Return of the Undercover Agents

Reviewed by: sukting

June 14, 2008

Rating: two-point-five


This is the continuation of ‘The four constables’ made in 1984. ATV shot it after the former’s success. Can you accept a new cast and a story? My cousin mentioned to me about it. She had watched it on tape many years ago. I only managed to catch 1/2 of it with her due to exams then. Thus I apologise for missing parts although I had referred to some China websites and my cousin for most of the synopsis.


Marquis Zhu Ge and his disciples retreat to the countryside after the elimination of the 13 killers. The emperor faces another crisis and Marquis Chu Got has to return to court. But being well-versed in fortune telling, he foresees that he will not live long so he has other plans. The emperor isn’t convinced and gets his royal physician to check on his health constantly. (Remember that he forces the poison to his feet in the earlier segment? Although he recovers, the poison still remains in his blood.)

The first episode is very fascinating. The Marquis is practicing his skills in the garden. Many masked men appear and attack him. The Marquis cannot avoid them and they keep leaving points on his different acu points. Later the physician appears to declare him in the pink of health. The Marquis sighs – he knows his condition well and knows that he can’t hold out for too long.

The other three return to the capital quickly. Mou Qing is staying at a faraway temple so the news has not reached him. He goes to a lantern festival out of boredom and gets attracted to the talented Mei Yee. He only admires her and she hasn’t noticed him. Before reaching home, she and her maid, Chun Tou are harassed by hooligans so Zhui Ming comes to their aid.

Unknown to both constables, she is actually a courtesan and is Kiu’s favorite. But once she is back at the brothel, she is a spitfire and is harsh to all her customers. Her maid and bodyguard, Chun Tou helps her from their harassment. Tiet Shou charges into her room but can’t affirm Kiu’s identity as she refuses to reveal to him.

Chong Kong is bitter over his past defeat by Chu Got in getting the Marquis position. So he sets up an secret evil set although he is an official. His children are his capable helpers. His elder son, Kiu is a good-for-nothing who loves to squander his money at the brothel but he dotes on his only son to allow that. His younger daughter, Yan Yin is willful but disapproves Kiu’s ways.

The three constables protect their master whenever he goes. But alas, they are attacked by many masked men one day. The Marquis is seriously injured with a knife stabbed in his stomach and the physicians can’t find a cure for him. Mou Qing plans to set off from the temple when receiving The Marquis’s letter. He is brought to his wheelchair by a sedan.

Sensing something amiss, he fights off his attackers and sits on the wheelchair. His arms are tied by the metal pieces strapped to his wheelchair but he manages to break free to injure the attackers to hurry back. What greets him at home is his master’s tablet and his juniors burning incense papers. Too grieved over his demise, Mou Qing falls off his wheelchair to kneel with them, vowing to seek out the killers. (I must say that Kam is really good in this scene.)

The constables discuss among themselves – The Marquis has two bitter enemies. One is Chong Kong while the other is Tin Long. Tiet Shou doubt that Tin Long will do such a thing. The Marquis has defeated him many years back to banish him out of the Central Plains. It is heard that he learns special sword skills with a samurai but they have yet to see him. Lang Huet recalls sparring with a young man who arms with a samurai sword before he returns – can this man be Tin Long’s disciple to seek revenge?!

The emperor has difficulty finding the suitable person to replace the Marquis. The four are not in the mood to discuss till the funeral is over. Mou Qing kneels at the altar burning the incense papers. He struggles to crawl to his master’s tablet to touch it and bursts into tears. Tiet Shou practices his fist skills in the garden to vent his frustrations. Zhui Ming enters the Marquis’s room to fold his clothes while Lang Huet goes to the funeral ground to make sure that the pit is ready. (This scene shows well how they respect their master.)

This is the day of the funeral. The Sheung Gun siblings turn up on their father’s behalf so the constables allow them to make their offerings. To their dismay, The Sheung Gun members place a red cloth that has the Chinese word ‘joy’ over their beloved master’s coffin. Thus both parties go to blows. After the siblings open the coffin to find the corpse wearing the Marquis’s famous jade belt, they are pleased to confirm the Marquis’s death and leave. The four constables are crestfallen that they fail to protect their master in death.

The emperor arranges a match among the constables to see who is the most skilled to take over the Marquis’s position. (It is the most meaningless and ridiculous way chosen. I thought it is supposed to be based on their wits to solve a case?! What if the four are power hungry to hurt or kill each other?! The emperor might end up with no successor – this emperor is really brainless!)

The four deliberately give in to each other. So the emperor decides to give ALL of them the honor of keeping the Marquis title temporary! (I have thought that the post should go to Mou Qing as he is the eldest disciple. But after seeing him losing to Tiet Shou in the match, I guess the title to go to him. Why this result?! Urgh – then the matches should not take place at all!) Chong Kong is baffled by the result but he decides not to spare ANY constable.

All constables leave the capital. Lang Huet meets the young swordsman. He is Cheng Mun and admits to be Tin Long’s disciple but denies harming the Marquis. Mou Qing is amused by a person who craves on a rock to claim that he is Siu Chu Got. He gets to know that he is his junior uncle’s only disciple. He claims to match Mou Qing's master in skills. Mou Qing wins him marginally and brings him home.

Zhui Ming passes an escort agency to find all the members dead. He comes to blows with Chau Sam who mistakes him as the killer. Chau Sam realizes her mistake when the town constables come to greet him.

Worrying for her safety, Zhui Ming suggests to her coming along with him after her family’s funeral. She agrees and is grateful to him for helping her to check into this case. Sure enough, he gets injured when attacked. Due to this delay, Zhui Ming is unable to attend for the dinner that the emperor confers the title to them. Chong Kong attends and is annoyed when Siu Chu Kot gets in his way.

Siu Chu Got shows his wisdom in many areas. He even states that he has not heard of Chong Kong’s name before even though he is as famous as the Marquis! Chong Kong sends killers to kill them but the constables put their skills to good use. Mou Qing uses his wits to grab the fireworks that Siu Chu Got has to thrust at the killers. Cheng Mun also saves Lang Huet by helping him. Both become friends.

The constables go to Sheung Gun family as they see one killer running back to their house. Yan Yin lures Lang Huet to get into her room and spars with him. She deliberately removes her outer clothing and frames Lang Huet for molesting her. Lang Huet can’t explain himself in front of everyone as Chong Kong pretends to be magnanimous to let him off.

