The Four Constables

Reviewed by: sukting

May 12, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

How long/Year produced:
20 episodes done in year 1984


Marquis Zhuge - Tung Bill
The Emperor - Cho Tak Wah
Hong Kwai - Ko Hung (now staying in Canada)
Mou Qing - Ng Wai Kok (now acting in China and is Liu Xiaoqing's boyfriend)
Yin Mou Yau - Mai Shuet (last seen in 2000 DSHS as Yin Suk Suk)
Chek Yiu Far - Yuen Pui Chan(married and left showbiz)
Zhui Meng - Leung Siu Lung (now a stuntsman director in movies)
Mou Wai - Tam Weng Kit(acting in Malaysian serials)
Tiet Shou - Cheung Yik ( Gong Sun Chi in tvb 96 version of return of the condor heros)
Lang Huet - Lai Hon Chi (Reverend Yat Dang in tvb 96 version of return of the condor heroes)
Lek Goon - Ho Kar King (now acting in Taiwan but sometimes acts in atv serials)

The starting is eye-catching. The Emperor is ambushed by an attack. Fortunately, the 4 constables are here in time to save him. Each of them has a special skill. The first, Mo Qing (ruthless), although crippled is well-versed in laying traps and qinggong. The second, Tiet Shou (iron-hand), has powerful arm strength. The third, Zhui Meng (pursuer) is capable in strokes using his legs. As for Lang Huet (cold-blooded), he is a skilled swordsman. The assassins are known to be 'The 13 Killers'. Zhuge finds that one of them has his eyes turning green when lightning shines on him.

All 4 pay their respects to the Emperor. I am baffled by this part. Mou Qing requests not to kneel because of his disability and the Emperor actually...agrees to it because he is not in the Imperial court?? Well, I am dumbfounded by his daring action. He is not scared of being beheaded? During discussion, the other 3 complain that it is unfair that Mou Qing is the youngest among them but yet he is the head, as he is taken in by their master since young. Mou Qing replies that he doesn't mind stepping down. Thus, they decide that each of them will capture 3 killers while there is one remaining. The 4 decide to track down the killers - and my, it is hilarious that the other 3 jokingly quarrel over deciding who should be the first disciple if he catches the remaining killer!

Tiet Shou is quite disappointed as the 4 of them seldom get together but Mou Qing assures him that they will meet soon if this case is solved easily. Lang Huet is not bothered by the difficulty of the case - he is actually very interested in it! Before they set off, Zhui Meng requests to change the places they go with Mou Qing. Zhui Meng has all along been interested in visiting their friend, Mou Yau, who is a physician. AND she is staying in the place that Mou Qing is supposed to go - Mou Qing refuses his request and makes him sad.

When he reaches the town, Mou Qing finds a beancurd seller suspicious. She has very smooth hands which is not possible for a poor woman. Sure indeed, she is one of the killers and she attacks him. In order to avoid the attack, he nearly hits the ground. Luckily, his two attendants carry him in time. I can't believe this - is this supposed to be the highly-skilled constable that is well-known?

In this town, many pregnant women are found dead and their fetus are being taken out from their bodies. Although Mou Yau is the physician here, she is helpless and has been watching them dying. Of course, she is delighted that Mou Qing is here and quickly does acupuncture on him. Mou Qing quietly removes all the needles as he has given up hope of walking again. Even Mou Yau's dead father cannot cure him but Mou Yau says that there is still a chance for him to recover as long as he is below 50 years of age.

This part is amusing - Mou Qing is still the cool guy that we have seen from the start. When Mou Yau asks him whether he misses her, Mou Qing replies yes but she appears in all his nightmares, forcing him to bear with the pain from the needles and drinking bitter herbal soup. She gets angry and is later happy when he gives her a box. But of course, she is furious when he asks her to examine the poison in the bowl. She says she will only do it when he drinks her medicine. Well, I am very amused to see how he has to drink in front of her with a reluctant expression!

In the meantime, Lang Huet is taken aback when he discovered that the 3 constables that he has known for more than 6 years are part of 'The 13 Killers'. In his anguish, he kills them and is worried that there are black sheep among the constables. He decides to know more from their master who is a Shaolin monk.

