Silver Tycoon

Reviewed by: sukting

June 25, 2009

Rating: three-point-five

How long
30 episodes


If you like a series which is complicated, filled with anger and also revenge, this is the right one for you. It tells of the ugly side of showbuzz that happens in the 60s but it can also be happening right now and in future. It was the anniversary drama for the same year.

Story/ Introduction on characters

1. Duen Siu Cheung – Wong Yat Wah
He is eager to succeed and dislikes losing. He wants to own everything after losing everything. He is deceived by Hok Lai who seizes his wealth and his fiancée, Sek Mui. He is very westernized as he studies overseas. He becomes a scheming man – wanting them to suffer more than him. He is wealthy and successful after investing in the film industry.

He is pleased when all his enemies are destroyed and he is reunited with his mother. When Ling knows this, she stops loving him. His mother’s death uncovers all his evil deeds. Everyone despises him and his employees leave him. Knowing that Ling still loves Sai Yuen, he plans to catch them during an affair that he has planned. Then he can kill them with his gun. He never expect Ling to reject Sai Yuen but she is still cold to him after that.

No matter what he has done, he is still a filial son. Initially, he is everyone’s prince charming. Suddenly, he turns into a jerk. I have not seen Yat Wah so evil before and I must comment that he is excellent!

2. Bak Ling – Tsang Wah Win
She is brought up well and shows her emotions easily. She regards friendship to be important and never gives up despite facing failures. She is very determined in love and knows that she has the talent in acting. Thus, she never lets go of any chance. Still, she never loses her innocence. Her shot to stardom also cause him to become rich.

Ling has fallen in love with Siu Cheung after working with him in the cinema but later she loves Sai Yuen later.
To return her the favour of helping him, Siu Cheung plans to give her the best actress award instead of giving to Ling. But after knowing that Ling only intends to marry him if she wins the award, he changes the result. She declares openly after winning that he will not marry her to shame him. She finally knows what he has done.

To prevent her from shooting movies for Sai Yuen, Siu Cheung takes out her contract. He later tries to win her back by tearing the contract but she refuses to forgive him. She has a sad fate of marrying Siu Cheung as he tries to kill himself and she doesn’t want him to harm Sai Yuen.

She later dies because of him. She has failed poisoning him to death but gets killed herself. The same usual gentle role but there is a breakthrough for Wah Sin as she tries to be more mature. She matches well with both actors in looks and acting. This is considered one of her best works in her acting career.

3. Leung Sik Mui – Choi Hiu Yee
She is Siu Cheung’s insincere fiancée in the past. She is an introvert and is easily confused. She is also traditional and suffers when others bully her. She often follows other people’s orders and doesn’t have a mind of her own. She has thought of Siu Cheung to be dead so she follows Hok Lai. After knowing that he is alive, she returns to him. However, this woman has the nerve to ask money from the Songs to buy things for their new home.

But she leaves him again for Hok Lai when he is poor and she is unable to suffer from hardship. This time, she marries Hok Lai. After seeing that Siu Cheung is rich again, she wishes to return to him again. He then tricks her to steal Hok Lai’s diamonds for him so that he can earn money. Siu Cheung never stops hating her so he abducts her to torture her till she turns mad. This fickle-minded pest should be stoned to death.

4. Jeung Kum Hing – Lee Heung Kum
She is materialistic and even though she has little money, she pretends to be rich. She is a spitfire and often dwells on the past when she is rich. She pins all her hopes on her daughter, Ling as she wants to be rich again.

5. Song Sai Yuen – Lui Chung Hin
He is Siu Cheung’s close friend who never suspects him of taking revenge. He regards relationships important and keeps his promises to everyone. He has his own principles and doesn’t give in to others easily. He is righteous but can be too sentimental to get swayed by feelings. He is interested in film making too. That makes him the strongest contestant against Siu Cheung in business and also in love. But he only lets her know about his love after her marriage – that is the most regretful thing he has done in his life.