Although the emperor forgives him for his ‘outrageous act’, Lang Huet is mad for being wronged. The other constables are angry over Lang Huet’s plight while the Sheung Guns celebrate their success.

Lang Huet tails Yan Yin and attacks her. To teach her a lesson, first he takes the hair ornament from her hair, then her earrings and finally her outer clothing!! Since she frames him, he doesn’t mind really doing it to spite her back. After Lang Huet throws her clothes back at her, Yan Yin runs away in shame. (This scene is really funny to show her fear and not arrogance!But can a constable be so rash? Is he afraid to get another complain?)

Chau Sam nurses Chui Ming back to health. She is upset when she has to close down the escort agency as the others leave because of poor business. She wants to take down the agency signboard but Chui Ming stops her. He injures his hand in the process again and advises her to keep the business going as not to let her father down.

At this time,they receive the invitation by the emperor in inviting her late father to contend for the Marquis post. They manage to capture one killer but Yin Yan kills him on their way back. So their clue ends here.

Zhui Ming is unable to stop Yan Yin as she escapes with Guai’s help. Both return home and Siu Chu Got is attracted to Chau Sam’s beauty. He keeps pestering her from then on.

The four constables suspect that Chau Sam’s father is murdered by Chong Kong to prevent him from joining the competition. That leaves Chong Kong the only person available for the Marquis post.

All the court officials want Chong Kong to take over the post. However, the emperor agrees to give Chau Sam a chance to compete against Chong Kong. Chau Sam knows her limits so she pushes Siu Chu Got to replace her as he is a better choice. (I am astonished by the flow of events. Can anyone get this Marquis qualification anyhow?!Why isn’t any among the 4 constables nominated? This is so ridiculous!)

Both men are at par for poetry and are to be tested for traps the next day. Siu Chu Got‘s martial arts skills are bad so he has to think of a trap to lock him in it. Siu Chu Got loses the second test when Chong Kong breaks all the traps and all are disappointed when Chong Kong is announced as the winner. More so when they are forced to give up the Marquis signboard to Chong Kong to hang at his home.

The four constables attend Chong Kong’s celebration feast unwillingly. Kiu intends to poison them to death but Chong Kong discovers to prevent this from happening. (The pot calling the kettle black. My cousin said he reprimanded his son for being reckless but didn't he try to murder the constables earlier too?)

Having all of them dead in one night will arouse suspicion. Lang Huet can’t bear with the insults and storms out. Yan Yin is after his blood as she can’t forget the humiliation he gives her but is not his match. Luckily Guai comes to her aid.

Knowing that Zhui Ming is very unhappy, Chau Sam drinks with him. Siu Chu Got is unhappy to see this while seeing them so intimate while this reminds Mou Qing of Mei Yee. He equally feels miserable over what has happened and goes to the wine inn, yearning for a drink. He happens to see Mei Yee leaving there and wonders where she stays. Kiu plans to kidnap Mei Yee and Chun Tou is not his subordinates’ match.

Mou Qing comes to her aid and rescues Mei Yee. Worrying for her safety, he accompanies her back. (It is touching when both steal glances at each other as they move side by side.) Mei Yee doesn’t wish him to know that she is a courtesan so she stops him midway. Seeing that she drops her hairpin, Mou Qing picks it and brings it home. He keeps thinking of her.

The four constables decide to resign from their posts but the emperor wishes them to assist Chong Kong. They have to stay on against their wishes and frown. Zhui Ming and Chau Sam have a leisure walk. Kiu is attracted to her beauty and wants to get fresh with her. He hasn't turn up for his father’s coronation ceremony so he hasn’t seen her before. Zhui Ming and Yan Yin manage to stop him.

Tiet Shou is also furious over what has happened but advises Zhui Ming not to be rash. Zhui Ming tries reasoning out with Chong Kong in vain. Cheng Mun befriends Chong Kong and Chong Kong intends to make use of him to deal with the constables after knowing that he is Tin Long’s disciple.

Zhui Ming wants to find out the relationship between Lang Huet and Cheng Mun. The other constables confront Lang Huet over it, wanting him to hand Cheng Mun over. They have suspected him to be in charge of Marquix Chu Got’s killing. He refuses to give in and assures Cheng Mun that he trusts him. Chau Sam tails them and is discovered by Cheng Mun.

Cheng Mun suspects her to be an enemy and kicks her down the cliff. Upon knowing the truth, he and Lang Huet hurry to save her but they can’t find her. She is rescued by Mei Yee. Chong Kong locks Cheng Mun up after knowing that he is Lang Huet’s friend. Tiet Shou and Zhui Ming are out to search for the missing Chau Sam.

Chong Kong gets a man to disguise as Cheng Mun and Lang Huet could have been killed if not for the other constables. Mou Qing isn’t that anxious as he predicts that she will return home soon.

Guai wants to bring Yan Yin away. Chong Kong objects as he has treated Yan Yin even better than Kiu. He has treated this father and daughter well. His wife has let him down by committing adultery with Guai. Chong Kong doesn’t forgive his wife till her death. Guai has rendered his services for 10 over years. He even disfigured himself out of remorse but he doesn’t want his daughter to behave like Chong Kong. Kiu has overheard everything.

Chong Kong wants Kiu to keep it a secret as he still wants to make use of them. Mei Yee still gives Kiu the cold shoulder. Chau Sam is grateful to her for saving her. Lang Huet is recovering but he is bitter over what has happened. Zhui Ming meets Mei Yee again and recalls the past. He likes her and only treats Chau Sam like a younger sister. Mou Qing is taken aback to know that Mei Yee is Chau Sam’s life savior.

Yan Yin visits Cheng Mun in the lockup and strikes him. Guai is chilled upon seeing her so vicious and tries in vain to change her. Yan Yin doesn’t like him to discipline her and talks back at him. She wants Chong Kong to drive him away but he tells her to apologize to him. The constables find it fishy that Chong Kong captures Cheng Mun for them and suspect Cheng Mun for being framed. Tiet Shou requests to meet him in prison but gets rejected. Lang Huet seizes the time when they are talking to meet Cheng Mun.

