Relentless Justice

Reviewed by: sukting

November 08, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
30 episodes

A story about two unrelated brothers who turn to foes. Both first started out as lawyers but later become fierce competitors in the business world. Who merges as the final winner in the end?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chin Chi Kong – Tam Yiu Mun

Chi Kong is a kind boy since young to protect the weak. He inherits his father's talent in drawing and is interested in music. A major change overnight alters his direction in life. He is like a father to Chi Jing to bring her up. He is often ridiculed for having a father who is jailed. This makes him to have an inferior complex. Under Hau Yee's help, he realises the importance of getting knowledge. He becomes positive and strong. Bo Wing has wished him to become an engineer or lawyer. So he chooses to become a lawyer.

He has to put in triple efforts that others have given to achieve success. His practice trains him to become a very observant person who is very calm in dealing with matters. He may say that he is very nervous for every trial to do a lot of reading up. But whenever he stands in the court, he becomes so eloquent.

He is very much sort after as a top-notch lawyer although he is only in his 30s. He wins 16 suits in a row but there is only one case that he keeps failing. That is to overturn his father's verdict. He discovers injustice in law and is helpless towards this. His burden is too heavy as he concentrates too much on this.

He has never thought of falling in love. The appearance of Kar Kei and Chi Yan changes him. He soon discovers that dealing with them is even tougher than handling cases. He feels remorseful over Kar Kei's plight but is firm that he should stick with Chi Yan. Being filial, he keeps Fai Wong's evil deeds from Hau Yee but this proves to be a wrong move when she learns the painful truth from Hoi Tou.

He quarrels with Fai Wong when he suspects him of killing Bo Wing. Kar Hou tries to stop their quarrel and he shoves him to the roadside in anger. This causes Kar Hou to get hit by a car and he limps on a leg from then onwards. Chi Kong is later imprisoned for 3 years and loses his lawyer license. He is nearly sexually harassed and also killed in jail as Hoi Tou sends men to get rid of him.

He befriends Sai Kuan in jail and later becomes the telecommunications group's GM after his release. He is dismayed that Hau Yee is jailed and finds her calm manner suspicious. A over deranged Chi Jing is unable to tell him anything too. Why is she improving with Kar Hou's care but behaving like this now? Chi Yan suspects that Fai Wong is responsible for all the mishaps but has no evidence against him.

Chi Kong is certain that Fai Wong is connected to everything. He breaks up with Chi Yan to avoid implicating her. He pits against Fai Wong to get a computer whiz but Chi Kong fails miserably. He even loses Sai Kuan's company when Fai Wong uses another mainland company's name to buy it over.

Chi Kong doesn't want Fai Wong's life. He just wants to see that justice is done. Fai Wong tries to burn Chi Jing's diary. Kar Kei manages to save a portion of it to pass to Chi Kong. He verifies that Chi Jing kills Kar Hou and not Hau Yee. But the diary isn't enough to sue him. Chi Kong manages to get Hau Yee to change her testimony and she is acquitted.

Chi Kong fails to find a missing Chi Yan. He goes to the container terminal but misses the next container even though she yells for help. (Stupid man – can't he calmly search one by one by getting the police's help?!) He decides to get a gun to kill Fai Wong. All who should know Chi Yan's whereabouts are dead.

Sau Kuan fails to talk him out of it and gets him a gun. Chi Kong lashes out at Fai Wong and demands to know where Chi Yan is. Fai Wong urges him to kill him so that he can die faster. Chi Kong remembers kinship and spars him. Fai Wong is as good as dead. (Strange – Chi Kong should have beaten Fai Wong daylights out of him since he is the only one who knows about Chi Yan's whereabouts.)

Now that Fai Wong is dead, Chi Kong can never find Chi Yan but he never gives up hope. (Hello – how can a person survive more than a week without food and water? This is really wishful thinking on his part.) He still continues to work as Sau Kuan's advisor and takes care of Fai Wong's children.

