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Ping Chung Hap Ying Luk

Reviewed by: sukting May 26, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

How long/Year produced: 30 episodes done in year 1985 Cast: Cheung Dan Fung - Lau Chung Yan Wan Lui - Mai Shuet Chow Sum Mun - Kwan Wai Lun Wan Chung - Kum Hing Yin (The uncle who has an affair with Man Yun Lan's mother in DIFIV) Monk Mit Fat - Ng Yik Cheung (The villain in Drunken Angels as Yuen Wah's half-brother) Zham Toi Mi Ming - Yue Wah Zham Toi Jing Ming - Ban Ban Cheung Chung...

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10-30-2006 12:00 AM


the outfits that michelle r in r soooo beautiful. even beautiful cant really describe her. the fighting scenes r actually good 4 something that came out in 1985. michelle and damian's chemistry is good 2. i didnt really like the end tho. it felt like at the end damian was suppose 2 die but because nobody liked that ending they had to change it to a happy ending. im satisfied w/ the rest of the movie. jus the end bugs me a LOT.

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Ping Chung Hap Ying Luk

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