Cheng Mun maintains his innocence. Mou Qing suspects that Chong Kong is afraid of Tin Long so he doesn’t dare to kill Cheng Mun. The three constables rescue Cheng Mun out but Chau Sam is abducted this time too. Luckily the constables comes to her rescue, fighting against Chong Kong openly. The impostor Chong Kong is playing chess with the emperor in the palace, losing the chess game. The constables and Siu Chu Got come to complain about the case but are startled to see him there.

Cheng Mun stays at the Marquis’s residence but nearly comes to blows with Chau Sam. Luckily, all clear the air. Cheng Mun starts to think of Yan Yin and discovers that he likes her. (Yan Yin treats him better after Chong Kong talks to her.) Siu Chu Got wears Tiet Shou's mask to convince the emperor of Chong Kong’s scheme but we know the villain still can get away with a reason somehow. Chau Sam gives Mei Yee a jade pendant as a gift.

Kiu’s henchman is here to kidnap Mei Yee but Chun Tou discovers him so he has to flee. Zhui Ming shows interest in Mei Yee when coming to fetch Chau Sam back. Chau Sam is jealous to see that. Zhui Ming has an argument with Chau Sam as she doesn’t want to return home but he insists because of her safety.

The Sheung Guns discover that the coffin is empty so Cheng Mun isn’t dead as the constables claim to have found. Well, as same as before, the constables are able to come up with an excuse to cover up. Mei Yee is reluctant when knowing that the four constables are leaving and requests Chau Sam to arrange a meeting with Mou Qing. Both of them meet by the river. Mou Qing doesn’t look down on her even after knowing her identity. Both have a meal in her room. Zhui Ming buys a bangle for Mei Yee to come too.

Mou Qing only maintains that he treats her as a friend. Since he is Mou Qing, he will never be sentimental. (Sigh – why must he lie between his teeth?) She voices out that she will not forget him although she can’t help feeling disappointed. Zhui Ming hears of their conversation and leaves the bangle at her door. Mou Qing tries to stop Zhui Ming from drinking and both break a pot of wine as they pull it! Mei Yee guesses wrongly that Zhui Ming wants her to pass the bangle to Chau Sam so Chau Sam is delighted.

Tiet Shou and Chau Sam are surprised to see a drunken Zhui Ming upon reaching home. Zhui Ming is upset to see the bangle on Chau Sam’s hand and makes a fuss at Mei Yee. Official Lam and the emperor advise Mou Qing from leaving the capital in vain. Mou Qing shakes his head upon seeing the emperor trusting Chong Kong. Siu Chu Got leaves home secretly, wanting to get a secret manual from the west mountain. Mou Qing stops him in vain although he tries to use force on him as the place is too dangerous.

Siu Chu Got is attacked by Sheung Gun siblings. They seize Siu Chu Got’s secret map. Mou Qing doesn’t dare to throw his secret darts at them as they hold Siu Chu Got as hostage. But Siu Chu Got finds a chance to get away from them and Mou Qing manages to get his baggage back. All shake their heads over how impulsive Siu Chu Got is. Lang Huet passes by Mrs Sheung Gun’s grave to hear a wailing Guai revealing Yan Yin’s parentage. He agrees not to disclose to her but agrees to help to bring her to the right path.

Chong Kong practiced his skills and he neglected his wife. His friend, Guai come to console her but they end up in love. (Isn’t this similar at Mou Dik’s encounter too in ‘Reincarnated’?) Mrs Sheung Gun shields Guai from getting killed to get killed herself when their affair is discovered. Guai becomes a hunchback after this and stays with the Sheung Gun to pretend to be Yan Yin’s servant to face her daily. The four constables attend their farewell feast to point out Chong Kong as their master’s murderer in front of the emperor and Chong Kong. (Can we believe that they can be so stupid?)

Kiu captures Lang Huet with his men at the palace entrance when he leaves as he labels him for showing disrespect to Chong Kong. Lang Huet nearly reveals Yan Yin’s parentage upon seeing how badly she treats Guai. The others are mad to know that Lang Huet is going to be executed the next day – in fact Tiet Shou is so furious that he tears the public notice! Chong Kong arranges to kill Lang Huet the night before the execution. A masked man rescues him.

He is Marquis Chu Got! He has faked his death to lure Chong Kong to show his true colours. He has deceived the imperial physician by eating a drug that feigns death to wake up a day later. His attackers are sent by Chong Kong indeed and it takes him some time to recover from the attack. He has predicted Chong Kong to seize his position but never expect Chong Kong to be so ambitious to control the emperor.

Official Lam is the only other person to know of this and has wanted him to hide till the dog star is bright in the sky. So Marquis Chu Got wants Lang Huet to keep his existence from the others so as not to implicate them. He is still coming up with a plan to counterattack Chong Kong. If not for Lang Huet in danger, he will not show his face. (Huh? What kind of master is this?!To conceal in the dark like a fugitive and to land all his disciples in danger?)

Tiet Shou also wonders who rescues Lang Huet and drinks at an inn miserably. He is glad to know that Cheng Mun and Lang Huet are safe. Both constables come up with a plan. The other constables are removed from their positions by the emperor and forced to move out of the Marquis’s residence. All refuse to hand in their constable passes. Tiet Shou explains that they have burned their passes to pay respects to their master. (These four are not scared of being beheaded – to destroy the passes that the emperor has bestowed on them without telling him!)

Chong Kong is pleased that he doesn’t think that he is the culprit for Marquis Chu Got’s nurder. He lies that he doesn’t want to lose his glory and wants to work for Chong Kong. Chong Kong decides to reinstate his position and he is to stay with him. He reveals Lang Huet’s whereabouts to them and he fights with Lang Huet but gives him a chance to escape. Chong Kong also suspects Tiet Shou’s motive and doesn’t have complete trust in him.

Zhui Ming and Chau Sam decide to seek out her family’s murderers. Mou Qing and Siu Chu Got will go to the west mountains. They are shocked that Tiet Shou is going to work for Chong Kong. Zhui Ming is very angry and fights with him. Mou Qing is also disappointed in him. Zhui Ming and Chau Sam stay with Mei Yee temporary. Mei Yee is worried that Mou Qing goes to such a dangerous place despite his disability. Mou Qing worries that they can’t reach the west mountains as it is too smooth sailing so far.

