The Lost Prince

Reviewed by: nath

December 31, 2007

Rating: two-point-five

Liu Sheng (Jackie Lui Chung-Yin), Liu Jin-Tai (Chan Kwok-Pong), Pang Yuan-Dan (Timmy Ho Po-Sang)

The story is about three babies.

One baby is a prince : One high ranked official has exchanged him with an animal when he was born. So when the emperor saw the animal, he thought that the queen has given birth to an animal, he chased her. As for the baby, he got rescued by one of the servant, but was abandoned in the street.

One baby is the son of a prostitute : She fell in love with a man and gave birth to this baby. But her lover abandoned her, so when she saw the prince in the street, she put her baby beside the prince and went to commit suicide.

One baby comes from a poor family : The family couldn't raise him, so sold him to another family. Actually, the wife of the high ranked official feigned a pregnancy, because she was afraid her husband would marry another woman. So she bought a baby and did as if she was pregnant. But when the maid passed by and saw the 2 others babies, she exchanged one of them.

The three babies are boys and are born in the same day. One become the son of high rank official, the 2 other were raised by a tricky man. Which one is the prince ?

When they grew up, the babies are : Jackie Lui, Timmy Ho, and Chan Kwok-Pong (Tai).

Finally, the three boys have grown up. Timmy is the son of the official. Jackie and Tai were raised by this trick man. This trick man loved them as if they were really his son. The three of them met at the "Letter contest". It's a contest, the one selected become ministers... Jackie is very good, he is sure of winning. As for Tai, he is tricky too... and Timmy is somehow stupid. Jackie would have won, but Timmy's father exchanged their copy, so the one winning is Timmy.

Something had happened at the minister's tombs. He asked a taoist about it and the taoist told him he needed a very precious pearl that belongs to the emperor to help him. Actually, the emperor has asked some business to bring the pearl to another country. But the minister somehow stole the pearl. The owner of the business went to jail. His daughter, Yuk, decides to rescue him. To rescue her father, she needs to find the pearl.

Also, the minister is worried because the taoist also said that something he has done 20 years before will bother him. It's the prince affair, so the minister is afraid that the prince is still alive. So he sent his men to find the prince and kill him.

Finally, Yuk, Jackie, Timmy and Tai are reunited in a same town. Timmy is there because he has became the judge of the town. Jackie, Tai and their father lost themselves and ended up in this town. They couldn't go back to their town because there was an epidemic. As for Yuk, well, she could find clues in this town. Again, fate decided to reunite the 4 of them. Yuk, Jackie and Tai enrolled themselves and became police officers.

At first, Yuk, Jackie and Tai had some misunderstanding, but time passed and they understood each other and cleared their misunderstandings. They are also neighbors. The problem, is Yuk's nurse, the woman who raised Yuk and is helping her to rescue her father, and Jackie's father : they always argue, get into misunderstandings, etc.

As for Timmy, when he got in the town, he met his sister again. His sister ran away few years ago. She blames their father for her mother death. (Same father, but different mother...) But Timmy isn't lucky either, because his sister, Thuc, and his wife don't get along well.

Then, Thuc discovers that Yuk is a girl and they become very close friends. Also, Thuc falls in love with Jackie, but during the series, there's another misunderstanding, Tai thinks Thuc is in love with him... Until he discovered the truth, they always argue...

At the end, Tai discovered that Yuk is a girl, and he started to love her, take care of her and all... As for Yuk and Jackie, they get closer and closer... think the same way, talk the same way, even people have difficulty to distinguish who is Yuk and who is Jackie... At the end, Jackie will also discover that Yuk is a girl and you see the 2 of them falling for each other.

Of course, in the series there's some cases, since they have become police officers :
1) The police head involved with the "pearl" robbery
2) Someone killing women.
3) The Emperor lost his memory and becomes Jackie's family member
4) A man killing his boss's family and taking over the business
5) A rich man is killed and the suspects are his wife and her lover.

***There's a sequel to it !

That is the main story - it would be too long to all summarize it. Let's say, it's an ok series. Again, it's not very original : a girl disguising herself as a guy. But I like the fact you have to guess who's the prince : Jackie, Tai, Timmy and what will happen to them... but for now, the ending is very easy to guess... but we never know...

As for the actors' job, well it's very different to see Jackie acting as someone so weak, since he was Ling Wu Chung in "State of Divinity", a very good swordsman. And also Timmy, acting as someone stupid. So, I can just say it's an ok series. A good series if you have nothing to do or to watch. Hope the sequel will be more enjoyable.


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