Chung Hin is so scholarlike with glasses! I like this role as he makes him to be so gentlemanlike. But he can be too tense at times with little expressions. Maybe he is stressed to work with so many experienced artistes.

6. Song Zak Yuen – Kong Wah
He is Sai Yuen’s elder brother. He is alert and street smart. He is very manly but often looks up to his father as an example. He is easily led by women and thus gets cheated many times. His world is centred with Yu Yuk. So he can give Hok Lai everything except her. He knows that Sai Yuen will not approve with what he does but he simply doesn’t bother as Hok Lai doesn’t even discipline him.

After Yu Yuk marries Hok Lai, she keeps seducing him and he can’t control himself. He gets into trouble when getting illegal arms with Siu Cheung. Siu Cheung frames him to go to jail, lying that Hok Lai is the cause. He escapes from jail to kill his father. When he runs away, he sees Yu Yuk with Siu Cheung. He dies with hatred. It is not easy to play a half-goof, half-bad role but he does it so well. I really do not know whether to like or hate him.

7. Ngan Yu Yuk – Ng Wing Mei
She is very sexy, scheming and loves fame. She helps Siu Cheung to get his revenge – when he is down and out, she uses her body to get food for him. Does she love him? Nope, she only loves herself but understands him the most. He also repays her kindness by taking care of her when she suffers from cholera. But she is ambitious as she is too power hungry. She regards Ling as her rival in acting and both encourage each other.

In the process of seeking fame, she doesn’t care how others feel or how they get hurt. She is an expert in winning men’s hearts. But she is also Ling’s closest confidate. She reveals to Yu Yuk that she only loves Sai Yuen and not Siu Cheung. That makes Siu Cheung hate Sai Yuen even more. Ling’s death makes her lose hope in life and she kills herself. I have never thought of her to be successful as a sexbomb till I watch her here. Her sparkling eyes and her luring actions really drive men to a corner.

8. Leung Lai Yin – Bao Hei Jing
On the surface, she is a rich man’s wife. In reality, she is being neglected by him. One scene is unbelievable – she witnesses how Hok Lai attempts to rape Sek Mui. Unlike other wives who threaten her rival, she actually tells her to marry Hok Lai! Does she continue to suffer in silence? No, unlike in “Flaming Butterfly’ to endure, she has an affair as she is too lonely.

9. Song Hok Lai – Fong Kong
He is the brothers’ father. He is very scheming and looks down on the poor. He can see through everyone’s mind to control them. As he is calculative, he hardly loses out and only emerges as the victor. He is the worst man on earth that no one will want to cross swords with. He makes Siu Cheung lose all trust in men after cheating his money.

He has a way with women. His wife is still alive but he manages to get his sister-in-law – his wife’s younger sister to be his second wife. He has affairs with Mou Dan. Besides getting Sek Mui as the third wife, he also targets on his own son’s girlfriend, Yu Yuk to be his fourth wife! This is another highlight to see how the father and son fight over a woman. Both do not know that this is part of Siu Cheung’s plot and die due to it. So the gentle Sai Yuen decides to seek revenge after knowing it from the dying Hok Lai.

10. Hong Mou Dan – Chor Hueng Wan
She is a popular actress who is willful and self-centred. She is very arrogant and sneers at others who are less successful than her. She senses danger as she is growing old and younger actresses are increasing. She often tries to compete with other stars in order to be on the cover page of magazines and newspapers. Kuk Yan, Ming and Hoi Lun kidnap her. They take nude photos of her and plan to extort her.

The photos fall on the street by accident even after payment. She becomes notorious overnight. She confronts them but gets disfigured. She goes to Japan for plastic surgery but her wounds break when she is at the press conference, announcing her recovery.

11. Chiu Wah San – Lau Dan
He is a famous bully in the district and is considered a big brother. He punishes and rewards his men fairly. He is also loyal to his buddies but after many setbacks, his vigour is no longer there.