Chong Kong wants Tiet Shou to stop them. He forces Mou Qing out of his wheelchair and captures them back. See how ruthless he has become – he pushes Mou Qing aside and even steps on him! Kiu is pleased when watching secretly and informs the others. Chun Tou tells the others the bad news. Zhui Ming is surpsied to know that Mei Yee is also highly skilled when she is in the masked clothes and Chau Sam isn’t pleased to see them so intimate. (Please forgive me for forgetting on why she gets poisoned to get nearly kidnapped by Kiu since she is highly skilled and why she becomes a courtesan.)

The Sheung Gun silings are after their heels and Mei Yee refuses to go to Kiu’s side although he promises not to harm her. Zhui Ming’s arm is injured during the process and even loses Mei Yee to them this time as the rest faint due to the poisonous fumes. Mou Qing is sorry for implicating Mei Yee but she doesn’t regret her choice. Kiu sneers at her for liking a cripple. Kiu uses Mou Qing as a hostage to force Mei Yee to yield to him. (What a specal way to place a poisonous snake on Mou Qing to threaten her!)

Kiu promises to let Mou Qing go but he gets his men to try to kill Mou Qing but Yan Yin stops them. (I start to find Mou Qing to be a coward for depending on 2 women to save him.) Chau Sam sees Mei Yee with Kiu and hurries to inform Zhui Ming. Tiet Shou refuses to help and Man Yee is angry with Kiu for not keeping his promise when seeing Yan Yin with Mou Qing.

Yan Yin decides to make Mou Qing marry Mei Yee so as to end Kiu’s love for her. If he doesn’t agree, she will disfigure Mei Yee. Mou Qing has to disagree reluctantly. She wants Kiu to be the person to officiate the wedding ceremony. (My jaws drop uopn seeing how they bow to each other and get married! But getting Kiu to be the matchmaker is the most classic arrangement. ) Kiu storms away angrily as he will never forget this humiliation. Yan Yin derives pleasure in locking them up together. Mou Qing tells Mei Yee not to take it to heart since they are forced due to circumstances. Mei Yee is in tears after hearing that.

Chong Kong tells Yan Yin to give wine to the emperor. Tiet Shou stops in time and Guai knows that Chong Kong tries to frame Yan Yin to get humiliated by the emperor. (The wine is supposed to make both lustful but Yan Yin runs away in shame just on time.) So the emperor is blackmailed by the Sheung Guns. (the emperor’s fear is totally unfounded – he is the emperor so who dares to say him as he can do what he likes?!) Yan Yin feels shameful over it. He has to give both men extra titles to keep their mouths shut.

After Chong Kong deceives Yan Yin, she forgives him and still works for him. Guai is shattered that his daughter harbours over riches to become so evil. He decides to poison Chong Kong but nearly gets
killed instead. Why? Yan Yin grabs the cup and wants to drink with her father! Yan Yin beats him up but Chong Kong lets him go. Chong Kong takes this chance to throw discord among the two.

Kiu wants to force himself on Mei Yee in front of Mou Qing but luckily Chong Kong and Yan Yee stop him on time. (Good grief – Mou Qing is powerless to stop this.) Mou Qing and Man Yee refuse to tell them where Zhui Ming hides. Zhui Ming discovers that the handkerchief that Chau Sam uses to clean his blood turns out to be a map. This handkerchief is given to her when young and the two start to analyse it. Zhui Ming discovers that it is the same map that Siu Chu Got holds as he has seen it before.

Chong Kong doesn’t want Kiu to ruin his future over a courtesan but Kiu doesn’t listen to him. Lang Huet has a talk with Chong Kong and will also work for him to end his fugitive life. He ropes in Cheng Mun to join him. Cheng Mun agrees as he also likes Yan Yin. (Things get so complicated!!) Yan Yin is angered to see him again and vows never to work with him.

Guai knows the two constables’ motive for joining the Sheung Guns and agrees to help them. Yan Yin tries to kill Lang Huet at night in vain. She still looks down on Cheng Mun. Marquis Chu Got suspects that the emperor is poisoned so saving him is the first priority. (why doesn’t he do it himself?! Because he keeps suffering from relapses.) Lang Huet and Cheng Mun discuss over the matter.

A drunken Kiu tries to rape Mei Yee in the cell but Lang Huet stops him on time. (I really moan at this – how can Mou Qing allow this to happen in front of him TWICE?!) Yan Yin stops them from fighting further and complains to Chong Kong. Siu Chu Got and Mou Qing have a stomach ache because both are poisoned. They are brought out of the cell, forced to get the manual from the west mountain.

Zhui Ming discovers that Yan Yin tails him and wants to hurt her. Luckily Lang Huet comes to her aid to bring her back. Zhui Ming forces Kiu’s henchman to tell him the antidote to clear the poison. It takes two days to produce the antidote as this man wants him to get the herbs. Yan Yin is grateful to Lang Huet for saving her and he even teaches her steps to heal on her own. Zheng Mun is also concerned and is relieved that she recovers well. Lang Huet still can’t stand her cold attitude towards Guai. She is interested in him now and Cheng Mun can tell that. What Kiu’s henchman has made is poison – he has tricked Zhui Ming.

Zhui Ming is blinded temperory after the attack. Lang Huet sees that Yan Yin has recovered after he passes some of his innerstrength to her. She decides to become a better person under his advice. Zhui Ming recovers under Chau Sam’s care and wants to save the others in haste. But his sight isn’t fully restored and he is nearly killed even with her help. Lang Huet saves them out as a masked man but his arm is injured.

Kiu’s henchman is about to question him when Yan Yin intervenes. Chau Sam is heartbroken when Zhui Ming calls out Mei Yee’s name in his sleep. Kiu is mad when Siu Chu Got complains that he is slow because his shoes are torn. Mou Qing suppresses his anger when Kiu’subordinates remove his shoes since he has no use for them! Marquis Chu Got wants Lang Huet to get hold of Chong Kong’s army pendant as he knows that Chong Kong is staging a rebellion.

Cheng Mun tells Yan Yin that Lang Huet hasn’t liked her as she is too willful when he is drunk. She is upset over it and wants to kill him. Lang Huet is caught when trying to get the pendant during the commotion. Cheng Mun beats him up under Chong Kong’s command but he doesn’t say a word. Yan Yin takes over to hit his temple to make him faint. Tiet Shou and Cheng Mun want to set Lang Huet free but he worries that both of them can’t answer to Chong Kong. So he returns to the cell.