Zhui Meng comes to look for Mou Yau and gets chided by Mou Qing. He is jealous when Mou Yau brews soup for Mou Qing while he only gets to eat chickens, which she claims to be good for his legs. Actually, Mou Qing is not as hard-hearted as he seems. He leaves the next day for the Nam village where Zhui Meng is supposed to be but Mou Yau follows suit.

Mou Qing gets ambushed in an attack. This time, he gets help from a woman, Yiu Far. He is attracted to Yiu Far's beauty but is sad to know that she is engaged to someone. He stays in her home and to his horror, Mou Yau comes and finds him. Yiu Far is her senior and both of them are close. But soon, Mou Yau discovers that Yiu Far gets Mou Qing's attention and fights with her. Mou Qing stops them and seeing that he shows so much concern to her, she leaves. She is then tricked by a killer, Shek, that she is raped and in despair, she joins the 13 killers and gets poisoned by him as well.

Yiu Far is devastated to know that her fiance is being killed by zombies in the Nam village. She decides to go to there with Mou Qing. Out of curiosity, she asks him why he is crippled. Normally, no other person will dare to ask him this question when they are dealing with cases. But when facing her, he talks about it with ease. A villain who is blinded in one eye by his father seeks revenge on his family and kills everyone when he is still a child. They maimed his legs and threw him into the river. From then onwards, he vows to seek revenge for every person who is wronged. That is why he is known as ruthless - Mou Qing. Upon hearing this, she often brews medicine for him and he is grateful to her.

They reach the Nam village and are alarmed to see many zombies there. They stay in the village head's home. At night, his wife attacks him and becomes mad. Mou Qing also feels uncomfortable and seeing that their son's nanny behaving strangely, he starts to suspect her. The village head's son is being taken as hostage and the village head has no choice but has to kill Mou Qing. Mou Qing decides to help him by pretending to be dead. He lures out the killer and defeats him. He is actually the same person who maimed him. Suddenly the poison in Mou Qing works and he kills the killer by mistake. When he wakes up, he is disappointed that all clues have been destroyed...unknown to him by Yiu Far.

Lang Huet gets into a quarrel with the Shaolin monk and Zhuge punishes him to stay at home. A gang lord Chor is framed for being one of the 13 killers and is captured by Tiet Shou. Tiet Shou later finds the truth and decides to help him to clear his name. The head of 'The 13 Killers' is angry with this.

Mou Qing decides to return home. He rejects Yiu Far's offer to accompany him back but changes his mind when Mou Yau attacks her. Yiu Far tells Shek about her success and he tells her to get rid of Mou Yau when the need arises. When she gets near the Marquis, she can kill him. Mou Yau overhears this and realises that she has been used. All along, Yiu Far doesn't like Mou Qing at all. She confronts Yiu Far and gets attacked. Luckily, Zhui Meng saves her and she tells him that Mou Qing is in danger. Unfortunately, Mou Qing only believes Yiu Far. Zhui Meng decides to bring Mou Yau home to reveal her identity to him.

One of the killers, Mok, nearly kills the two but they escape. Zhuge is glad that Mou Qing is back and brings home an acquaintance. Lang Huet can tell that. Mou Qing has fallen deeply in love with Yiu Far but his constable sense tells him that this woman cannot be trusted. In actual fact, he spies on her when there is a chance. Yiu Far sees Mou Qing playing chess with his master. She wants to blow the whistle but has to stop when Lang Huet discovers this. Another time she tried to poison the food in the household but has to forgo the plan as Lang Huet watches her.

Later she wants to give Mou Qing the medicine to drink. Lang Huet gets suspicious again as she burns the herbs. He stops Mou Qing from drinking it. She pretends to be angry and drinks it to prove that it is poison-free. He demands to fold her sleeves to check whether she is one of the 13 killers, as each of them has a poisoned needle mark on the arms. By then Mou Qing hears the commotion and sees this. He is shocked and uses his iron fan to hit Lang Huet's hand.

Lang Huet is very angry with his senior for being so close to a wicked woman. Yiu Far then folds her sleeves before the two men quarrel further. After seeing no marks on both arms, Lang Huet is speechless and leaves. Yiu Far cries and says that ever since she came, she is being suspected. Mou Qing comforts her by saying that it is their intuition as a constable but they also trust people as well. However, she is not convinced and threatens to leave by running away. Mou Qing is stunned and goes after her. On her way, Zhuge stops her and tells her to stay. Finally, she agrees.

