Secret Battle of the Majesties

Reviewed by: queenieq

March 27, 2005

Rating: five

Main cast:
Kong Wah
Erica Choi
Lawrence Yan
Kent Tong
Annie Man
(some of the other cast I don't know the names to)

Chinese title: Kwan Lam Tin Ha
Vietnamese title: Cuu Vuong Doat Ngoi
How long: 40 episdoes

Note to readers: First, I would like to say, I have combined the two parts together, because after part one ended, it continued onto part two and I had no desire in writing two different reviews.

Storyline: The series took place during the Ching Dyansty, when the king was Hong Hei. Hong Hei have always wanted to pass the throne onto his 14th son (Lawrence Yan), when his other favorite son(second prince) went crazy. After knowing about this, the 4th son(Kong Wah) killed him and changed the will, making himself the new king. Kong Wah killed alot of people and even some of his brothers, including Lawrence, to secure his place on the throne. But evil doesn't win, in the end, Kong Wah finally had to pay for all his evil doings...By the one he loves, Erica Choi. After his death, his son, Wan Lik, became the new king.

Kong Wah: He could act, whether being good or, evil. He have that serious/dangerous look on his face all the time and it really made him stand out in the series. Great job. He really loves Erica in the series and was willing to pay for his mistakes, only because of her. In the end, he was killed.

Erica Choi: Her acting also made her stand out in the series. She helped Kong Wah throughout the series until the end, simply because she loves him and believes in him. The scene where she finds her dad's body was very touching, this was also when she finally wanted Kong Wah dead and hates him. In the end, she left the kingdom and became a nun.

Lawrence Yan: What a poor character. He really believes that his brother (Kong Wah) didn't kill their dad and refuses to believe what people said, until he found out that Kong Wah did kill their dad. Not only did he lose his rightful place on the throne, but also the one he loves when she married Kong Wah, and his life. He was a pitiful character and put up a good performance.

Kent Tong: As Kong Wah's follower and a monk at first, he left when Kong Wah ordered him to kill Lawrence and he refused. He liked Erica, at first, but later changed and like Annie (also during this time, he already wasn't a monk). He knew he was going to die when he went and try to kill Kong Wah and told Annie to take care of herself. Very touching scene (boo-hoo). Good character. Same as Lawrence.

Annie Man: She was a childish princess at first and disliked Erica in the beginning because Kent liked her. She did many things to get Kent to like her and was there through all the hard times with him(that probably was what got Kent to finally return hers). Perfect performance.

Favorite memorable/crying scenes (from second part, because I've got none I like in first part; not in specific order):
- When Erica finally founds out it was Kong Wah who killed her dad
- When Erica tried to kill Kong Wah, but was stopped by their son and she told him it was "over"
- When Erica waited days for Kent (after she found out the truth)
- When Erica kneeled and begged Kent to kill her, for all the wrong things she had done
- When Kong Wah kneels and begs the Heaven to let Erica wake up, after being in a coma for six years
- When Erica actually kills Kong Wah
- When Erica left the kingdom, telling Wan Lik to be a good king in order to make up for everything his dad had done
- When Annie and Kent got to spend days together, alone and without worries
- When Lawrence died, with the one he loves by his side

Comments: Overall, this is a very sad and great series. Many people got killed or died, but hey, isn't that what's supposed to happen in series like these? I think my favorite character is Annie. Reminds me of myself. She was willing to change her ways for her lover and that, in my opinion, is sweet. Although, I will not do that for any guys (if I have to change for them, then they're not worth it, I like how they will like you for you). The theme song is sung by Kong Wah and Erica Choi and is very good, I must say. They sound great together. The costumes are also another thumbs up.

Other comments: Besides this series, I have seen Kong Wah and Erica in "Return To The Truth", they didn't get much chemisty in there than here, but to those who haven't watched both series, I really recommend them both.

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