Yan Yin comes to visit him and asks why he betrays her father. But she promises to help him and gets healing medicine from Kiu’s henchman to treat him. She accuses Cheng Mun for betraying his friend but he maintains his innocence. She wants to kill him but Chong Kong stops her. Siu Chu Got flees while Mou Qing is in pain as the poison starts to work now. So does Siu Chu Got that he has to return to Kiu too.

Chau Sam decides to go to rescue Mei Yee because she sees Zhui Ming pinning for her. Luckily he stops her on time. Cheng Mun can’t see Lang Huet without the visitor summon. Yan Yin hints to Lang Huet that she is willing to leave the Sheung Guns if he takes her away. She has never question Chong Kong’s deeds but starts to ponder now. Chong Kong reprimands her for nursing Lang Huet and Tiet Shou hears that.

Mou Qing examines the map that Siu Chu Got has to find a way out. But the most important thing is they have to clear the poison. Mou Qing tears the map in front of Kiu and he has to make sure that they are alive to lead the way. (I find it stupid – Kiu should have seized the map and kill them to save the trouble.) Lang Huet is surprised when Yan Yin and Cheng Mun want to rescue him out of prison. She can’t bear to let him die while he doesn’t wish to implicate her. Lang Huet requests her to set Mei Yee free too.

Tiet Shou decides to join in the rescue. Yan Yin bades her late mother farewell as she will not return. She feels that Chong Kong doesn’t dote on her anymore. Their rescue is nearly hindered by Chong Kong if not for Guai’s help as Chong Kong nearly wants to kill Yan Yin. Lang Huet tells Yan Yin to be filial to Guai who is seriously injured for her. They decide to join Zhui Ming and Chau Sam the next day. (Where they seek refuge – right at the Marquis villa in the east mountains! Aren’t they scared to get caught again?!)

Tiet Shou stops Mei Yee from walking in the brothel as it is sealed. (Both look like a pair here as he holds her arm!) they set out to look for them. Zhui Ming is partially recovered but flees when Kiu’s henchmen come over. The women shield him from the attack in vain and all are caught. His old wounds tear again. Luckily Lang Huet and Tiet Shou come on time so Zhui Ming realises that he has wronged them. But he finds it hard to trust Tiet Shou again.

Chau Sam is still hostile to Yan Yin as she can’t forgive Chong Kong for killing her family. Yan Yin hopes that the constables will not kill Chong Kong if they capture him. Lang Huet gives her the promise if he repents. All decide to lie down for the time being. Tiet Shou has a long talk with Zhui Ming to dispel all his doubts. Tiet Shou doesn’t blame him as he is ignorant over what happens. Zhui Ming is thankful that he hasn’t ruin his plan. Yan Yin will treat Guai like her godfather as he treats her so well. Lang Huet hugs her close to him, relived that she is finally sensible and both become a couple.

Zhui Ming asks if there is only Mou Qing in Mei Yee’s heart. She confesses yes and love affairs can’t be compelled. This also wakes Chau Sam up when hearing this to advise Zhui Ming to do the same. Chun Tou is out to get food for them when she reads the notice on capturing the constables. She gets killed by Kiu’s henchman. Mei Yee isn’t at ease when she isn’t back and sneaks out at night with Chau Sam to look for her. They are stunned to find her corpse tying at the gate as a bait to lure them out. The guys reprimand them for being impulsive while Chau Sam blames this on Chong Kong.

They check out that Mou Qing and Siu Chu Got will be back on boat so they will rescue them then. Lang Huet wants Yan Yin to stay to prevent conflicting with Kiu directly. They gain success this time but Kiu refuses to admit defeat. Kiu’s henchman hands out the antidote. Tiet Shou is smart – he forces Kiu and his henchmen to swallow the tablets before giving Mou Qing and Siu Chu Got to be sure it is the real thing.
All decide to leave to the emperor to decide Chong Kong’s fate if they capture him.

Yan Yin leaves upon seeing the others refusing to forgive her father. Chau Sam runs after her, thinking that she wants to disclose to Chong Kong their whereabouts. Both women fight and Lang Huet is forced to disclose her parentage to Yan Yin to prevent her from killing herself to atone for Chong Kong’s sins. She finally acknowledges Guai as her father in tears and clings close to Lang Huet.

The four constables pay their respects to their master over his 100 days’death. Lang Huet has to suppress his urge to tell them that Marquis Chu Got isn’t dead. (A terrible master to force his disciple to keep from the rest.) Guai dies and is contented to hear Yan Yin calling him father. She will find a chance to bury him and her mother to make sure that they are together again.

Chau Sam apologises to Yan Yin for her rashness. Tin Long visits Chong Kong so Chong Kong creates discord between him and the constables. Tin Long is still bitter over his defeat by Marquis Chu Got many years back. Kiu calls Yan Yin a rascal but declares that he loves her since she isn’t his sister. (Mrs Sheung Gun is his step-mother and not his natural mother so they have no blood relations at all. But this man is very fickleminded to change his targets fast! )

Zhui Ming and Lang Huet hear the wolf flute music at night to sense something amiss. Cheng Mun knows that it is Tin Long so he goes out to meet him. Tin Long is furious that his disciple goes against him to beat him up. He is seriously injured. Marquis Chu Got frowns upon knowing that Tin Long is here from Lang Huet. Knowing that Lang Huet is very troubled, Yan Yin tries her best to console him.

The women discuss among themselves. Now Chong Kong has the secret manual, they can only hope to exchange Kiu with it. They are not afraid of death and will help the men. The emperor is trapped and doesn’t know what to do. (The women are chivalrous indeed – unlike the emperor who is so timid.) Yan Yin reveals to Chau Sam that it is Kiu who kills her whole family.

She slaps him in rage till he vomits blood but Zhui Ming stops her in time – they can’t ruin their chance for the next day. Mou Qing understands how she feels and hopes to seek redress for her. Mei Yee wonders why he hasn’t planned for himself. Mou Qing can’t as he doesn’t want to be a burden on others. She finds him very selfish as she is torturing her and himself. This wakes Zhui Ming up when hearing them.

Zhui Ming realises that he likes Chau Sam and bares his feelings to her. The constables want the women to stay but they insist of going. Lang Huet doesn’t join the others in offering the joss sticks to his master. (He is disgusted with his master for being selfish.) and gives excuses to set off earlier. Cheng Mun also comes along although his injury isn’t fully recovered as he isn’t sure what his master is up to. They set Kiu free and want the army seal. Kiu yells when his father refuses to save him in exchange – he finally knows that he is adopted and isn’t his real son.

