The God of Sword

Reviewed by: sukting

November 20, 2008

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes


This is the story of 2 brothers. They compete for glory and love. Who is the winner at the end? You might be interested to know how Kwan Wing Ho looks when younger. This is also a rare chance to watch younger and unfamiliar faces in this drama.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ling Tin Sang – Lo Chung Wah
He is the second younger master of the Dragon Clan only in name as Juet Bik isn’t his natural father. He is banished and thrown at sea. But luck stays with him as he drifts to a remote island called Paradise. He knows new friends to learn martial arts. He also gets his sweetheart, Suet. He plans to fetch his mother to stay on Paradise. His return to Mainland China proves to be a fatal decision.

Tragedy befalls before their wedding as all are killed by Fei Yeung and Juet Bik. Fei Yeung manages to clear the mist with the antidote and carries out the massacre. Tin Sang’s skills are destroyed but he meets The Sword to learn a new skill. Both brothers come to a stage when they are forced to spar against each other. He wins over him and kills him in the end. Chung Wah acts well as the mild-mannered and simple man who hopes for a quiet life but destiny disallows it.

2. Ling Fei Yeung – Yin Tin Chiu
He is the first younger master of the Dragon Clan. Juet Bik pins high hopes on him as his successor. He has not failed him and is a kind person. He is filial to his mother even after knowing despite knowing her affair. He is close to Tin Sang even though they are half-brothers. He grows up with Chin Chin but he only treats her like a sister.

Upon knowing that Tin Sang is thrown at sea, he sets out with Nai and Fung Chor to look for him. He is poisoned by the mist on Paradise as he rescues Nai so Nai nurses him back to health. Both return to Mainland China. He then discovers that he is an illegitimate child. This shows that both brothers are not related at all. Juet Bik loses trust in him upon knowing the truth. He is also bitter to know that Nai loves Tin Sang but is helpless to see her burned to death.

He turns vicious after this. Fei Yeung kills Juet Bik and later kills all on Paradise as they pose a threat to him. He also gets killed later. This is Tin Chiu’s exchange with Chung Wah in roles from ‘New Reincarnated’. I welcome this change. Tin Chiu has never looked better dressed in white and armed with an iron fan. He is very authoritative as the first young master.

3. Fan Nai – Lau Kum Ling
She is the only daughter of the leader of another evil sect. She penetrates into the Dragon Sect, wanting to ruin it for her father. She comes to be a guard, pretending that she is an illegitimate child. Fei Yeung takes pity on her and always protects her from Chin Chin. One day, she sneaks around and lands Tin Sang in trouble. Tin Sang doesn’t know martial arts then and has the stamp ‘criminal’ on the face. She feels guilty but Tin Sang is thankful to the person for letting know the existence of Paradise.

During the stay on Paradise, she falls in love with Fei Yeung after she gives him the kiss of life as he is unable to swallow his medicine when he is in a coma. I am very amused as her cooking is very lousy. She has not even cooked for her own father but she does it for Fei Yeung.

Being arrogant, she can make a vow with Fei Yeung to promise not to divulge any secret of Paradise after leaving it. She keeps her promise but he doesn’t. She starts to like Tin Sang. Upon seeing Tin Sang nearly burned to death, she reveals her identity and sacrifices her life to save him. Kum Ling looks very fierce in the role. It is as if she is ready to swallow up anyone any minute. Even though she tries to be gentle later, she doesn’t seem to work out that well.

4. Chi Fung Chor – Suet Lee
She is a spy planted by Suk Sum to kill Juet Bik. Chin Chin trusts her while Nai enjoys talking back at her. You will laugh at the rivalry between the three women, yearning for Fei Yeung’s attention. On the way to Paradise, she steals a poisonous snake on Nai’s bed, expecting her to get off her path. But this small tactic proves to be insignificant in the eyes of the evil sect successor. She puts the snake on Fung Chor’s bed to cause her to get bitten instead. So she ends up being the one who can’t go to Paradise.

Fei Yeung is upset over Nai’s death. She stands by his side and starts to love him. The power of love is so great that she betrays her master and refuses to carry out her mission. She has thought that Juet Bik is his natural father. She also dies because of him and has no regrets as she wins his love in the end. Somehow, I find Suet Lee too old in here among the others. She proves to be a mismatch with Tin Chiu.

5. Chai Suet – Kwan Wing Ho
She is Paradise island owner’s daughter. Innocent, intelligent and chatty, she soon wins Tin Sang’s heart. She feels insecure when Nai is around but is relieved that she likes Fei Yeung. Paradise allows no intruders to leave. Tin Sang stays but Fei Yeung and Nai want to leave. She is also very helpful to find a way to assist them. She wants them to make an oath to keep their land’s existence a secret.

Of course, she is affected when Nai dies for Tin Sang but Tin Sang manages to assure her that he only loves her. But their happiness is ruined by Fei Yeung who is determined to wipe out his past. Wing Ho is very sweet and young here. She is also attractive here. You must watch her here.