Yiu Mun has proven why he deserves the golden horse supporting actor award. He is more mature as a devoted lover as compared to the past and makes Chi Kong's roller-coaster life come across so real.

2. Yip Fai Wong – Lau Hoi Wai

He is Chi Kong's younger brother. He is an illegitimate child so he has very low self esteem. He is smart and alert to want to be in the limelight all the time. He disregards others and thinks very highly of himself. He is intelligent since young but doesn't want to take things seriously. He wants immediate success and refuses to work hard. Kar Kei treats him like dirt when he woos her so he vows to get back at her.

Being jealous of Chi Kong's success, he deliberately chooses to study law to compete with him. He starts working in Chi Kong's law firm but he isn't satisfied. He wants to get to the upper class but he keeps having setbacks. He becomes more and more evil. Everything is not important to him except money. He can betray Chi Jing because of money although he likes her. He nearly takes her away if not for Chi Kong to discover them leaving the airport.

He kills Bo Wing accidentally when he confronts him over Chi Jing. He feels uneasy facing him in the mortuary and finds excuses not to attend his funeral. He gets close to Kar Kei when she is crippled and causes her to be pregnant with his twins. He then demands to work in Hoi Tou's company in exchange for all of them to live with him.

He deceives Hoi Tou's mistress, Eve to have an affair to seek revenge on Hoi Tou. She places the wrong trust in him – not just getting pregnant with his child but also gets cheated of her money. She tries in vain to get it back and is nearly killed by him in a car accident. Thus, she joins forces with Kar Kei and Chi Yan to help Chi Kong. (This is strange indeed – he has the support of 3 women.)

Fai Wong is initially furious when his share prices dips while Sai Kuan's share prices shoots up as news of the computer whiz going to join Sai Kuan's company spread. He bribes him over.

Although he is lying to everyone, he is truly filial to Hau Yee. He has wished her to move in with him after his marriage. Luckily, she doesn't as he moves in to stay with Hoi Tou later. Although he is successful in killing Hoi Tou, he is displeased that he hasn't left him a single cent in his will. Thus he instigates Chi Jing to kill Kar Hou but never expects Hau Yee to take the rap to land up in jail. He also poisons his wife, hoping that she will be killed and all will be passed to him.

The doctor announces to Fai Wong that he is suffering from a degenerative muscle discover that is incurable. Kar Kei sees him climbing up the stairs with difficulty and checks his medication. She informs Chi Kong about it. Chi Kong doesn't understand why he insists of dealing with him even though he suffers from a terminal disease.

Fai Wong's condition worsens – he keeps tripping and dropping things as he loses control of the limbs. Instead of seeking treatment, he resolves to destroy Chi Kong. Kar Kei uses a hidden camera to film him bribing the computer whiz. Fai Wong discovers her ploy and gets an underworld chief to help him retrieve the VCD. They capture Chi Yan instead and Fai Wong wants the VCD for exchange.

Chi Kong is humiliated by Fai Wong when he begs him. Sai Kuan learns about the container number but he can't find her there because Fai Wong has changed the place. Fai Wong finally becomes remorseful. He gets Chi Kong to bring him to the places where they have shared good memories. Chi Kong sends the immobile Far Wong to the hospital. Despite his pleas, he can't bring himself to pull out the respiratory tube.

Hau Yee visits him and is shocked to learn from him that he is the mastermind of all the misdeeds. She decides to end his pathetic existence as his illness will drag for many years. I still find Hoi Wai a little stiff in evil scenes. But undoubtedly, he has tried his best to make use of this chance to carve a new route for himself. And how can Fai Wong's hair be so nicely combed when he is dying in hospital?

3. Cheung Kar Hou – Hoi Chun Kit

He is Hoi Tou's only son who is Hou Tou's holdings CEO. He is arrogant and looks down on the poor. That is why he tramples on Fai Wong and Chi Kong whenever he has the chance. He keeps calling them the servants' sons. He keeps hurling abuses at Chi Kong for being a killer's son. He feels very remorseful when Kar Kei is badly scalded and both siblings' bond is strong.