Cheng Mun wants to stick through thick and thin with the others so he refuses to follow his master. This part makes me laugh – Kiu’s henchman is so distracted by the news that he sets the explosives on fire unknowingly! The two old men quarrel now as not to set off the explosvies that they have set earlier as Tin Long doesn’t want his disciple dead. A masked man comes to save them and spars with Tin Long.

Yan Yin is seriously injured when trying to stop Chong Kong from killing Lang Huet. Siu Chu Got recgonises Marquis Chu Got’s voice when he tells them to leave. But he can’t believe his ears so he doesn’t tell the others. Mou Qing wonders who is the masked man who rescues them. (Stupid man – can’t he recognise his master’s skills or build? So are the rest too!) Kiu’s henchman recognises the masked man who also saves Lang Huet the last time.

Tiet Shou and Cheng Mun are at a loss when all medical halls refuse to sell the medicine to them to cure Yan Yin’s wounds. They end up asking the emperor for it by sneaking into the palace. (These two are really smart to find their way out!) Lang Huet walks out to take a break after taking care of Yan Yin the whole night while Cheng Mun takes over. Yan Yin clings to his elbow, thinking that he is Lang Huet. (Sigh – why always reuse this ploy repeatedly?)

Siu Chu Got instigates Chau Sam to kill Kiu in the wilds – she should not let him off. The constables do not blame Chau Sam for killing him as he isn’t of any use to them now and he is indeed in charge of her family’s killings. They do not see why they should stop her from seeking revenge. Yan Yin dies peacefully in Lang Huet’s hands as her injuries are too serious. Lang Huet finally reveals that Marquis Chu Got is still alive and all long to meet him. Lang Huet blames the Marquis for Yan Yin’s death while the rest believe that he has his reason for hiding from them. Still, they desire to meet him again.

Kiu’s henchman tries to force the truth out of Official Lam to no avail so he tails him to Marquis Chu Got’s hideout. He immediately returns home with the news. Marquis Chu Got senses danger so he leaves quickly with Official Lam. The four constables are stunned not to find their master there but to face Chong Kong instead. Once again, Mou Qing sets out explosives to help all to escape.

Lang Huet and Cheng Mun visit Yan Yin’s grave. Cheng Mun buries a hairpin that he has gotten for her at the grave. Chau Sam passes Yan Yin’s handkerchief to Lang Huet as a keepstake but he gives it to Cheng Mun as he feels that he is a better person to have it. Siu Chu Got still hasn’t given up on Chau Sam. Mei Yee is sewing clothes for Mou Qing when Chau Sam comes to her for a chat. She is happy for Chau Sam but knows that she has nothing out with Mou Qing.

Chong Kong holds the emperor hostage. The constables manage to save the emperor out. Unknown to them, they have placed the emperor in the wrong hands of an evil official. The official surrenders the emperor to Chong Kong. Tiet Shou and Zhui Ming are nearly poisoned to death by the evil general.
Tiet Shou gets so angry that he kills him. (This is the first time I see him so worked up.)

All can’t find a way to save the emperor as he is guarded by Tin Long and others. The person in the sedan isn’t the emperor but Kiu’s henchman. Chau Sam is poisoned but doesn’t wish Zhui Mingto suck out the blood for her. She even puts the sword around her neck to threaten him to back off. He doesn’t dare to leave her alone but the rest are not worried when both are not back yet.

To save Lang Huet, Cheng Mun has to return to Tin Long. Chau Sam becomes very weak and Zhui Ming tries to get the medicine for her. Cheng Mun leaves upon seeing that he is unable to persuade Tin Long. Marqis Chu Got returns to his disciples but they advise him to hide himself but he will still have to show up to save the emperor. Chau Sam dies and Zhui Ming vows to seek revenge for her.

Marquis Chu Got senses that Mei Yee likes Mou Qing and encourages him to accept her. Mou Qing doesn’t want her to endanger her life for him as he is a constable. Mei Yee is delighted that Marquis Chu Got approves of her. All dissuade Zhui Ming from resigning from his constable post when he is back. He is disillusioned over Chau Sam’s death. Siu Chu Got is upset to know about it.

Chong Kong goes to his wife’s grave and brags about his victory. Siu Chu Got notices that another map is formed on Yan Yin’s handkerchief as it has Lang Huet’s blood on it. (She uses it to cover his wound. Why on earth all these women’s handkerchieves have maps on them?!) The emperor is about to annouce that he is going to transfer his throne to Chong Kong. Marquis Chu Got appears to stop this.

Both parties get into a fight to turn chaotic.The officials look at each other, not knowing what to do. Marquis Chu Got fights with Chong Kong. He emerges the loser as there are too many archers to get captured so that the constables can rescue the emperor. Marquis Chu Got refuses to deflect to Chong Kong even when Tin Long tries to persuade him. The emperor reinstates the constables’ positions so that the other officials will work with them. Siu Chu Got stays to protect the emperor.

The constables and Cheng Mun set off to try to rescue their master. They are surrounded again by Chong Kong’s men. Marquis Chu Got remains calm as they retreat without him again. (Can’t believe they are a bunch of fools to just charge in Sheung Gun residence like that without a backup plan.) Siu Chu Got works accordingly to the emperor’s plan to leave and look for more clues with the map.

Mou Qing wants to stop him but Mei Yee doubts Siu Chu Got will listen to him. Seeing him so worried over him, she puts her hand over his hand to reassure him that all will be fine. Tin Long starts to fee lthat Chong Kong is evil so he rescues Marquis Chu Got out. Marquis Chu Got will not spar with him. Chong Kong jumps upon knowing this. Here comes the confrontation of both parties.

Chong Kong fights with Marquis Chu Got while Tin Long waits aside. Chong Kong’s red palm skill proves to be formidable so Marquis Chu Got is forced to use his sword. Tin Long suddenly wants to pass his sword to Marquis Chu Got but he declines his offer. He isn’t used to use a heavy sword. Lang Huet throws his sword to him. His sword curls like a snake around Chong Kong’s sword and he seizes this chance to pick up his broken sword from the ground to strike him in the stomach to kill him.