6. Luk Chin Chin – Chiu Ching Yee
She is pampered since young and thinks too highly of herself. She is in charge of the female Dragon guards and enjoys flattery. That is why she gets along well with Fung Chor while she is at loggerheads with Nai. She often makes Nai do extra chores but Fei Yeung often comes to her aid. She has wanted to accompany Fei Yeung to Paradise but Fei Yeung prefers to avoid her. He gets her to train the Dragon guards instead. She gets Fung Chor to be her spy to watch Nai. She never expects Fung Chor to kill her in the end.

Ching Yee is excellent as the spiteful and ill-mannered Chin Chin. She looks very gentle but who can expect her to slip into her role so well?

7. Ling Juet Bik – Lo Liet
He is the cruel first master of the Dragon Clan. He treats Tin Sang like dirt as he isn’t his natural son. Still, Tin Sang is grateful to him for bringing him up. Juet Bik also ill-treats his wife to forbid them to meet each other. This man has pleasure destroying other people’s skills so that they do not have the power to harm him anymore or to make a comeback.

After knowing that Fei Yeung isn’t his own flesh and blood too, he becomes very dejected. He starts to miss the good-natured Tin Sang and regrets his poor treatment against him. He plans to make him his successor. But Fei Yeung silences him before he has the chance to do it.

8. Fan Dang Fung – Cheung Lui
He is Nai’s father who spoils her rotten. Knowing that she is very rebellious and is arrogant, he still controls her with an iron hand. But he never expects her to be so daring to infuse in the rival sect. Pleased with her, he praises her for working well. It is painful for him to see her jumping in the fire, saying her last goodbye to him when he attacks the Dragon Clan at the same time.

9. Duen Tin Ya – Cheng Shu Feng
He is Tin Sang’s natural father. He can only hide at a corner to conceal his guilt to watch how his son and lover suffer. What a coward but this is the only way he can stay close to them in Dragon Clan. He keeps this as a secret from Juet Bik but Tin Sang doesn’t plan him when he gets to know the truth.

10. Ko Yau – Kong Hon
He is Fei Yeung’s natural father. He is the third master of Dragon Clan but he wants to take over Juet Bik’s position. Fei Yeung and Juet Bik’s son are born on the same day. He makes the switch and kills the other baby so as to get rid of all worries. Fei Yeung is shattered when their blood combines into one to show that they are indeed related. Yau gets his wish come true but Fei Yeung also kills him over this.

11. Sum Heung Wan – Leung Suet Chong
She is the brothers’ mother. But she has no idea that Fei Yeung is switched at birth. Still, she treats him the same way after knowing that truth. But she is dismayed to see how he has changed in the end but there is no turning back for him.

12. Hum Suk Sum – Wong Sha Lee
She is Juet Bik’s previous lover. She hates him for forsaking her to marry Heung Wan. . She never lets go of any chance to sneer at him for getting a wife who commits adultery. Thus she wants her female disciples to kill Juet Bik to vent her frustrations. Juet Bik discovers her ploy but lets Fung Chor off. He captures Suk Sum and destroys her skills. We never know what this woman really wants. Although she hates him, she still loves him.

13. Lam Tin Yuk – Ng Kar Mun
She is Suk Sum’s first disciple. Although Fung Chor is loyal to Suk Sum, she isn’t as she only schemes to take over her position. She is only doing her bidding in the face to stir up trouble in Dragon Clan. Knowing that Suk Sum has lost her skills, she kills her without hesitation. Suk Sum struggles to tell Fung Chor about it before her death so Fung Chor manages to get rid of Tin Yuk for her.

14. Luk Hoi San – Cheung Jing
He is the second master of Dragon Clan. He is capable but is also a failed father like Tin Ya. Both fathers are unable to take their daughters in hand. He feels the anguish when she dies but is still loyal to Juet Bik when he lets Fung Chor off on Fei Yeung’s account.

15. The Sword – Lau Duk Fung
He is highly skilled but is very eccentric. He stays on Paradise and the others prefer not to provoke him. They do not dare to step into his living area or they will get killed. But knowing that the tragedy, he offers to train Tin Sang as he finds that his bone structure is excellent and he longs to have a successor.


If ATV seeks to do a periodic drama, they can do a good job. I don’t understand why they like to use old faces all the time. They should have given the younger cast more exposure to take up new roles and to build up their popularity level.

This drama gives a very refreshing feel. It is memorable to see how the artistes act when younger. The actresses have the beauty and the acting ability. The actors also put efforts in fighting scenes.
They do a good job, making the love and hatred scenes convincing and touching. We have seen stories on feuds between brothers countless times but this one still gives a special feel, apart from the rest.

You will notice that many of them have defected to TVB. But how is their development there? They fail to get meat roles and are easily forgettable. It is sad as TVB doesn’t know how to make use of talents too.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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