wai gets recognition for portraying his role well because he has enough screen time.

Elder But Lo - Ou Yeung Pui Shan compared with Tien Fung- retired

At first, I wondering whether she is acting as a male or a female because the producer never gives me any hint. Only when Siu Chi is disgusted as But Lo shows affections to him, I then realised that But Lo is a male. She is good and I am really amazed with the producer's choice. She will make a marvellous Dongfang Bubai if given the chance. But too many scenes of her getting easily defeated after a few strokes show how lousy this But Lo is. I still prefer Tien Feng -- he appears in only 2 episodes but he makes an unforgettable entrance and departure as a powerful but yet righteous figure.

Memorable scenes

The duel between Wan and Mou Dik

The duels between Wan and Meng Du

How Heung Kwan tries to save Yee Lan - Heung Kwan is very graceful with her sash

How all try to protect Siu Chi when he is in the cocoon

Best Performance

None, as they have not tried their best. Some good but definitely not outstanding

Worst Performance

This award can be shared between Cheng Mun Yee and Fung Mei Ying. Both are so raw and stony in their acting that I practically walk off from the television set when both appear together.

Interesting Facts

ATV did not engage stuntsmen to film the serial in Canton. They got many horses to film court scenes. The cost is close to HK$1 million. The scenery was beautiful but the artistes had no mood to sit and enjoy it. All the artistes were so frightened to hang the wires around themselves high for the fighting scenes.

We know that Tsui and Suet Lei were an ex-couple. This chance is sure rare for them to act as lovers on screen although they are no longer together off screen. Still, they put up a good performance. All wonder how they feel when they film together?

Many have expected this serial to create high ratings in Hong Kong. But alas, the television fans staying under Tai Ping mountain only talked about 'Justice Bao' and nothing else!!! This means that the new version is weaker than the original. Is it because Tsui has lost his fine acting in here? Or too many poor period dramas in recent years have made the viewers turn off their television sets? The answer is no -- it is the wrong choice in picking the main characters!

After watching this serial, many complained the wrong focused attention on Siu Chi and Luk Dan. So do I, well, we have been so used to seeing our Wan Dai Hup using 'Tiancan skill' and no one else can replace him. We practically scratched our heads over his reduced role in here. Why isn't he the lead? We feel cheated into being duped to watch this serial as the promotion has declared Tsui to be the main draw. But what do we see instead? It's absolutely ridiculous.

Of course, it is not a must that Tsui must be the lead but the lead must be someone who can command a lot of attention. But because Mr Wong Ying has passed away, ATV brewed its own story -- turning it into a half-baked story which is unbelievable, easily forgettable, long-winded and nonsensical. Please show some respect to the poor author who gave us such intriguing stories through his novels.

I have watched Tsui's another ATV production 'Sam Shing Yee' based on another novel by him when I was very young. It is like Gu Long's 'Chor Lau Heung' with lots of mysteries. But I have forgotten most parts of it so I didn't write a review on it. I nearly curse and swear each time I watch an episode of 'New Reincarnated'. Why not stick to 'Tin Long Juet' instead?


It is still the same song by Kwan Cheng Kit but with a different fast-paced music arrangement. Although he does it well, I still prefer the former original.


The first moment when I looked at the title, I try so hard not to laugh. Why? The producer is too arrogant to wish to set this serial at par with the sky's height! But sad to say, it can't even reach half the height! Moreover, with a cast with so many unfamiliar faces that give us stony acting plus a failing plot, how does he expect to achieve such results?

I am very sorry for this biased review to focus my attention more on Wan but after searching my mind for so long, I really can't remember anything distinctive about Siu Chi and Luk Dan. Yes, they have many scenes but they are so boring that I just can't remember. I only have a vague impression on how long they talk in the inn with Cheng Tuck when he loses his memory. This is so sad. If a story has no originality, it isn't that bad. But if a whole 40 episode serial has nothing worth mentioning, then it is considered a failure.

I really grumble at the easy way that Siu Chi masters 'Tiancan skill'. It is such a tough skill for Wan's senior uncle, Yin, to master it for 30 years. Yet, Siu Chi reaches the stage so easily in months just being bitten by a poisonous silkworm. No wonder Bak Sek and Meng Du are so jealous over his luck. And Wan shouldn't have transferred his inner strength to this useless fellow. He should have given it to Qing Xu who is smarter and also the next Wudang leader. Is the producer mad?

Another puzzling part, Bak Sek should know the skill since he is Wudang's leader. At least, Wan should not be so selfish not to teach him the skill at all. This poor leader becomes ruthless when he should know the famous skill but he knows nothing at all. This is really a big flaw.

They develop so many love relationships at the rate of cooking instant noodles. This serial has too many characters but their love relationships are not being explored properly. All fall in and out of love so easily. It is strange that they are not hurt by the setbacks at all! Luk Dan and Bei Bei, Cheng Tuck and Lee Feng, Ting Feng and Heung Kwan, -- all these people become 'lovers' so quickly. But we can see that they are not natural when they look at each other. Only the two pairs -- Wan and Ning plus Siu Chi and Jing Jieu are okay in their acting. This show too many ingredients spoil the broth.

It seems illogical that Wan should die so easily in Luk Dan's hands. He is so powerful and yet he doesn't know that Luk Dan is nearby? Unlike 'Reincarnated' which can move you with so many scenes, I am completely neutral when Wan dies here. I don't know why -- is it because I have watched too many period dramas or is it because that I am displeased with the arrangement? This really can't be compared to Xiao Feng's death scene in 'Demi-gods and Semi-devils'.

Lau Jin and but Lo are the two villains that keep me watching the serial. But when they are dead after 25 episodes, the pull isn't there anymore. The concentration is on Luk Dan which gets too long-winded. These people talk so much to slow the pace. Is it because none knows how to fight?

And the crazy arrangement of the final duel between Siu Chi and Luk Dan. All the while Siu Chi is lousy in the new change in 'Tiancan skill'. And yet, he defeats Luk Dan in the end. Isn't 'Tianmo skill' more powerful and how could Luk Dan lose his skill at this perfect and correct timing? This is sure stupid! All of us long to see how the one and only 'Tiancan skill' will reappear 14 years later and this is only shown by a man who doesn't know the skill well. Film is completely wasted on this serial.

It has many fighting scenes but I am definitely not happy with the number. Why? Most of the time, the two sides fight for two or three strokes. Then the loser will throw darts or smoke bombs to flee. If not, when both spar inner strength with their palms, they will stop immediately. Or it cooks up a lame excuse of one party losing his skill suddenly to get defeated after 3 strokes. The worst is when they are fighting in the air, we cannot even see how the strokes are being done. They do it so fast together with a lot of smoke (or powder?) and this is so frustrating!

This is the first time that I have so many complaints over a period drama. Or perhaps I have placed too high expectations and thus I am very disappointed with the result. Please don't ever watch it even if you have the time. I get so much heartache upon seeing such low standard quality product being shown in front of my eyes. I will recommend you to watch 'Tin Long Juet' or 'Reincarnated 2' if you come across the VCDs.

Sukting's Rating:
On acting: * * (Scale of 5 - for the sake of the artistes who put their lives in danger in filming the serial)
On story: * 1/2 (Scale of 5 because it is really bad)

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