The Lady Enforcer

Reviewed by: sukting

September 08, 2009

Rating: three


This is my second drama to see Mai Shuet as a cop. Is she convincing in here as a superior instead of a subordinate this time?


Yee Hei Wah (Mai Shuet) and Yee Hei Kei (Lam Kin Ming) are half sisters. They have the same father but not the same mother so both are hostile to each other. Their father marries two wives when young. When Hei Wah is young, she witnesses how her father, King Lei (Cheung Jing) hitting her mother whenever he is drunk. She can’t take it anymore and runs away from home, to be killed by a car.

Although Hei Kei is the elder child, she is too frightened to stop him whenever he does that. This leaves a scar in Hei Wah’s heart as she holds them responsible for her mother’s death. Twenty years later, the sisters follow their father’s footsteps to become a cop. Hei Kei is transferred to the same unit as King Lei. After a few years, they are informed that they are going to get a new superior.

Both are speechless when Hei Wah is their boss. She has become an inspector now. She can’t accept her father’s past and always picks on him. King Lei is remorseful over what has happened and tolerates with her as he hopes that she will forgive him one day.

He is often unsuccessful. Hei Kei is sandwiched between them. Although she doesn’t agree that her father should hit her second mother, she feels that her death has nothing to do with him. She is very filial towards him. Unlike Hei Wah who is very tough, her approach will be softer. She also tries without success to change her mind. Both sisters often quarrel with each other.

They also fight over the same man (Lui Chun Ho). He is the chief inspector of their unit. He is calm at work and treats his subordinates well. He also has high demands for love. He is unsatisfied with his ex-girlfriend who is an air stewardess.

Another inspector from another unit, Cheung Yuk Hang (Lee Ching San) is also interested in Hei Wah. He is a terrible boss who often makes them work overtime. But in front of Hei Wah, he pretends to be nice to them. His subordinate, Hui See Chung (Wong Wan Choy) always speaks ill of him. His buddy, Wai Siu Gei (Ng Yin Wah) is also interested in Hei Wah. But he fails to win her heart.

He later likes Hei Kei’s cousin, Lui Kar Mun (Pang Chau Yin). But he dies mysteriously one day and all are upset. Kar Mun is a cheerful woman but she offends an underworld boss, Fanny (Tsui Man Wah) by disfiguring her. Even in prison, Fanny never stops scheming and gets her men to kill Kar Mun.

The Yees finally reconcile after working longer with each other. Chun Ho chooses to be with Hei Wah, upsetting Hei Kei. But she still conveys her well wishes to attend their wedding. See Chung is a widower who is very upset over his wife’s death. He is also a reckless man to get into trouble frequently. She helps him to get over it and both become a couple.

In reality, Chun Ho is an underworld boss. Because of greed, he has been killing those around him. That includes his colleagues who have been working with him for years. Hei Kei witnesses him killing and informs Hei Wah. Siu Kei is also killed by him when he discovers his deed. Hei Wah refuses to believe her. But later, she also finds some evidence suspicious.

So she starts checking on Chun Ho. When she gets hold of his criminal evidence, she decides to arrest him. Chun Ho escapes and goes on the run. Hei Wah hunts him down and she is forced to kill him to withhold justice. All feel sad for her when she is at his grave.


What prompts me to watch this drama? My curiosity. I have never seen Lam Kin Ming and Mai Shuet acting in the same drama before. Hei Wah is a strong character and is confident of herself. When she hates someone, she hates to the extreme and is hard to forgive him. Hei Kei is similar to Hei Wah. She looks tough but is soft. Both versatile actresses give in their best.

Mai Shuet has shed her demure roles completely to be a tough cop. Her personality is hardly desirable but she is able to attract so many men. It is painful for her to kill him but she has to answer to the dead. The actors also complement them well. A few fresh looking faces give a different feel. It is a must watch drama for all Mai Shuet fans so they should not miss it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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