Seeing that Kar Kei often has conflicts with Hoi Tou, both study overseas. They are spoiled with wealth. As long as they have money, they can do whatever they want. They don't have to respect other people if they don't want to. However, the love of their life has changed their characters to be well-liked.

He works in the company and hopes to get his father's recognition. But Hoi Tou still doesn't place all his trust on him and keeps saying that he isn't competent enough. He gets all kinds of women. Because of his wealth as no one will reject him. After meeting Chi Jing, he realizes that innocent women also exist.

Unfortunately, he rapes her when she rejects him. He is sued and he looks down on Fai Wong who accepts money from Hoi Tou to settle the case. He is let off the hook when the case is deterred when Chi Jing goes mad. He secretly parks his car outside her work but doesn't dare to see her.

Feeling guilty when she ends up in the asylum, he visits her daily, despite very busy in his work. Hau Yee drives him away many times but he still returns. He is relieved that she accepts him and proposes to her. Because of her, he plans a charity reserve. Fai Wong switches her medicine to cause her to have hallucinations to kill him by mistake as she is reminded of her past. But he doesn't blame her and reminds her to take her medicine before his death.

Chun Kit glows in here as the arrogant brat. He overshadows Hoi Wai completely. His conceited airs surely make me jump repeatedly – especially when he treats Wai Mun like dirt. Unlike other actors, he really has the noble look to be convincing as a rich man's son. As the devoted lover, he is equally competent. See how he softens when in love with Chi Jing will make you forgive this character.

4. Lam Chi Yan – Kwok Oi Ming

She is stubborn and strong to have a good memory and does her work seriously. Her father is a gambler who causes her life to be in jitters. She can only work part time as a courtier to continue her studies. She has heard of how successful Chi Kong is so she volunteers to be his disciple. Her father causes a lot of harassment to his firm and she considers quitting. Chi Kong manages to get her to stay on.

She has thought that she can never love a man but she never expects to love Chi Kong. He gives her support in her life and studies. She finally graduates but her father threatens to kill himself as he runs into debts on her graduation day. Her mother ends up missing it although Chi Kong goes there. She decides to jump down but Chi Kong stops her.

Chi Yan is about to pass Chi Kong a cup that she makes for him when she discovers that he loves Kar Kei. After he parts with Kar Kei, both go to China to look for evidence to clear Bo Wing's name. They fall in love in the process. Worried for Chi Kong, she tries to dissuade him from provoking the Cheung family. Even though he is jailed, she still seeks redress for Bo Wing, wanting to clear his name even after his death.

She waits for Chi Kong's release and is heart-broken that he doesn't wish to rely on her. Chi Kong is unhappy when seeing Chi Yan struggling from taking care of her ailing mother. But he refrains from seeing her as Sai Kuan reminds him that he has to cast matters of the heart aside if he wants to defeat Fai Wong.

After Siu Ying's kidney transplant success, Chi Kong realizes that he can't survive with her and both decide to get married. He is very upset that Chi Jing can't attend their wedding and she has to console him. She is willing to help him the day right after their wedding to deal with Fai Wong. She becomes pregnant with Chi Kong's twins. (How high is the probability of both women conceiving twins? This development is hard for me to accept.)

She fails to escape from Fai Wong's men as she tries running away with evidence against him. She is locked into a container and is never found. She throws the evidence and her mobile phone into a rubbish bin. Chi Kong finds the two items but she is separated from Chi Kong forever. Oi Ming's acting powers stays. Although her image isn't pretty with old-fashioned spectacles, she projects a lawyer's image well.

5. Cheung Kar Kei – Lau Chuk Kei
She is Kar Hou's younger sister. Ever since she has scars on her back, she becomes rebellious. (It puzzles me though, I thought her father should be rich enough to afford her a skin draft operation.) She witnesses how her mother is killed in a car accident due to her father's infidelity. Thus she seeks revenge on him by having many boyfriends. To protect her, Hoi Tou bribes all her ex-boyfriends. She has artistic talent and under Chi Kong's advice, she becomes an art director for a magazine.

