The Good Fella From Temple Street

Reviewed by: sukting

September 09, 2009

Rating: three

Where is Temple street? It is a street in Hong Kong for hookers to do business. Can you believe that Mai Shuet can act as a hooker? Unbelieveable but true. You may wish to watch this drama to find out more. It also shows a cast that you will not see anymore.

Story /Introduction on characters

1. Cheung Wai Tuck – Mai Shuet
She is from the mainland. She comes to Hong Kong because of hunger to look for her relatives. They are dead so she doesn’t know what to do. Being cheated, she has no choice but to become a hooker. She befriends other hookers and is regarded as their big sister after that. She has thought that life will be better after marriage but it doesn’t seem to be so. Mei Ling frames her to be jailed and she is bitter or it.

2. Yeung Kin = Wong Wan Choy
Wai Tuck accepts many clients and she happens to meet Kin. He is a cop. Both go through a lot of setbacks. She then decides to marry him. Both are happy for a while till he faces a crisis in his career. Being disillusioned, he resorts to gambling. Wai Tuck has no choice but to become a hooker again. Very soon, they part because of money.

3. Yeung Mei Ling – Yung Hung
Wai Tuck gives birth to Mei Ling after her marriage. She takes Mei Ling away after her divorce, determined to bring her up with her other hooker friends. But this daughter falls into bad company to fall into her footsteps to hurt her. Mei Ling is very straight forth in love. She takes the initiative to woo Tin Chi. She wins his heart by singing to him in the karaoke. Both are together for a while. Tin Chi offends Tin Long so she has no choice but to become Tin Long’s mistress so that he can be let off.

4. Sheung Tin Chi – Kong Wah
After leaving Kin, Wai Tuck finds a baby boy abandoned on the street. She adopts him and calls him Tin Chi. So Mei Ling and him are unrelated ‘siblings’. He grows up to be a good for nothing as he receives very little education. However, he treats Wai Tuck as his own mother. He is skeptical in accepting Mei Ling initially as he has regarded her as a younger sister. However, she manages to win over him.

After she becomes Tin Long’s mistress, he gives up on her and befriends Choi Kan. Both fall in love and get married. However, their marriage does not last as she dies soon due to Yu Mun. Both are bitter foes but discover that they are actually long-lost brothers. Tin Chi is the elder brother. Still, he doesn’t hesitate to bring him to jail.

5. Kwan Chi Yong – Suen Hing
He is a cop and is also Tin Chi’s friend. He is checking on Tin Long and persuades Tin Chi to be his mole to get information from him. He is finally able to nap him with his help.

6. Fok Tin Long – Ko Hung
He is a drug dealer and is vicious. If not for Mei Ling, he could have killed Tin Chi. He intends to retire so he hands over most of his business to Yu Mun.

7. Fok Yu Mun – Ng Kai Wah
Yu Mun is Tin Long’s nephew. He is arrogant, cold and handsome. He is more power hungry than Tin long to expand his drug business. He is the type who must get what he wants. He sets eyes on Choi Kan but she marries Tin Chi. In his rage, he rapes her. She later dies of sexual disease that is caused by him and his reputation is completely ruined when he is brought to justice.

8. Yan Choi Kan – Chan Wan Chi
She comes from a rich family and knows little danger of life. She is rescued by Tin Chi from being harassed by gangsters and falls for him. They get married but after her rape, she gets timid and scared. She doesn’t know how to tell Tin Chi about it and dies a miserable death.

Favourite character
Tin Chi, he is a loyal brother, filial son and also a devoted lover.

Most hated character
Yu Mun, he only thinks about himself and is very selfish.

It is an eye opener for me. I have never thought that Mai Shuet can act as a hooker and mother so well. She steals the first half of the drama and it is a pity that she takes a back seat later. Yung Hung has a lot to learn on how to be more open as a hooker. As for Choi Kan, she is sweet but it is a pity she never gets famous.

It is so similar to ‘The feud of two brothers’. Some also get confused as Kong Wah also appears in ‘Return to the truth’. But with 3 handsome actors who can act well, nothing can go wrong. Kong Wah might remind you of a young Lau Tak Wah in here. Kai Wah might have wanted to shed his villain image but I still find those roles more attractive. He is simply like a poppy flower – attention seeking on the outside and poisonous inside. Do go for this drama as both actors are at their prime and are convincing in their roles.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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