In the night, Mou Qing suddenly goes mad and tries to kill the Emperor. Luckily, the Marquis stops him and knocks him out. Another killer, Sima is the one blowing the whistle and does not expect to be attacked by Lang Huet. He escapes and when Mou Qing wakes up and knows that he has become a zombie, he is very upset. Especially when none of the physicians can cure him, he tries to kill himself by pushing his wheelchair close to the edge of the cliff.

Fortunately, he changes his mind and comes back. Zhui Meng and Mou Yau are back now. Mou Yau keeps the fact that she is also poisoned under wraps. She spends 3 nights and finds Mou Qing's remedy. But one of the herbs, the bodhi leaf, has to be obtained from Shaolin. Zhuge goes there and at this time, Lang Huet discovers that Mou Yau is one of the 13 killers. He wants to kill her but is stopped by Zhui Meng. Mou Qing and Zhui Meng believe that she is innocent. Zhuge gets help from his friend, Mou Wai, and finally gets the Bodhi leaf. He goes back with it and is shocked to know about this.

Mou Yau gives Zhui Meng the medicine for Mou Qing. Lang Huet quarrels with Zhui Meng over whether to give him the antidote. They test it and to Zhui Meng's alarm, it is poisoned! Zhui Meng is puzzled over how it happened but Lang Huet is sarcastic in saying that he only has Mou Yau in his eyes and has not seen how she poisons it. Both decide to find her but she is missing. She has the intention to leave but decides to stay to prove her innocence. Mou Qing apologises to her over her plight as he feels responsible. When asking for the ingredients for the antidote, he suspects that Yiu Far has an accomplice in Shaolin as the bodhi leaf cannot be obtained easily.

Zhuge goes to Shaolin again to get another leaf. This time, Mou Qing recovers but Mou Yau faints and her life is in danger. Zhui Meng and Mou Qing decide to track down Shek while Zhuge goes back to Shaolin to seek another cure and to find the accomplice. Lang Huet is remorseful and volunteers to look after her.

Tiet Shou becomes friendly with Chor. But he gets killed by him one night when he is drunk. The other 3 constables grieve over his death and vow to seek revenge. Zhui Meng and Mou Qing are being ambushed and captured unexpectedly. Mou Qing falls out of his wheelchair and is trapped in a coffin. As for Zhui Meng, he is poisoned by darts. 'The 13 Killer' leader is overjoyed in capturing them.

Later, they are ambushed by the 4 constables and Zhuge. They are surprised to see Tiet Shou alive. Tiet Shou feigns death so as to rush home without fail. This part is interesting when the 4 battle with their masked opponents. Mou Qing fights with Yiu Far. She has used all her long ribbons to trap him but somehow he gets out of the trap. Also manages to tie her to his wheelchair and he sits on his attendants' shoulders. But he is surprised to see her when she removes her mask and she sneaks away when seeing the chance. Zhui Meng kicks Shek hard till he vomits blood. As for Tiet Shou, Mok is better in qinggong and he flees. Lang Huet never expects a dagger to be thrown out from Sima's sword and is taken aback. In the end, all escape and Zhuge tells his disciple to keep an eye on Shaolin.

One day, Zhuge finds that Mo Wai's eyes turn green when there is lightning. He begins to suspect him. The 4 constables don't believe this as he has no reason to kill the Emperor. Zhuge decides to save Mou Yau by himself. Zhui Meng gets worried and sneaks into Shaolin. He is surprised that Mou Wai knows martial arts but Mou Wai escapes. But too bad, he is caught by Zhuge and he agrees to save Mou Yau.

Mou Meng reveals his identity. He is actually the Emperor's son but his father believes that he brings him bad luck and was deserted in the wilds. Zhuge tells his disciples not to carry on in their investigations and they are surprised. Mou Wai also tells his followers to stop their killings. Yiu Far is actually his love. Mou Yau recovers and falls for Zhui Meng. Yiu Far tries to kill the Emperor but is stopped by Mou Qing.