Chi Kong gives her a clock as a present. She is infuriated to know that Hoi Tou actually helps her to get the job. Chi Kong helps to improve her relationship with her father. He coaxes her to celebrate her birthday with him. Thus Hoi Tou regards Chi Kong as her prospective boyfriend. She longs for a romantic relationship and soon finds him boring although caring.

Through a fire, she is rescued. Unlike others who call their loved ones immediately, her mind is a total blank. Thus she decides that they are not meant for each other, upsetting him. Chi Kong can't forgive Kar Hou for raping Chi Jing and sues him. He is mad that Kar Kei believes that Kar Hou is innocent.

But upon seeing him going to marry Chi San, she gets drunk and becomes paralysed after a car accident. She cries in Chi Kong's arms but Chi Kong doesn't want this to affect his coming wedding so he avoids seeing her. Fai Wong tends to her so she gives up on Chi Kong. She becomes pregnant with twins. She mellows down after marriage after giving birth to a boy and a girl.

She doesn't believe that Fai Wong is unfaithful to her even though she is shown the intimate photos of him with Eve. She has complete trust in him. Upon knowing that Fai Wong poisons her through Chi Kong, she cries and is so silly to ask him if he will take care of the twins after her death. Come on, this man is 100% cold blooded. He wants her dead even though she is pregnant with his third child.

She decides to stay with him to gather more evidence. She manages to steal the documents for Chi Yan but later dies because of a miscarriage. She urges Fai Wong to take care of their children before her death. She still loves him despite all he has done. He plants a kiss on her forehead although he have never loved her.
This character's change is inconsistent with the acting. No wonder Chuk Kei hardly gets the chance to play lead roles when she was in TVB.

6. Chin Chi Jing – Ng Ting Yan
She is Chi Kong's younger sister. She is positive and righteous. She is also gullible and is easily deceived. She becomes a social worker and gets along well with the troubled youths. She is deprived of parental love when young so she wishes to help the unfortunate. Bo Wing is imprisoned before she is born. After she is born, her mother passes away. So Chi Kong and Hau Yee protect her well since young. She regards Hau Yee as her mother. She likes Fai Wong since young and has regarded him as her prospective husband. They have a night's stand.

It is love at first sight for Kar Hou. But her heart only stays with Fai Wong. Fai Wong betrays her by giving chances to Kar Hou to be with her. Although Fai Wong is the main witness for the trial, he accepts money from Hoi Tou. Thus Chi Jing decides to drop the case. But seeing him going to the motel with another woman, she changes her mind. But she succumbs to pressure during the trail and becomes mad.

Initially, Hau Yee doesn't want to send her to the asylum and insists that they move to the countryside. But one day she goes missing. Fai Wong finds her in the wood, naked and hitting herself with a branch, yelling that she is filthy. They have no choice but to send her to the asylum. Kar Hou feels remorseful and visits her frequently so she becomes better.

She realizes that Kar Hou really loves her when both visit the twins. Fai Wong is jealous and changes her medicine. He even tells her to kill people with a clutch as they are evil. That is why Kar Hou dies when she strikes a knife into him when he leans to kiss her and his clutch gives a tapping sound.

He forgives her as he knows that she didn't do intentionally. Sadly, after that incident, he dies and she is left in a mental state. She recovered once, but that is the only chance she had. Maybe, it was Kar Hou's love that makes her recovered in the first place. Now that he is dead, she is forever in a world of her own. This newcomer is quite natural in her acting. Probably acting with the 3 experienced actors boosts her confidence and she presents herself well.

7. Chan Hau Yee – Yip Tuck Han/Wong Yuen Yiu

She is never belittled by her low status. She only holds hopes for the future and holds interest in learning new things. She takes care of the three children after Bo Wing's imprisonment and Kiu's demise. She treats Chi Jing like her own daughter. Knowing that she pins all her hopes on him, Fai Wong requests that she be kept in the dark of his evil deeds. She has complete trust in Fai Wong. Thus Chi Kong can't bear to let her know the harsh truth. Even though she is aware of it then, she still attributes it to Hoi Tou.

