The Good Old Days


Section:ATV TV Series

Number of Episodes:105

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The Good Old Days

Reviewed by: sukting December 23, 2008

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

How long 105 episodes! Foreword This is the first drama that Ma Jing Tao and Chan Sau Mun act as a couple. Do you wish to find out why they become the best screen ATV couple in the 90s? It is not easy to see the same cast acting again as many return to TVB. How are the three women from the Fong household going to face the dawn without fear? Story/Introduction on characters 1.Tse Sau Hau – Chan Sau Mun She comes...

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03-24-2011 01:31 AM


106 episodes and never a dull moment , it is a benchmark of excellence. Numerous stories flow seamlessly one after another ,intertwined like little vignettes in a rich tapestry. The actors are all purposeful and enthusiastic. The female leads are especially gutsy. Noticeable amongst the "minor" roles, I like the father (Paul Chun) and his brother “uncle #2” who was very endearing and delivered some subtle comic relief and poignant moments. My only criticism is the lead male actor Steven Ma , as usual handsome but no Oomph! He has only one expression, that all purpose souls searching look that never changed which at times wore thin. Despite this minor setback it is one of the best series I have watched. There is a lot of heart in this show will this rare gem ever be equalled?

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