He throws her into jail and the Emperor feels remorseful after hearing her story on Mou Wai. Mou Wai decides to see him and chides him for abandoning him. He wants to be the next Emperor. The Emperor goes to Shaolin for his prayers. The 4 constables are puzzled that their master doesn't want them to protect him. Then Mou Wai saves him from an attack and he becomes a prince.

The 4 constables are surprised when Zhuge tells them to stop checking on Mou Wai. All, except Mou Qing, decide to check on him secretly. Lang Huet even goes to the extent of threatening Yiu Far but she keeps mum about this. Zhui Meng tries to search through the imperial book of births and gets scolded. Tiet Shou follows Mou Wai secretly and gets discovered. The 4 end up being scolded by their master. The more he disallowed them to investigate, the more their curiosity grows stronger.

They eventually get Mou Qing to find out the truth from Zhuge. Zhuge finally tells him Mou Wai's identity. Mou Qing points out to him that he is still suspicious of him and thus Zhuge tells him to check on Mou Wai secretly. The other 3 are disappointed when Mou Qing says that he has nothing to tell them. Mok is angry that Mou Wai doesn't give him the Shaolin manual that he promises and wants to kill him.

Mou Qing saves him and Mou Wai tells him that Yiu Far is going to marry him. He is sad and is badly affected when Yiu Far tells him personally that she has been deceiving him all along. But he still attends their wedding. Mou Wai's foster father, Hung Kwai, comes to see him and demands him to kill the Emperor. He saved him when young and has been scheming to be the Emperor's foster father. Hung Kwai is displeased with Mo Wai and secretly assembles Sima, Mok, and Shek to help him to carry out his plan. He tells them to dispose of the 4 constables before they can get close to the Emperor.

Mou Wai becomes the successor to the throne. Zhui Meng is still on the track of checking out Mou Wai's identity. Sima tries to ambush him but ends up falling into a well. He lures Zhui Meng to save him and he will reveal the secret. Mou Qing comes and prevents Zhui Meng from asking. Both quarrel and Sima escapes. Mou Qing says that he will follow Zhui Meng till he stops. In a rage, he walks on the roof and tells Mou Qing to follow him. Mou Qing is angry and helpless to see him leave.

Sima seeks Mok's help. Both injure Zhui Meng seriously. Mou Yau saves him but she ends up being captured by the two men. Zhui Meng blames Mou Qing for her disappearance and demands to know the truth. Mou Qing is upset but still refuses to reveal the truth. Zhui Meng is angry and tells him that he quits being a constable. Mou Qing fights with the 2 men and captures Sima. Sima brings Mou Qing to see Hung Kwai. Hung Kwai injures him, locks him and sends his wheelchair back to Zhuge. Zhuge is worried over Mou Qing's safety.

Lang Huet is surprised to see Zhui Meng in despair and drinking. He is puzzled over Mou Qing's disappearance. Zhui Meng gets to know a young constable, Lek. Lek pesters him to keep him as his disciple but Zhui Meng does not agree to it.

Mou Qing sees that Mou Wai is together with Hung Kwai and scolds him. Yiu Far tells Mou Wai that they have to kill the Emperor as Hung Kwai is wary of him. Mou Wai agrees reluctantly and Yiu Far gets Sima and Mok to help them. During the attack, Mou Wai is touched when the Emperor shields him. Yiu Far gets worried when seeing him unharmed.

Both decide to live in seclude but are captured by Hung Kwai He poisons Mou Wai and threatens Yiu Far to kill the Emperor. She fails and injures Zhuge instead. She leaves the palace and captures Lang Huet by surprise. She hopes to save her husband by doing this. But Mou Wai is already dead and she turns mad.

Mou Qing nearly faints due to his injury and his refusal for food. Lang Huet manages to save Mou Qing.
Mou Qing's attendants die while protecting him. One of them actually shields Mou Qing from being killed by Sima when he falls to the ground. Mou Qing is upset and blames himself.

Lang Huet is angry and nearly kills Yiu Far after knowing that his master is dead. Despite his grief, Mou Qing stops him as she saves them. Yiu Far suddenly runs away and Mou Qing forgetting that he can't walk, tries to go after her and falls to the ground. Lang Huet remains calm and decides that their master may not die so easily. Mou Qing urges him to return but he wants to stay and take care of him. Mou Qing quietly leaves when Lang Huet goes out to search for a physician.