She takes the blame for Chi Jing to be jailed. (That is a dreadful decision – Chi Jing will definitely be released as her mental state is bad.) She hints to Fai Wong that she knows that it is his doing. But after killing Fai Wong, she becomes mad and stays with Chi Jing in the asylum.

Somehow, I find Tuck Han in poor form. She looks so tired and also uncomfortable. Or maybe this is due to the fault of the scriptwriter to make Hau Yee to be like this.

8. Chin Bo Wing – Lo Kar Ying/ Ho Wah Chiu
He is Hoi Tou's chauffeur who is a good husband and father. He loves playing the erhu and sings Cantonese opera well. He is loyal to Hoi Tou for saving his life so he becomes his servant. Hoi Tou's father kills his mistress by mistake so he frames Bo Wing for the killing. A watch becomes the critical evidence against him and he is charged for manslaughter.

Chi Kong finds it absurd that his defence lawyer (who is Wai Mun's father) tells him to plead guilty. So he is jailed for manslaughter. Chi Kong is furious that Bo Wing is being framed so he seeks a retrial. No one dares to take up the case as Hoi Tou buys over all the lawyers except Chi Yan. He finally gets his release as he wishes to take care of Chi Jing. Bo Wing wants him to stop as Hoi Tou is set to harm him. He gets to know what Fai Wong has done to Chi Jing and confronts him but gets killed.

9. Ho Kiu – Kong Mei Yee
She is a traditional woman who depends on Bo Wing for survival. She doesn't take good care of herself after Chi Kong is born so she is very weak. She helps to take care of a pregnant Hau Yee when she joins them. So they are as close as sisters. She becomes weaker when pregnant with Chi Jing. She can't withstand the shock when Bo Wing is imprisoned so she passes away, leaving Hau Yee to bring up the three children.

10. Chiu Mei Lan – Kong Mei Yee
Her husband dies in a car accident, leaving her to bring up a boy and a girl. She comes for a job interview at Bo Wing's recreational club. Bo Wing likes her at first sight as she resembles his late wife. His family helps to bring them together. Bo Wing has intended to propose to her on the night he is killed. Moved to tears, she wears the ring and becomes part of Chi Kong's family.

11. Cheung Hoi Tou – Tsang Kong
He is a typical businessman who is very confident but also conceited. He thinks that money can settle everything to protect his family. His children are spoilt rotten by him but they show their humane nature when they grow up. However cunning he is, he is no match for the young wolf, Fai Wong. He causes him deep regret as he indirectly causes his children's deaths. He himself dies of a heart attack when Fai Wong throws his pills away.

12. Yip Chung Hin – Poon Chi Lap
He is a senior prosecutor who is strict and seldom smiles. He has a good reputation and is also firm in court. That is why he is angry that Fai Wong is pronounced a free man even though he bribes a witness. He has a shameful past. He has ditched Hau Yee when she is pregnant to marry a rich woman, unwilling to let her affect his future. However, the couple is childless and he feels lonely after her death.

He becomes the head of the lawyer society. He meets Hau Yee when it comes to Bo Wing's retrial. He finds out Fai Wong is his son after knowing that they have the same drug allergy and through a DNA test. But he doesn't wish to affect his daily life to keep it from him. He only wants him to call him uncle and visits his grandchildren often. He helps to consolidate Fai Wong's position in Hoi Tou holdings by getting his classmate to hand over the telecommunication project to him.

He is away from Hong Kong and is baffled to know that Fai Wong falls ill upon his return. He visits him and blurts out that he is his natural father. He feels responsible for his plight. If he acknowledges him a few years back, he will be elated. But Far Wong feels nothing now as he is becoming immobile. Even kinship fails to move him. (I agree with Far Wong. If he knows that Chung Hin is his father, he will not become such a scoundrel in order to climb to the top.)