Chong Kong laughs bitterly – so it is now Tin Long who can match Marquis Chu Got now. All get extra titles as generals and the signboard is returned to them. Marquis Chu Got hopes that Mou Qing will not let Mei Yee down. He rejects her and she is down to leave Mou Qing a letter.

Siu Chu Got gets the manual and is back. The others are curious that the manual only has 10 words. It comes with a brush and inkpad. It denotes the way to rule a country to become peaceful. The constables understand Cheng Mun’s predicament. He doesn’t wish to lose his master and all of them have experienced this painful feeling. They themselves are equally worried as Marquis Chu Got has not recovered too.

Tin Long has a duel with Marquis Chu Got. He loses when the moon is covered by the clouds. He is often the weakest at this instant as he needs the moonlight to increase his strength. Unable to take the defeat a second time, he kills himself. Siu Chu Got informs Mou Qing that he sees Mei Yee at a nunnery. There is still some hope to win her back since she hasn’t ordained to become a nun although she wears a nun’s robe. All urge him to visit Mei Yee. He touches Mei Yee’s hand but she withdraws from him.

Mou Qing has rejected Mei Yee as he doesn’t want to trouble her to take care of him for the rest of her life. Never does he expect her to take this route. (Women can make drastic decisions. Since he has rejected her, she has lost all her hopes in life. There is no way persuading as her heart has died.) She refuses to return with him. (Really a punishment for him as it is too late for him to call her name now. For her, it is her first and last time to listen to it.)

Mou Qing returns sadly and all feel sorry for him. Cheng Mun and Lang Huet spar against each other but both are equals. When all go to pay respects at Tin Long’s grave, Cheng Mun suddenly kills himself. He is uanble to face his master as he can’t win the duel. All feel sad as they stand in the wind.

Introduction on characters

1. Marquis Chu Got – Wong Wai
What a lazy master! How relaxed he is to feign death to make his disciples slog hard for the emperor. Without his appearance, he turns all people’s lives upside down. He doesn’t protect the emperor as promised. He also makes them grieve for nothing. I don’t blame Lang Huet to blame him for the procession of affairs as he is solely responsible for this.

2. Mou Qing – Kam Hing Yin
Mou Qing is the most senior among the four. He is always the mediator among his juniors. His disability has not stopped him to go to places to investigate cases. Very often, his attackers are caught unaware as he has many secret daggers in his wheelchair. He is also swift to subdue them. The master and this disciple are equally selfish. They think they do the best for others but cause harm than good. Mou Qing isn’t being truthful to himself in his feelings so serves him right to get humiliated repeatedly when caught by Kiu.

Unlike the novel, Kam looks indeed the oldest among the four instead of the youngest. If he is fairer than Ng Wai Kok, he makes a fine choice. Unlike Wai Kok’s weak Mou Qing who relies on his servants to carry him around, Kam’s Mou Qing is very independent. We hardly see him relying on anyone else to push his wheelchair as he does it on his own. He has done his best in displaying Mou Qing’s wits and martial arts skills. He must be praised for the credit for doing well in the fighting scenes.

3. Zhui Ming – Yu Zhan Sun
Zhui Ming is the third among the four. Why must he nearly fall out with Mou Qing over a woman again? It has already happened in ‘The Undercover Agents’. I simply hate him. He becomes so boorish and hotheaded to fight with his fellow seniors. I hardly see him deliver any powerful kicks as he uses his hands more and he is often injured.

He should have more expressions. He puts on a straight face at all times – I feel that he should be asked to act as Lang Huet instead.

4. Lang Huet – Lo Lok Lam
He is the last disciple to be a capable swordsman. That is why he is on good terms with Cheng Mun compared with the other constables despite their masters’ feud because both wield the swords. Lo should remove his eye bags or go for skin tightening facials. How can the last disciple among the four look so old? No amount of makeup can hide this flaw.

5. Tiet Shou - Wai Bak
Tiet Shou is the second among the four. He becomes a goldsmith to make weapons for a living after his ‘retirement’. Maybe this is how he strengthens his iron palms. But luckily he has not lost his analytical skills in checking out cases. He is bright and calm so he is the most suitable person to close to the Sheung Guns to get the evidence against them. He isn’t deterred when the other constables wrong him.

He does fairly well – especially when he needs to go undercover. But why isn’t any woman matched with him? He looks like any woman’s lover standing beside either one. Even Chun You can be a candidate for him.. Did he offend the producer or because he is an unknown so they don’t intend to promote him?

6. Gu Yuet Cheng Mun – Lee Gong
Although he has an evil master, he is righteous to know how to distinguish from right and wrong. He has inherited his master’s skills but not evil thoughts. He likes Yan Yin secretly but doesn’t force her to love him. He is more upset than Lang Huet over her death.

7. Sheung Gun Kiu – Lo Kok Fai
With his powerful father as backing, he is up to no good whenever he appears. His pleasure must be torturing his love rival, Mou Qing to want to force him to see his indecent acts every time. He likes company of women – from Mei Yee, Chau Sam to even his own sister, Yan Yin! But probably we can’t blame him for this as there are too few women in this drama.

8. Sheung Gun Chong Kong – Ping Fan
The big villain in the drama – highly skilled, evil, cunning, ambitious and despicable. Whatever you name for a scoundrel, he has all. He is cold-blooded to his adopted children. He doesn’t have feelings for Yan Yin even though he brings her up. He uses her as a pawn to seduce the emperor. He also leaves Kiu in danger and doesn’t bother to save him.

9. Ng Tin Long – Cheng Lui
Bitter by the humiliation and defeat that Chu Got gives him, he plans for a comeback. But soon he discovers that he is being made use of. Despite being a strict master, he treats Cheng Mun like his son. That is why Cheng Mun also kills himself after his death. This master can be more trendy than his disciple to spot a thick fringe while Cheng Mun is donning a traditional look.

10. Ha Hou Guai – Chan Chi Kwai
Guai is Yan Yin’s biological father and brings Yan Yin up after Mrs Sheung Gun’s death. He teaches her martial arts but is depressed when she does evil deeds. As much as he wishes to acknowledge her, he considers her future and prefers to be a lowly servant to wait on her. he is forever by her side to give her advice and cheer her up when she is down.

11. Sheung Gun Yan Yin – Choi Sin Yee
Being pampered since young, she is sly and willful. However, she is a very filial child to Chong Kong. Whenever Guai gives her something for nourishment, she will give it to her father first. She wants to help to make all his wishes come true. She is Chong Kong’s accomplice to do the evil acts to go against the four constables. After being in love with Lang Huet, she becomes a kind person. She isn’t afraid to risk her life and give up everything for him.