Zhuge knows that he can't protect the Emperor and sends Tiet Shou back. Tiet Shou is angered when seeing Zhui Meng drunk on his way home. He tells him about their master's injury but he dismisses it as a ploy to lure him back. Tiet Shou reminds him of what their master has done for them all the while. He feels remorseful and both return with Lek.

Mou Yau manages to escape and meets Yiu Far. She is shocked to see her mad but manages to know that Zhuge is injured. Yiu Far dies in the end as she has smelt too much of the poison on the dagger that she uses to injure Zhuge. Hung Kwai assembles his men and gets into Zhuge's home. Zhuge has forced the poison into his legs. He can't walk but he still manages to kill many of the men.

Hung Kwai tries to buy him over but fails. He then realises that he is playing for time to let the Emperor escape so he leaves some men to guard on him. Lang Huet is shocked to find Mou Qing missing. He can't find him because Mou Qing hides himself in the grass. He sees Lang Huet leaving reluctantly.

Lang Huet goes back and manages to kill the killers. Zhuge tells him to protect the Emperor but he refuses. He only gives in when his master threatens to kill himself. This scene is touching - Lang Huet never cries but this time, he can't control himself. At this point, I think he should change his name to Yit Huet - warm-blooded - since he cares so much for his master. Tiet Shou and Zhui Meng also rush over to assist him when they return later. They tell Lek to take care of their master.

Mou Qing crawls till his hands are injured. He is anxious over his master's safety but he can't move fast. He now regrets of being a burden on others by not trying out Mou Yau's cure. He meets Mou Yau on the way and they rush back. He stays behind to protect his master and Mou Yau. Mou Yau manages to clear the poison but Zhuge needs time to be able to walk again. Lek asks him how to be a good constable. Zhuge replies that his other disciples die and only the 4 survive. Even he can't prevent himself from getting hurt so he tells Lek not to be over - optimistic.

The 3 constables are no match for Hung Kwai and his gang. They nearly get themselves killed. Hung Kwai has strangled them on their neck and they can hardly breathe but when Zhuge rushes there with Mou Qing, they manage to kill all the killers. Mou Yau brings the 4 constables and Zhuge to recuperate in the woods. The Emperor is sad to lose these capable people and sends them off sadly.

The story comes from a novel written by Wan Shui On (Wen Ruian) but although some of the characters stay, the story is very different! But still I must say that it is a very interesting serial - very different from the usual constable serials that I have watched. It has a gripping plot but too bad they revealed the identity of the killers too soon and leave little suspense.

The 4 constables stand out - the 4 actors really act very well, especially Ng Wai Kok. He portrays the handsome but crippled Mou Qing very well. Most of the time, he is very cool but from the part he knows Yiu Far onwards, he starts to change completely to a warm person. Who can forget how alarmed he looked when Yiu Far threatens to leave and how relieved he is when she stays? The shattered expression that he wears on his face when knowing the truth... it makes it unbearable to look into his eyes as the pain is so visible and also the determination and anxiety that he shows even though he has to crawl all the way back home to see his master! Really superb acting! And how I wish that ATV gave him a nice and pretty woman at the end to reduce his sufferings! Or at least to let him recover from his handicap??

I am not satisfied with the way that ATV portrays Mou Qing as a weakling and a gullible man to get cheated by a woman. As the first disciple, he is the smartest of all and is very talented. Although he is crippled, he doesn't rely on his wheelchair all the time. In here, he gives so much trouble to so many people to help him to defeat his enemies and to move around!

In actual fact, he always comes up with tricks that surprise his enemies. Sometimes he uses crutches to walk. He even traps his opponents to sit on his wheelchair while he sits on the ground. But I guess this station is running out of funds to film these special effects. They only add ropes to his wheelchair which make his traps look too common. But why not just preserve his character?

The other 3 are equally convincing in their acting but I must complain that the coverage on Tiet Shou is minor as compared to the other 3. Actually, Cheung Yik is skilled in martial arts in real life like Leung Siu Long. It is a waste not to make him appear in more scenes. Leung Siu Long and Lai Hon Chi are fitting in their roles too. The 4 men have a lot of chemistry together. We can feel their closeness and concern towards one another. They have made a remarkable impression in bringing out the 4 constables' dedication towards their jobs, especially their curiosity in finding out Mou Wai's identity.