13. Su Siu Ying – Bao Hei Jing
She doesn't receive much education and thus believes that she should be submissive to her husband. Thus she endures him to give him money and also beatings from him. Although she leaves her husband, she keeps returning to him. But after knowing that he will never change and Chi Yan nearly dies because of this, she makes up her mind. This makes Shing ponder over his past misdeeds. She suffers from kidney failure and both reconcile after he donates a kidney to save her.

14. Lam Sheng- Cheng Su Fung
He is an impulsive gambler who is jobless. He always uses his suicide ploy to get money from Siu Ying. Till the day Chi Yan wants to die with him on her graduation day that he realizes that even Siu Ying is adamant to leave him. He then becomes a better person after donating his kidney and their family ties are improved. Chi Yan even invites him to her wedding.

15.Sin Wai Mun- Lau Sek Hin
He is Hoi Tou's holdings' legal consultant. His father is Hoi Tou's friend so he takes over his father's legal firm. He knows that Chi Kong is extraordinary when he is sent to join his firm. He knows that Chi Kong is seeking evidence for Bo Wing's retrial. Thus he keeps on misleading him on the wrong track. He knows that Fai Wong is evil so he secretly takes photos of him having affairs with Hoi Tou's mistress, Eve.

Eve becomes pregnant so Hoi Tou is enraged. He sends her to the mountains to be gangraped by a group of men. Hoi Tou also causes Fai Wong to become impotent later. Fai Wong seizes the company control after the Cheungs' deaths. Wai Mun doesn't want to work with him but Fai Wong gathers evidence against him. so is Chi Kong to know that he loses a fortune in the stock market so he gets him to spy on Fai Wong.

After Fai Wong falls ill, he asks Fai Wong to hand over the company to him. Despite being beaten up by Fai Wong's men, he still refuses to give up and tries to force him to sign the letter of authorization. Can you believe that a sick Fai Wong can actually cause him to get electrocuted to death? How can this happen?!

16. Wong Chin Wai – Leung Hou Koi
He is Chi Yan's cousin who becomes Kar Hou's chauffeur. He has to put up with his uneven temperament. He likes Chi Jing when he goes with Kar Hou to help her out at the old folks' home. He has no confidence to lose his job so he sticks with him even after Chi Jing's rape incident. He has wanted to tell Chi Jing that Fai Wong is a scum but refrains from doing that. But after knowing that she is made use of to kill Kar Hou, he becomes remorseful and takes care of her for the rest of his life.

17. Chung Sai Kuan- Tsang Wai Ming
He is Hoi Tou's business rival. He is jailed for doctoring the accounts. Hoi Tou has failed to buy over his company. He is positive although he is in jail and is Chi Kong's good friend. Both do their company proud. Knowing that Chi Kong is capable, he sells half his company shares to him to let him make a comeback to affect Hoi Tou. He decides to sell off his company before it goes bust as he owes the banks a lot of money. Never does he realize that Fai Wong is the buyer.

18. Foon – Wong Mun Wai
She is the Cheung family housekeeper but is more like the siblings' mother as she helps to brings them up. The siblings respect her.

Interesting scenes

The teenage Chi Kong is boiling porridge. Kar Kei clings to him, putting her feet on his toes just like the other normal days. He accidentally scalds her with the porridge. His whole family is dismissed and he can only place a sorry note outside the gate. He babysits Chi Jing well after his mother's death.

Chi Yan sits in Chi Kong's court trial and is impressed on how he presents the case. He manages to let a boy return to his mother's custody. She requests to work in his law firm. Chi Kong is initially impatient when she goes on courtier service to send letters to every floor of the building when both take the same lift. He is too busy to guide her and she is sore over it. Both manage to iron out their differences later.

Chi Kong is concerned when Bo Wing needs to go through a heart bypass operation. He prays hard for his health and puts his suit jacket on him to prevent him from catching a cold. He also places his lucky coin on his palm. He is relieved when Bo Wing is fine.

Kar Kei's boyfriend falls to his death accidentally from his apartment. He has taken naked photos of her before and Kar Hou has confronted him over this. Upon knowing that Kar Kei is suspected of murdering him, Chi Kong comes to visit her. She removes her blouse in front of him to make him guilty. Truly, it affects him when he sees the scars. He recalls how obedient and cute she is in the past.