I am dismayed at how ATV recycled the clothes. She wore Mou Yau's clothes from 'The Undercover Agents' from the beginning. It certainly doesn't fit her status as a rich official's daughter! Luckily ATV amended the error soon to give her a wider wardrobe later.

Fine acting from this actress! I remember her as a weak and gentle Gu Zhi Hua in ‘The Jade Bow’. But she is totally transformed in here as a defiant and authoritative person to call the shots.

12. Lien Chau Sum – Mun Suet Yee
Her family owns an escort agency so she often disguises as a man to help to deliver the goods. She becomes strong when her entire family is wiped out one day. If not for her, Zhui Ming could have been killed numerous times. She can be hot-tempered and reckless at times. Her character is similar to Yan Yin – she isn’t deterred by setbacks easily. Also unforgettable acting from this actress – she does the fighting and emotional scenes well. Her periodic look is terrific – no wonder she is cast in so many periodic dramas.

13. Yam Mei Yee – Yam Hei Bo
Sorry but I can’t remember why she becomes a courtesan although she is very cultured and talented. In the first part of the drama, she is depicted to be weak. She becomes tough and firm when coming to the second part as she shows her marital arts skills. But why are there so few scenes of her with Mou Qing? Definitely not enough to show how deep their love is! This actress also does her part well, injecting enough emotions into her role. The transformation is great but yet believable as she also does her part well.

14. The emperor – Cho Tak Wah
Only the late Cho Tak Wah reprises the same role as the emperor. What can we expect? This emperor relies on others to save him all the time.

15. Siu Chu Got – Lee Yin Ming
His skills are mediocre but he is good at setting traps. His first encounter with Mou Qing is to capture him with his traps. But Mou Qing manages to dodge all his arrows and traps. Mou Qing also doesn’t show any fear when sitting on the garden table – even away from his wheelchair as he is very sure that Siu Chu Got will not harm him.

Siu Chu Got is bitter for losing out to him. He tries to catch birds from the sky but ending up getting shit all over his face. Mou Qing catches the birds to put into his hands. He finally admits defeat and follows them. He is well versed in paintings and chess playing. This man is very daring to show his intelligence to pit against Chong Gong right in front of the emperor to win his attention! Chong Gong gets so mad that he sends killers to ambush them right after the gathering.

Is ATV that lacking of actors those days? How can they choose a man who isn’t tall, old, extremely skinny with sunken cheeks, has a sharp chin and is very ugly looking as one of the leads? He looks worse with the hairstyle with a dark fringe. I loathe the way he talks – he is so irritating! But he occupies a lot of screen time and I have to bear his presence in every episode.

Most favourite character
Chau Sam – she is headstrong but she will deal affairs with an open mind. A close second is Tiet Shou who is even-tempered and wise. He should be the eldest disciple.

Most hated character
Siu Chu Got – Chau Sam has already indicated that she will not accept him but he will never stop!

A very old song that can haunt me for 20 years due to the terrible singing by Cheung Kuan Pui. The subtheme music is done well when played by the zither but it goes completely off-key due to his singing. The subtheme song was used in ‘The undercover agents’ before.


Many thanks to this drama – I retrieve my sense of humour when writing this review. I could not stop shaking my head when my cousin described the scenes. How could I have forgotten such an awful drama? Maybe it is so bad that it completely slipped my mind. Many parts are illogical.

Marquis Chu Got is supposedly to be very sickly. But he is in the pink of health for most times - even outliving many others till the end!

Anyone of us can become a constable because this drama turns them to land in the hands of the evil frequently. I don't recall seeing any villian in the prison cell. Probably this caused most actors deflected to TVB after that.

This is a very old drama which provides a terrible plot. We have plenty of notices to read because the emperor keeps coming up with new ones. The characters keep on repeating, ‘Are you really the famous constable?’ They have doubts as the four continue fighting non-stop just like bodyguards. Not just that, they are chess pieces used by Marquis Chu Got to be deceived blindly to protect the emperor – to become people with no minds of their own.

Mou Qing, Zhui Ming and Kiu fight over Mei Yee. Siu Chu Got and Zhui Ming compete over Chau Sam. Even Lang Huet and Cheng Mun also mix friendship and love rivalry for Yin Yan. I have birds flying in circles around my head. Does Tiet Shou deserve someone? He seems to be the most level-headed among the four in affairs regarding the heart because he isn’t attached.

The four give very weak and not very commanding appearances. Still, they should not be the main ones accountable for the failure. The producer and scriptwriter should be the ones accountable for it. What a pity to let go such a good opportunity by coming up with such an undesirable plot?

Fans may argue that they look aged too much. To me, the drama title only signifies their return but not how many years later they resurface in court so it will be inappropriate if they are still young.

Although Tiet Shou doesn't have any lover, the other three constables are star-crossed. The women they love either dies or become a nun. Is the Marquis residence destined to be a monastry? Can’t the Marquis change their fates?! Some are not just losers in love but also losers in careers.

Lang Huet and Tiet Shou have to work undercover for the Sheung Gun family – so we see a period drama version of ‘Internal Affairs’ that goes many years back. However, I am very thankful that the actors are portrayed appropriately. ATV doesn’t screw up all the characters in the two versions as like other versions.

At least Mou Qing here doesn’t have a twin or walk around like Wu Qi Long’s version. I am also glad that Tiet Shou isn’t behaving like a Casanova as Cha In Pyo’s version. Zhui Ming here isn’t the cheeky type as Chung Hon Leung’s version. Lang Huet, too, isn’t the overly sentimental type as Huang Shao Qi’s version. Neither are they having out of the mill hairstyles as in Chi Lam’s version too.

The heroines outshine the constables. They should replace them. They are pretty, highly skilled, outspoken and daring to pursue their love. They are perfect women of every swordsman’s dream but they have to work so hard to get their love. Although their love is short-lived, they manage to win all the men’s hearts. Aren’t they noble and fantastic?

Let’s hope the TVB version of the 4 constables will be a better version. I have adequate heartaches after watching so many trashy interpretations.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5) (for the sake of the actresses who work so hard.)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *1/2 (Scale of 5) (The worst rating that I give so far for a song!)

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