One major letdown is there aren't many women here! Only 2 throughout and how boring it is! How I wish that each of them gets one woman in the end as they deserve it! In the novel, Tiet Shou and Lang Huet are attached. Zhui Meng and Mou Qing have horrible experiences of being cheated by the women they love. Zhui Meng is pathetic as he is in love with a wicked magistrate's daughter and the woman attacks him unexpectedly to escape with her father. But despite this, she does it not according to her own will. Mou Qing is more pitiful to kill Yiu Far with his own hands because she is a killer. All 4 women are said to be great beauties but none of them are found in the serial...

Mai Shuet's performance is completely overshadowed by them. The same old willful and later mature woman role has no surprises - reminds me of Lui Sei Niong in Dynasty but she is better there. But she still looks pretty here with her adorable appearance. The actress Yuen Pui Chan doesn't act well as Yiu Far. We can see right from the start that she is evil - her smile is so unnatural and also the devilish expressions she wears at all times. But Mou Qing is too blinded to notice this - how stupid of him! I have been shaking my head non-stop when he believes her every now and then...

But due to ATV's lack of artistes, most of the co-stars are not chosen properly, except for Tung Bill who plays the role of Zhuge well. The bond between him and his disciples are so clearly shown. Actually, he looks more like a fatherly figure to them than their master.

Yiu Far is supposed to be very pretty but...yucks - Yuen Pui Chan looks so old and ordinary! Her hair is let down and not tied in tiny plaits. Worse when her clothes are uncolourful which do not help at all. She has no attractive charm here - which makes one puzzled on how Mou Qing can like her instead of Mou Yau. If you think that Mou Wai must be a handsome man that makes her fall for him instead of Mou Qing, you are very wrong! The actor is in fact short, fat, and also ugly! Leung Siu Lung is also short and fat here - my friends have lamented that Mou Yau should fall for Lang Huet instead who is tall and nicer looking! This serial really tells the truth of love is blind very well...

Many are disappointed by Ho Kar King's cameo appearance. I am one of them too - he captures a lot of attention in the 2 episodes. He shines as a young and innocent constable. So he deserves more exposure.

Actually I think that this serial is worth a follow-up sequel. But after waiting for so many years, none came out! Many viewers may have been tired of serials remade from Jinyong and Gulong's novels continuously, this may be a refreshing change. Why not extend from this one? Wan has many stories on the 4 constables worth making into serials. I am still hoping to see atv developing them in the future.

All along, atv is better in producing period dramas. I wonder why they have lesser productions these days? What a pity to let so many chances gone to waste... why stop after filming the 'Yang generals' ?

Interesting facts
This is the first time that Tung Bill has taken part in a tv serial - not to mention that it is a period drama that he has never done before. All along he only takes charge of horse racing news. But he is very interested after reading the script, jokes that he has not played the master before and will not forgo the chance of having the honour of giving orders.

Leung Siu Long is happy for the first time. He says that all along he is shorter than every actor. This time since Ng Wai Kok is confined to the wheelchair, he can call the shots. But many tease him as he is not as agile as in his younger days as he gains so much weight.

Ng Wai Kok says that this is the most tiring serial that he has ever starred in. At first, he thinks that he will have less fighting scenes since he is sitting on a wheelchair. Well, he is VERY wrong as he has not stopped filming fighting scenes since day one. He has sore arms for many scenes which requires him to sit down and battle with opponents. Worse when coming to scenes which requires him to fall on the ground. He laments that it is very difficult for him and he now prefers to stand to defend himself!

When the director shouts cut, he practically jumps out of the wheelchair. He even removes the outer layer of the period costume quickly and starts walking around. Many artistes are amused and say that Mou Qing should be a refined man and not like this! Ng Wai Kok replies that he can normally tolerate the heat but this time, he can't as the daily temperature is nearly 32 degrees Celsius!

Their hard work is being paid off. The serial managed to win over half of the viewers watching "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" which was shown over TVB at the same time! I guess partly because they are disappointed with how Chow Yun Fat looks in period dramas and also mainly on the spectacular performance put up by the cast in this serial.

Sukting's Rating:
On acting: * * * * (Scale of 5)
On story: * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)

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