Chi Kong bears with Kar Kei's attitude. Chi Yan is angry with Kar Kei as she keeps touching Chi Kong's foot. Both women quarrel and slap each other. Chi Kong shakes his head as Chi Yan isn't supposed to hit a client. But Chi Yan doesn't see why he should tolerate her attitude. She reprimands her for throwing her life away and living like a scum.

Chi Kong reminds Kar Kei that her late mother will not want to see her behaving like this. Thus she cooperates with him and makes her his consul. Far Wong is displeased that Chi Kong seizes his chance. Chi Kong manages to get her release and she kisses him out of joy.

Chi Kong gets a bit tipsy after a drink so Chi Yan drives for him. Both get involved in a car accident and are hospitalized. Kar Kei gets wind of the news and confirms her feelings for him. Both embrace in joy. Chi Kong lends Kar Kei all his books and gives her pointers to pass her exams.

Chi Kong lends Chi Yan his pen for her exams. It is Chi Yan's graduation day and she gets first class honours. Chi Kong attends the ceremony. Both are dismayed when she makes a short speech to run away when her mother is absent. Shing ruins her day. She threatens to jump off the building with him and Chi Kong stops her on time. Worrying about her, he follows her the whole day to make sure everything is fine.

Kar Hou sponsors Chi Jing's modeling catwalk event reluctantly. He reaches the venue after a workout and accidentally sprains his ankle when bumping into Chi Jing's colleague. Chi Jing feels bad and gives him some money to see a doctor. He falls for her and even more so when she replaces a model to do the catwalk. He finds chances to meet her and is displeased when she is closer to Fai Wong instead.

Kar Hou is distracted by her beauty when putting a necklace on her. He brings her to a ball and donates money to build a school for the poor in her name. Both have a first dance. A very romantic scene. Fai Wong watches by the side and says nothing.

Kar Hou goes to the old folks' home and is touched to see how Chi Jing helps the needy. He intends to ask her out but she is too busy for him. Getting angry, he takes it out on Chi Wai. He tells Fai Wong about his plans and Fai Wong challenges him to see who can win her over.

Fai Wai lying to his family time after time. His family is simply too believing towards him. Hoi Tou pays him to marry Chi Jing. Unknowingly to him, the process is being recorded. Hoi Tou shows it to Chi Kong, Bo Wing and lastly Hau Yee. Strangely, the two men can still control their emotions but the usually even-tempered Hau Yee smashes the laptop onto the floor, breaking it into pieces!

The rape trial turns in tragedy when Chi Jing goes mad to jump into the fountain. Her two brothers simply can't control her to follow her into it. She simply can't handle the tough questions on her rape incident and is also badly affected by Fai Wong cheating on her before their marriage. A very tragic scene.

Chi Kong can't find Bo Wing everywhere when he doesn't answer his call. He goes on searching for him the whole night but finds him in the mortuary instead. He gets hysterical over this as both are only reunited for just a while. All can feel his grief at the wake.

Kar Hou dating Chi Jing. Knowing that he has problems cycling, she suggests walks instead. He is touched and hugs her. This proud man melts totally in front of her. He tries very hard to win Hau Yee's approval. Noticing that Chi Jing isn't behaving normally as her medicine is switched, Hau Yee calls Kar Hou to find out if anything goes wrong when they date. We can hear his anxious voice over the phone, asking if she has turned for the worse. This poor man doesn't deserve to get killed as he has changed for the better.

Fai Wong normally calls Hau Yee as Aunt Hau like the Chin siblings. However, he calls her mother before his death. She sobs uncontrollably after pulling out his respiratory tube. Tak Han really cried her heart out well as the mother.

Interesting facts

This drama commemorates ATV's 50th anniversary. However, many marvel that almost the whole cast is from ATV. What a surprise! But a few were not in Hong Kong to promote it. It might not be so bad if handled by TVB.