12. Kong Hoi Lun – Lau Kam Ling
She is another materialistic actress who is rebellious and willful. She hopes to be famous overnight. She lands up in jail because of she hurts a man while trying to steal his money. After this ordeal, she becomes selfish and unscrupulous. She hates her mother for sending her to jail. To get her way, she has no regrets using her beauty as a bait. She kills Siu Cheung with Kuk Yan to frame Sai Yuen for it. Luckily, he finds a witness with Hon Tou’s help and sends both to justice.

13. Yiu Hu Shing – Wong Shu Tong
He is a loyal servant and follows all orders. He doesn’t leave his boss, Wah San even though he loses his power.

14. Kong Ming – Tam Bing Man
He is the sister’s father. He is a cop who is extremely greedy and loves gambling. He hopes that both daughters can be famous actresses. All the bad traits can be found on him.

15. Yiu Kuk Yan – Cheung Kar Fai
He is also another person eager to achieve success. He is lustful and impatient. He is from the underworld and often licks his boss’s boots to get in favour. He likes Hoi Lun and teaches her how to lure men when she wants to be a dance hostess. Ever since he implicates his father to get killed, he plots revenge against Sai Yuen. He later promotes Hoi Lun to be a movie star. Who will expect that he also becomes another silver tycoon?

16. Duen Hon Tou – Chan Kum Hung
He is Siu Cheung’s cousin. He knows how his father conspires with Hok Lai to cheat Siu Cheung’s money. However, he does not try hard to get his father to pay Siu Cheung back. Being an introvert like Sai Yuen, he also behaves like him – doesn’t have the courage to tell Hau Yuen that he likes her too. He is unhappy to know that she is going to marry another man.

He never expects Siu Cheung to make use of him this time. On the announcement of their engagement, he hatches a plot. Seeing that he gets drunk over it, he gets him and also Hau Yuen into the back of the car. He deliberately takes off their clothes to shame them in front of anyone.

Kum Hung looks fresh as he first started out then. A very good exposure for him.

17. Song Hau Yuen – Cheng Mun Yee
She is Hok Lau’s only daughter who just returns home from England. She can’t agree with his acts and keeps quarreling with him. The shaming of her in public makes her lose her fiancé. She then leaves Hong Kong.

18. Kong Heung Wan – Lok Pui
She is Hoi Lun’s elder sister to step into showbuzz first. In reality, she is Heung Wan’s illegitimate daughter. Hoi Lun hates her for getting more attention from their mother. Thus she frames her for killing their father.

Favourite character

Sai Yuen – he is the sensitive lover that all will wish to have but he is too weak in handling love issues.

Most hated character

Not the detestable Hok Lai but Siu Cheung. Can you believe that he can break Ling’s ash pot to prevent Sai Yuen to pay his last respects to her?

Interesting facts

This drama was shot in Chang Chun for 2 months and the script took one year to complete. ATV went to court with Kong over the ending so the final was not written by him. Kong thanked everyone for making it a success.

The weather was cold at less than 20 degrees but ATV thought it was worth the trouble as beautiful snow scenes were captured. Many China extras were also involved in the production. Chor Heung Wan did not act for 10 years and Kong invited her to make a comeback. He would rather her to spend more time with people than on mahjong.

No one would expect Yat Wah and Wah Sin to work for ATV. This drama stole many viewers from watching ‘The Legendary Ranger’ which was shown at the same time.

Ng Wing Mei sings the theme song 再生天地- reborn in heaven and earth . She sings as well as she looks.


This is one of the best dramas that ATV could offer then. It has an impressive start. But the ending is poorly written so I am quite disappointed. If not, it could have scored a 4*. This drama talks about people involved in the entertainment circle. Kong penned the script so it seemed genuine. I would encourage all to watch this drama as we will not get to see such a strong cast that offers great acting now.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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