Taiji Master II


Section:ATV TV Series

Genre:Martial Arts

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Taiji Master II

Reviewed by: sukting May 26, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Taiji Master 2 (Yau Hup Cheung Sam Fung) How long/Year produced: 20 episodes done in year 1984 Cast: Cheung Sam Fung - Man Tse Leung(now a businessman) Fok Du - Yeung Chak Lam (still in ATV) Chu Yuen Cheung - Lo Lok Lum (still acting with TVB) Sheung Yu Chun - Choi Kok Heng (still acting with TVB) Sam Sheung Shueng - Chan Sau Mun (as Mok Guai Ying) Far Man Zhi - Li Ying (last...

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