Many noticed that Yip Tuck Han looked tired most of the time in this drama. She did not appear for the promotion for this drama too. But many knew that she had tried her best as she had a turmour in her womb. Many suspected of her not getting along with Oi Ming but Oi Ming denies this rumour.

Tuck Han did not act in dramas for 7 years. She had to get use to the hectic filming life again. Yiu Mun praised her for her professionalism. His bed scenes with Chuk Kei were eye-openers for many.

Most actors are from 'Flaming Brothers'. It is just that Yiu Mun becomes a kind person this time while Hoi Wai just joined ATV to take up a villain role. That gives a refreshing feel. Although he behaved like an introvert child in real life, the producer was confident that he could take up a meat role.

The studio forbid smoking so Yiu Mun stole his chance outside but was caught by Tuck Han. She joked that he should pay the $200 fine to give all a treat. Yiu Mun joked that it was the old rate 7 years ago and should have gone up to $500 or $700.

All called this a new version of 'Flaming brothers'. The storyline is almost the same on sibling rivalry. It talks about the feud of two families, love between 6 people and disputes in court. All have seen this repeatedly in many dramas – how to attract viewers then? Many loved ATV dramas as they talked about the hardship of Hongkongers being the underdog. But the repetitive elements fail to work now.

This drama only garnered 3 points when shown in Hongkong to pit against 'Dicey Business'. It was unfair to the cast indeed. Many did tell Yiu Mun that they watched this drama but many had the habit of choosing TVB dramas instead. Many found the story too predictable to their liking. But Yiu Mun was satisfied that he got good response from the viewers for acting well.

The theme song is called 'Road Diversion' by Yiu Mun. The subtheme is 'People Wandering Around' by Hoi Wai. I prefer the themesong as it is very pleasant to listen to.


Many scenes were redundant. 20 episodes will be perfect. 40 episodes is too much. No wonder its rating was so bad in Hong Kong. The fault doesn't lie with the cast but with the script writer. I watched 'Gone with the wind' through DVDs and this drama from television at the same time. Oh – how many similarities have I discovered! How can they just recycle so many parts?

It tries to show that people should not regard riches too seriously. Every evil person has a kind soul. Fai Wong can be wicked but he is kind to his mother. In fact, he tries hard to prove that he is superior than Chi Kong in order to please her to study law.

It is right to choose Yiu Mun to act as a kind and upright person seeking for justice. He places in his best and improves well. If not, all will think that he is just reprising his role as in 'Flaming Brothers'. But other than that, nothing else fails to attract me. With court scenes completely eliminated in the last few episodes, the luring factor turns nil.

I am sick of stories that show the feud between two brothers. I agree with many others. It has too much repetition in the storyline. How likely will two characters in reality have a chance in giving birth to twins? Three characters (the siblings and Fai Wong) are affected with diseases or accidents that make their legs unable to walk normally. I found that the storylines will be ruined without these factors but it's just so unbelievable. How far can this happen in real life?

Fai Wong's ordeal is the same as what happens to Lui Chun Hin's character in 'Return to the truth' shot in 1991. Can't the producer offer something new? I feel that I am being transported to the 80s or 90s. That is why I sometimes go for old ATV dramas even though they can be as old as 30 years old. I always try to give ATV dramas chances but often get let down so frequently.

If not for the 3 young and handsome actors who put up a brilliant performance, I could have stopped watching midway. The ending is as soapy as Taiwanese dramas with too many flashbacks. My younger brother who was watching with me over Singaporean television first started with anticipation but later ended up with resentment to stop midway upon seeing how slow the pace was. Moreover, I hate the hanging ending as Chi Yan isn't found. Argh!

I have thought that a new cast is able to salvage the situation but they prove me wrong. Upon seeing the starting scene of how Chi Kong reminds Fai Wong of his evil deeds through flashbacks, I shake my head. This technique is simply out-dated and it completely ruins the pleasure of watching as many beans are spilled. If this practice of below average production continues, how is it going to compete with TVB?

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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